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The following Feats are open to all psionically able characters unless otherwise stated. If you wish to select more than your normal allotment of Feats, then visit the General Flaws page in order to "purchase" Flaws that will allow for you to select more Feats.

Delay Power
You can manifest powers that trigger a set duration after manifestation, anywhere from 1 to 5 rounds later. The power activates at the beginning of the round you delayed it to. Only area, personal, and touch powers may be affected by this feat. A delayed power may be negated any time during the delay before it sets off, and can be detected normally in the area or on the target during that time by those able to detect such things. A delayed power costs a number of PSP's equal to it's standard cost +30.

Enlarge Power
You can manifest powers at an increased range, effectively doubling the distance. An enlarged power costs 10 + the base cost in PSP's.

Extend Power
You can manifest powers to last twice their normal duration. Powers with a concentration, instantaneous, or permanent duration cannot be Extended. An Extended power costs an extra 10 PSP's.

Master Dorje
You can manifest a power stored in a dorje without expending a charge. Instead, you pay for the imbedded power with your own PSPs, spending the normal amount required plus 20. When all the charges of a dorje are exhausted, the dorje becomes inert; thus, this feat no longer affects that individual dorje.

Maximize Power
You can manifest a power to maximum effect. All variables and numerical effects are at the maximum possible. Powers without variable effects are not maximizible. This costs an extra 30 PSP's to use.

Persistent Power
(PRE: Extend Power)
Make one of your powers last all day, 24 full hours. The power must have a personal or fixed range; you can't use this on a power with a variable range, or on a power with an instantaneous duration. Note that you must concentrate on some powers to manifest them, even with this power up. Using this costs and extra 40 PSP's.

Quicken Power
Manifesting a quickened power is a free action. You can perform another action, even manifest another power, in the same round as you manifest a quickened power. You may only manifest one quickened power per round. A power whose manifest time is more than one round cannot be quickened. Using this power costs an extra 40 PSP's.

Twin Power
You can manifest a power simultaneously with another just like it. Basically, manifesting a power boosted by this option makes it take effect on the target twice, making the target take two separate saves, and taking damage and such from each separately. A Twinned power costs 40 extra PSP's to manifest.

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