Xull'rae Zauviir

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©2006 commissioned art by Jouni Kaltti
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NAME: Xull'rae Zauviir
RACE: Drow
TEMPLATE: Masked Traitor
GENDER: Female
AGE: 71
EYES: Amber
HAIR: Copper
SKIN: Dark Grey
SIZE: Medium
HEIGHT: 4'10"
SPEED: 60 feet
1)Rogue 4 6
2)Cleric 1 8
3)Shadow Stalker 8 8
4)Contemplative 1 6
5)Psion 7 4
6)Shadowmind 1 6
7) -- --
8) -- --
9) -- --
10) -- --
11) -- --

STR 27 +8
DEX 37 +13
CON 26 +8
INT 29 +9
WIS 30 +10
CHA 27 +8
APP 18 +4
LT LOAD: 346
HVY LOAD: 1040
( ) -
( ) -

+8 Strength increase w/Righteous Might
+4 Constitution increase w/Righteous Might
-2 Dexterity decrease w/Righteous Might

FORTITUDE 20 = 7 + 8 + 5 + 0
REFLEX 35 = 14 + 13 + 5 + 1
WILL 33 = 18 + 10 + 5 + 0

+2 racial bonus on Will saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities
+2 racial bonus to saves vs. enchantment spells or effects
+2 Fortitude save w/Righteous Might

36 = 10 + 10 + 0 + 7 + 5 + 4

+4 deflection bonus w/Shield of Faith
+1 dodge bonus to AC vs 1 opponent/round
+4 AC vs AoO when moving through a threatened area
+4 Profane bonus to AC w/Profane Defense ability
+4 or +5 shield bonus to AC w/Force Screen
20% Miss Chance w/Concealing Amorpha

FLAT FOOTED Subtract DEX mod and similar bonuses = 36
TOUCH Excludes Shield, Enhancement Bonus = 24

AC w/RIGHTEOUS MIGHT (vs medium)
39 = 10 + 10 + -1 + 7 + 9 + 4

+4 deflection bonus w/Shield of Faith
+1 dodge bonus to AC vs 1 opponent/round
+4 AC vs AoO when moving through a threatened area
+4 Profane bonus to AC w/Profane Defense ability
+4 or +5 shield bonus to AC w/Force Screen
20% Miss Chance w/Concealing Amorpha

FLAT FOOTED Subtract DEX mod and similar bonuses = 39
TOUCH Excludes Shield, Enhancement Bonus = 28

- - - - -
23 = 13 + 10

+4 Initiative w/Sign

20 = 12 + 8 + 0 + 0
25 = 12 + 13 + 0 + 0

Dagger +1 +34 +17 1d6 18-20/x1d6 20
Short Sword +1 +34 +17 1d8 18-20/x3 --
Whip Dagger +1 +34 +17 1d6 19-20/x2 15R

+3 morale bonus to damage w/Righteous Wrath
+4 luck bonus to damage w/Divine Favor

Attacks w/Righteous Might
Dagger +1 +32 +17 1d8 18-20/x1d6 20
Short Sword +1 +32 +17 2d6 18-20/x3 --
Whip Dagger +1 +32 +17 1d8 19-20/x2 15R

+3 morale bonus to damage w/Righteous Wrath
+4 luck bonus to damage w/Divine Favor

Weapon Combat Effect Notes


  • Bodyfeeder: On successful Critical Hit, gain temporary HP equal to damage dealt for 10 minutes

    Short Sword

  • Wounding: Deal 1 point of CON damage per hit
  • Vorpal: On a natural 20 + confirmation, remove head, instadeath*

    Whip Dagger

  • Mindfeeder: On successful Critical Hit, gain temp Power Points equal to damage dealt for 10 minutes
  • Lethe's Lashing: On any hit, drain spell points equal to highest level spell from target caster's spell point pool
  • Grasping: +2 bonus to Disarm and Trip attempts. No provoke AoO

    NOTE: -2 to attack on all strings w/Righteous Might (vs medium)

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED (Any): +34/+34/+34/+29/24

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/AID (Any): +35/+35/+35/+30/25

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/RIGHTEOUS WRATH (Any): +37/+37/+37/+32/27

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +38/+38/+38/+33/28

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE POWER (Any): +40/+40/+40/+35/30/+25/+20

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY (Any): +32/+32/+32/+27/+22
    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, SECONDARY (Any): +32/+32/+32/+27/+22

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/AID (Any): +33/+33/+33/+28/+23
    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, SECONDARY w/AID(Any): +33/+33/+33/+28/+23


    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +36/+36/+36/+31/+26

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/DIVINE POWER(Any): +38/+38/+38/+33/+28/+23/+18
    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, SECONDARY w/DIVINE POWER(Any): +38/+38/+38/+33/+28/+23/+18

