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Below we have listed any House Rules and variations that we feel did not warrant a full page devoted to them individually. For the most part, these are minor variations (some directly from the DMG), and do not take a lot of explanation.

Open-Ended Rolls
Whenever you roll a 1 on an attack roll, a saving throw, a skill check, or an ability check, roll again and subract 20 from the new result. If you roll a natural 1 on the second roll, roll again and subtract 40, and so on, subracting 20 each time a natural 1 is rolled.
On the other end, any time you roll a natural 20, roll again and add 20 to the result. As with the natural 1, if a natural 20 is rolled on the second roll, you would roll a third time and add 40 to the result, and so on.
A natural 20 on an attack roll still threatens a critical hit as normal, and the confirmation roll is made separately from any additional rolls made to determine the outcome of the initial attack. Likewise, a natural 1 on an attack roll still threatens a critical fumble as normal.
Note that this system replaces the automatic miss and hit chances respectively.

Ability Score Increase Notes
The rules stated in the PHB for ability score increases work as normal, save for that fact that we do allow for retroactive skill points when increasing your character's Intelligence, but only in the case of a permanent increase to the score. (This means that if you use one of your level-based ability score increases on Intelligence, or you gain an Inherent bonus to Intelligence, then your skill points go up retroactively. However, donning an item such as a Headband of Intellect which increases your Intelligence while wearing it does not retroactively increase your skill points while wearing the item.)

Inherent Bonuses
We allow inherent bonuses to be accrued over time, with bonuses from different sources stacking as they become available. This means that you could read a Tome that increase an ability score by +2, then later you could use a Wish to increase it by an additional +1 (for a total of +3), and then in future you could add another application of Wish or Miracle to raise it one or even two more points (up to the normal maximum of +5 in any ability score).
Note that while you can stack additional applications of the Wish and Miracle spells, you cannot use the same type of Tome (with each one having a different bonus amount) to gain inherent bonuses more than once.
This has not been found to be unbalancing at all, as the pricing this way does not significantly conflict with the core rules on this matter.

Rather than using only the level of the class that grants the Familiar, we use total character level to figure out the familiar abilities. This is done in order to make familiars more feasible for multiclass characters. Otherwise they are nothing more than a liability.

Page Last Updated February 17th, 2007


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