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The Flaws presented here may be selected by any character at 1st level in order to select extra Feats. The process is simple. For every two Flaws you select, you may in turn select an extra Feat. You may also select Anti-feats in the same manner as Flaws, in order to garner more Feats.
The concept of Anti-feats was introduced in the Kingdoms of Kalamar Villain Design Handbook, and you can find a lengthy listing of the exact effects produced therein. While we will be compiling a listing of available Flaws on this page, we will not be posting all the available Anti-Feats, as it is basically unnecessary, since Anti-feats are nothing but the opposite of any of the feats available in the game.
If you have a question concerning how a particular feat would be reversed for usage in this context, contact the DM.

And since it needs to be addressed, yes, this system can be abused rather easily, if gone unchecked. Hence, it is up to the DM's final discretion as to whether or not you can take certain Anti-Feats. This system is implemented as much for enjoyable role-playing opportunities as it is to gain extra feats. Anything that would be outlandish for your chosen character concept or that has no bearing whatsoever on your character (such as a pure Fighter type taking Anti-Psionic feats) will not be acceptable. Just use some common sense, and don't get overly greedy, and there should be no problems.

Also, keep in mind that the Flaws and Anti-Feats you choose will be used against you at every available opportunity. Choose wisely ;-)

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