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/AID + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +39/+39/+39/+34/29


    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE POWER + AID (Any): +41/+41/+41/+36/31/+26/+21

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE POWER + RIGHTEOUS WRATH (Any): +43/+43/+43/+38/33/+28/+23

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE POWER + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +44/+44/+44/+39/34/+29/+24

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/AID + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +37/+37/+37/+32/+27


    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/DIVINE POWER + AID (Any): +39/+39/+39/+34/+29/+24/+19
    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, SECONDARY w/DIVINE POWER + AID (Any): +39/+39/+39/+34/+29/+24/+19


    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/DIVINE POWER + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +42/+42/+42/+37/+32/+27/+22

    FULL ATTACK, HASTED w/DIVINE POWER + AID + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +45/+45/+45/+40/35/+30/+25


    FULL ATTACK, HASTED, PAIRED, PRIMARY w/DIVINE POWER + AID + DIVINE FAVOR (Any): +43/+43/+43/+38/+33/+28/+23


    Appraise INT 18 = 9 + 9 + -
    Autohypnosis WIS 19 = 10 + 9 + -
    Balance DEX 18 = 13 + 3 + 2
    Bluff CHA 43 = 8 + 25 + 10
    Climb STR 10 = 8 + 2 + -
    Concentration CON 43 = 8 + 25 + 10
    Decipher Script INT 13 = 9 + 4 + -
    Diplomacy CHA 42 = 8 + 16 + 18
    Disable Device INT 18 = 9 + 9 + -
    Disguise CHA 9 = 8 + 1 + -
    Escape Artist DEX 18 = 13 + 5 + -
    Forgery INT 18 = 9 + 9 + -
    Gather Information CHA 23 = 8 + 13 + 2
    Handle Animal CHA 9 = 8 + 1 + -
    Heal WIS 11 = 10 + 1 + -
    Hide DEX 68 = 13 + 25 + 30
    Intimidate CHA 30 = 8 + 16 + 4
    Jump STR 13 = 8 + 2 + 2
    Knowledge (Arcana) INT 13 = 9 + 4 + -
    Knowledge (Religion) INT 23 = 9 + 14 + -
    Knowledge (Psionics) INT 13 = 9 + 4 + -
    Knowledge (Anatomy) INT 21 = 9 + 12 + -
    Knowledge (The Planes) INT 10 = 9 + 1 + -
    Knowledge (Nature) INT 10 = 9 + 1 + -
    Knowledge (Nobility) INT 11 = 9 + 2 + -
    Knowledge (Politics) INT 13 = 9 + 4 + -
    Knowledge (Local) INT 18 = 9 + 9 + -
    Listen WIS 28 = 9 + 17 + 2
    Move Silently DEX 68 = 13 + 25 + 30
    Open Lock DEX 18 = 13 + 5 + -
    Perform (Dance) CHA 9 = 8 + 1 + -
    Perform (Harp) CHA 9 = 3 + 1 + -
    Psicraft INT 18 = 9 + 9 + -
    Ride DEX 14 = 13 + 1 + -
    Search INT 28 = 9 + 11 + 8
    Sense Motive WIS 41 = 10 + 25 + 6
    Sleight of Hand DEX 25 = 13 + 8 + 4
    Spellcraft INT 14 = 9 + 5 + -
    Spot WIS 29 = 10 + 15 + 4
    Stabilize Self CON 10 = 8 + 2 + -
    Survival WIS 14 = 10 + 4 + -
    Swim STR 10 = 8 + 2 + -
    Tumble DEX 23 = 13 + 10 + -
    Use Magic Device CHA 9 = 8 + 1 + -
    Use Psionic Device CHA 9 = 8 + 1 + -
    Use Rope DEX 14 = 13 + 1 + -

    +4 synergy bonus to Disguise attempts to act in character
    +2 synergy bonus to Use Rope when binding someone with rope
    +2 synergy bonus to Survival when following tracks
    +2 synergy bonus to Use Magic Device checks involving scrolls

    POWER: Free Lightning Reflexes
    1st: Cloak of Dark Power
    2nd: Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
    3rd: Suggestion
    4th: Discern Lies
    5th: Spiderform
    6th: Greater Dispelling
    7th: Word of Chaos
    8th: Greater Planar Ally
    9th: Gate

    DOMAIN NAME: Spider
    POWER: Rebuke Spiders 8/day
    1st: Spider Climb
    2nd: Summon Swarm
    3rd: Phantom Steed
    4th: Giant Vermin
    5th: Insect Plague*
    6th: Spider Curse
    7th: Stone Spiders
    8th: Creeping Doom
    9th: Spider Shapes

