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This category includes omissions, alterations, and additions of our own to the standard feats of the core system.

In general, most official feats are allowed, though the few exceptions will be listed here. Feats from alternate d20 sources may be allowed, though in each case such a feat must be brought to the DM's attention for approval. In those cases, first look to see if there is an official variant of the feat in question, as more often than not, we'll go with the official version.

Characters in our campaign follow the normal progression of feats based on character level (and race) as per the Core Rules. In addition, we've implemented an optional Flaws system that anyone can utilize to gain extra feats (among other things such as skill points and ability score points) at 1st level.

While we formerly utilized a Flaws system much in line with the one offered in the Unearthed Arcana book, we have since found an alternate d20 company's take that we prefer and will use from here on out.
Players that wish to use the Flaws option may purchase the appropriate PDF file from RPGNow.com for a minimal price by following the link below.
For those who also participate in our High Fantasy campaign, you may want to purchase the package download instead, which also contains flaws that are relevant to Modern settings and beyond.

This option can also be used to select character Traits, which are a type of feat only available for selection at 1st level, as well as multiple Background and/or Regional Feats.
For further reference on Traits, use the appropriate Feat links on the sidebar.

The following feats are not to be included in the campaign:
* Weapon Focus
* Weapon Specialization
* Greater Weapon Focus
* Greater Weapon Specialization
* Improved Critical

The above feats have been replaced with the our House Rule feat, Weapon Mastery. Weapon Mastery can be applied to a specific weapon type, a Weapon Group, or a spell attack type (such as Touch Spells).
Weapon Mastery will serve as a virtual replacement feat for any of those listed above, where prestige class and other requirements are concerned.
For a full explanation of the Weapon Mastery feat, visit the General Feats N-Z section of the site. Itís not very difficult to understand, and brings back a little flavor lost in the transition from 2E.

Hrm, speaking of Weapon Group feats, that's another option we've chosen to utilize from the Unearthed Arcana book. For full details of what the Weapon Group feats entail, refer to the Feats section of the site. Each core class page also contains a listing of weapon group choices available for the class in question.

Due to our House Rule for using the Feint option, the Improved Feint feat as per the core rules became obsolete. Therefore, we altered it to grant a bonus to your Feint attempts.
Put simply, it grants a +4 bonus to your Bluff check when making a Feint in combat.

Next up, as far as alterations go is the Energy Admixture metamagic feat. Normally, you have to take Energy Substitution for each energy type, then Energy Admixture for each type as well. This seems a bit much. So, for simplicity's sake, taking Energy Admixture once will suffice, and it can be applied to any of the Energy Substitution feats you have at your disposal.

In lieu of the fact that I believe Item Creation feats should have been skills in the first place, we've made a significant yet simple alteration for them. Rather than reconfigure the system to include them as skills, and figure out new skill point amounts for various classes, all of the various Item Creation feats will now fall under the purview of two simple feats: Craft Magic Item and Craft Psionic Item.

The system we use is quite simple. All the various item creation feats fit into one of two simpler feats: Create Magic Item, or Create Psionic Item. The general idea is the same in either case. When you select one of these House Rule feats, you are then qualified to choose any of the core item creation feats as "subcategories", with the following strictures:

1) You must adhere to the required Caster (or Manifester) level according to the official feat in question. For example, you couldn't add Craft Rod to your retinue until you were at least a 9th level caster.

2) When you wish to add another "subcategory" to your Create Item feat, you pay an experience cost equal to 1,000 times the required caster/manifester level. Taking the Craft Rod mentioned above into account, it would cost you 9,000 xp to learn and add to your retinue.
Aside from this cost, we encourage people to play out the learning process, and it takes 1 day per 1,000 gp cost of the "subcategorized feat" to actually learn and be able to use the feat (so with the Craft Rod example, it would take 9 days).

One note to go along with this is that the Wizard class bonus feat at first level is changed from Scribe Scroll to Create Magic Item, with Scribe Scroll as a subcategory already learned for free. When a wizard gains a bonus feat at every fifth level, he's free to "use it up" to gain a free subcategory, though in all honesty, the XP loss would be the better route to go. That would allow for more things like Metamagic feats to be taken.

After endless hours of reading through various d20 companies' attempts at improving one's ability with Armor (or the lack thereof), we have come up with a handful of feats to help in each case, that won't blow the game out of proportion as much as some that we came across (though some proponents of the "game balance" theory would still balk at these, I'm sure).
These Armor and Unarmored feats are detailed on the site General Feat pages, though we'll list them here for reference.

Armor Focus
Armor Specialization
Armor Mastery

Unarmored Defense Focus
Unarmored Defense Specialization
Unarmored Defense Mastery

Page Last Updated March 12th, 2006


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