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This section will detail two changes we've made to the Ability Score system. Both are rather simple to understand and utilize.

First off, in addition to the standard six ability scores (STR, DEX, CON, INT, WIS, CHA) we've added a seventh score, Appearance (APP). This was first presented as an optional ability score back in the days of 1st Edition, called Comeliness. With the advent of the d20 Book of Erotic Fantasy, we have switched the name of it to Appearance for simplicity and easier recognition of it's function.

With this addition implemented, Charisma becomes more a reflection of your personality and magnetism, with Appearance becoming your rating for actual physical beauty (or lack thereof, depending on your score).
In this system, Appearance will replace Charisma as the linked attribute for the Disguise skill. Other skills, namely Bluff, Gather Information, and Intimidate can use either Charisma or Appearance, depending on the situation and the DM's discretion.
Also, certain classes that were introduced from the Book of Erotic Fantasy have Appearance as a key attribute in their class abilities.

Two other considerations must be taken into account with this system.

First, we'll touch up on the effects of Age on your Appearance score. Juvenile creatures tend to have more attractive, softer, rounder features. Nature or the deities has made them cuter and more loveable than their adult form. They receive a bonus on Appearance-related skill checks. This changes once they hit puberty. Sadly, Appearance declines further with age.

  • Juvenile: +2 APP score
  • Adult: +0 APP score
  • Middle Age: -1 APP score
  • Old: -1 APP score (cumulative)
  • Venerable: -1 APP score (cumulative)

    Second, we must make mention of how Appearance works in relation to species other than your own. Creatures tend to be most attracted to members of their own species. Perceptions of other species' Appearance scores are lower.
    Characters suffer a -2 penalty on Appearance-based skill checks outside of their species or subtype. DMs could optionally incur a more serious penalty for creatures of drastically different types.
    Exceptions to this rule include elves and fey, who have univeral appeal across all species.

    The last point on Appearance is that it cannot be raised by using the bonus ability points you gain due to leveling. You are born with a certain appearance, and you are stuck with it. However, you can apply Insight bonuses to raise your Appearance permanently, and you can also buy items that raise your Appearance score while they are worn (in other words, magic is the way around it). For those in our high fantasy campaign setting, there is of course the options of plastic surgery and/or biosculpting.

    As for actually determining your ability scores, we've implemented yet another option originally taken from the 1st Edition Unearthed Arcana book, which was offered to make sure that you could fulfill the requisite ability scores for specific classes back in the day. In the here and now, we use it to strengthen characters in the areas that will help them out the most based on their class selection.
    We've also found that it could be abused heavily while making characters of a high starting level (such as when new people enter our campaign when everyone else is already 13th level or higher), so it has been simplified greatly and is not strictly done by class.

    In essence, everyone now gets to choose which dice amount in the array they roll for each individual score. The array (in d6) is 9,8,7,6,5,4,3. You keep the highest three dice of your rolls for any particular ability as the actual score for that ability (meaning there is a maximum of 18 as normal).
    This will help those who plan to multiclass plot out and strengthen what they'll need in the future better than being stuck with the old allocation based on your 1st level class choice, while at the same time reducing the abuse we've found when utilizing this for high level multiclassed characters as noted above.
    The decision of what amount to roll for which score is to be determined when the DM brings your character in for rolling out the ability scores, and it cannot be changed once you've decided and the process begins.
    Everything is logged and witnessed, so no cheating or abuse can occur.

    Page Last Updated March 12th, 2006


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