    * Spiders only

    DOMAIN NAME: Destruction
    POWER: Smite 1/day, +4 hit/+9 dmg
    1st: Inflict Light Wounds
    2nd: Shatter
    3rd: Contagion
    4th: Inflict Critical Wounds
    5th: Inflict Light Wounds, Mass
    6th: Harm
    7th: Disintegrate
    8th: Earthquake
    9th: Implosion

    Blooded +2 Spot & Initiative; Immune to Shaken
    Swift & Silent No -5 full move penalty
    Noble Birth Double Starting Money
    Legendary Trait DEX +1/6 levels
    Leadership Gain Cohort & Followers
    Improved Initiative +4 init
    Lightning Initiative +4 init, stackable
    Lightning Reflexes +2 REF saves
    Dodge +1 AC vs 1 opponent
    Mobility +4 AC vs AoO when moving
    Blind-Fight Negates penalties
    Practiced Spellcaster Cleric +4 effective caster level
    Pious Soul Faith pts, 1d6 bonus attack, save, or check
    Craft Magic Items

    Scribe Scroll
    Craft Magic Arms and Armor
    Craft Wand
    Craft Wondrous Item
    Reach Spell Touch spells 30' range; 2 higher
    Corrupt Spell Adds Evil; half dmg divine; 1 higher
    Wild Talent Gain Psi Powers
    Practiced Manifester +4 Effective ML
    Extend Power Double duration; 2 pts higher
    Craft Psionic Items

    Imprint Stone
    Scribe Tattoo
    Craft Cognizance Crystal
    Craft Universal Item
    Craft Dorje
    Craft Psionic Arms & Armor
    Combat Reflexes +1 AoO per DEX mod=14
    Deft Opportunist +4 attack all AoO
    Weapon Finesse Use DEX mod for light wpn melee attack
    Improved Weapon Finesse Use DEX mod for light wpn melee damage
    Two Weapon Fighting One off hand attack, reduce penalties
    Improved Two Weapon Fighting Two off hand attacks
    Greater Two Weapon Fighting Three off hand attacks
    Perfect Two Weapon Fighting Off hand attacks=Primary #
    Weapon Mastery Light Blades Group
    Weapon Mastery Flails & Chains Group
    Weapon Proficiency Rapier
    Weapon Proficiency Hand Crossbow
    Weapon Group Proficiency Basic Weapons
    Weapon Group Proficiency Flails and Chains
    Weapon Group Proficiency Light Blades
    Weapon Group Proficiency Crossbows
    Weapon Group Proficiency Heavy Blades
    Weapon Group Proficiency Maces & Clubs
    Weapon Group Proficiency Monk Weapons
    Armor Proficiency Light
    Armor Proficiency Medium
    Armor Proficiency Heavy
    Shield Proficiency Ah-duh

    43 points total
    Body Marking
    Your character's body has been permanently marked with a birthmark, a brand, a tattoo or some similar marking, of a nature that is nearly impossible to remove without powerful magic or intensive scarring. This flaw is especially appropriate for members of secret orders and societies. Be warned– not only does it make disguise more difficult, it may be a dead giveaway of your character's identity or nature if his enemies learn the meaning of the mark.

    [2 Pts.] Difficult to Conceal: Your character's permanent mark is positioned so that it may be hidden beneath relatively long clothing (full-length shirts and trousers), but will be revealed by anything less. Your character suffers a -2 circumstance penalty to disguise checks.

    Criminial Honor Code
    Your character lives by an intricate, mostly secret code of conduct that places individual satisfaction above societal "justice."

    [2 Pts.]: There are four cardinal principles articulated by this code of conduct:

    • Never go to the authorities when you have been wronged by another; never inform the authorities of wrongdoing by another. Personal insults and affronts must be settled personally– to ask someone in power to protect or compensate you is unworthy and cowardly (as is offering true testimony before a magistrate or a similar figure of authority)
    • Justice must be of an equal measure to the crime; injury for injury, theft for theft, death for death. A direct personal insult (to one's manhood, womanhood, or sense of honor) must be met with a duel or with murder if a duel is not accepted
    • Never, under any circumstances, forgive any insult or injury on anyone's terms but your own, after full satisfaction has been achieved. The sole exception is when you are forced to extend forgiveness by a figure in authority over you
    • Never betray a close friend; Never reveal information to anyone that would be harmful to a friend; In turn, never forgive a betrayal by a former friend or ally

    Your character takes genuine pleasure in inflicting pain upon others, and often in watching pain be inflicted. It is rarely satisfying to him to merely defeat his enemies when he can humiliate them or prolong their suffering as well.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character is not necessarily murderous, nor does he even necessarily like his cruel streak. Nonetheless, he feels a definite thirst for cruel, punishing solutions to his life’s problems– he desires those who interfere with him to suffer a commensurate degree of aggravation, pain, and loss before he overcomes them. A straightforward and sporting victory is an empty one, according to his heart. Clever cruelties fill him with joy– after all, he is not a mindless brute, but rather a shaper of punishments to fit the nature of each crime.

    Debt of Honor
    Your character owes a debt to a powerful NPC, and that debt is to be repaid with service rather than with goods or money.

    [2 Pts.]: Moderate Debt: Over the course of the unfolding campaign, your character will be called upon to perform three substantial services for an NPC. These services will test the character’s abilities and will contain assorted challenges and dangers. If your character fails to heed the call when his services are requested, something unfortunate will happen to him– he and his friends will very likely be targeted for violence by the character he has spurned.

    Special Handicap [Certain Weirdness, +2 Pts.]: Oh, gods. The nature of the NPC (master thief, powerful noble, mysterious sorcerer, etc.) should be such that he feels no real emotional connection to your character. Your character will therefore have no idea how much of a risk he is facing when he undertakes each service. The nature of each service will also probably be contrived to minimize potential reward for your character, especially when the NPC wants something of value retrieved or an enemy wiped out. These missions are duties to be discharged, not opportunities to acquire loot and glory.

    Special: The NPC won’t mind at all if other characters accompany yours out of friendship or duty, but he won’t offer them a single copper in compensation for their time and effort.

    Driving Obsession
    Your character is totally consumed by a fixation with a single far-reaching (and probably unattainable) goal. This obsession has become the cornerstone of his life’s work--although he may occasionally be diverted from it by necessity, he always returns to it. Obsessions of this sort are often vengeful. A young man who saw his parents murdered and vowed to hunt criminals for the rest of his life would be a prime candidate, for example.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character can feign temporary disinterest in his driving obsession, but it really is his reason for living. He will not long tolerate any distraction from it, and he will tolerate no sarcasm or teasing as a result of it. If your character attempts to set aside his driving goal, he will find himself tormented by everything from nightmares to waking hallucinations--at the DM's discretion, this psychological punishment will make life increasingly unlivable until the character resumes the duties dictated by his obsession. This obsession will definitely come between your character and the long-term relationships most of us take for granted--especially love and family.

    Your character is bound by a regular and formal duty to an NPC or an organization. This is not simply a personal feeling of loyalty--it is an official capacity, a commitment that mustbe met, or there will be consequences--personal, social, and perhaps even criminal.

    [2 Pts.] Unchallenging/Occasional Duty: Your character either carries out his duties only part of the time or has an extremely unchallenging duty, requiring him only to carry out orders and assignments.

    While most heroic adventurers enjoy the rewards of theirmissions, your character covets the acquisition of new material possessions to an extremely unhealthy degree. [2 Pts.]: The lure of wealth seems to draw a curtain down over your character’s better judgment. Any chance for easy money (heck, any chance for not-so-easy money, too) has your character wetting his lips, rubbing his hands together, and trying to think up some scheme (often quite ludicrous) whereby he can get away with said money.

    Curiously enough, once he’s got his hands on a new pile of cash, he tends to do with it as he pleases and thinks no more of it. It’s the acquisition of riches that sets his blood on fire, not the hoarding of them.

    At the GM’s discretion, your character may be forced to make a Will Save against a moderate DC (12-16) to successfully turn down a money-making opportunity unless pressing, life-or-death business is keeping him occupied.

    Explosive Temper
    When your character gets angry, he erupts--losing control over his words and actions, and often making impulsive, heated decisions that he will later have cause to regret.

    [2 Pts.]: When something happens to make your character angry, he must succeed at a Will Save (DC set by the GM based on circumstances, ranging from moderate to near-impossible) to avoid flying completely off the handle. While he’s bad enough when he makes that save, he’s a terror when he fails it. He will kick objects, throw things, threaten his friends and allies, disorder everything around him, start fights, and throw himself heedlessly into potentially foolish combat. After a temper tantrum has spent itself, your character will generally sulk, making himself miserable company for an hour or two.

    Inferiority Complex
    Your character has a permanent chip on his shoulder. All his life, as he sees it, nobody has ever appreciated the true depth of his talents and abilities.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character is extremely sensitive about small things that he imagines reflect the contempt others feel for him. If asked to take the lead on the trail, he’ll assume it’s because he’s thought unimportant enough to be risked. If asked to take the rear, he’ll assume it’s because they think him boring. If asked to take the middle, he’ll assume it’s because they don’t think he’s skilled enough to handle himself in the front or the rear.

    While your character is usually able to subsume his festering resentment beneath a layer of jagged humor or false conviviality, it occasionally boils over and causes extreme discomfort for everyone around him. Sometimes, your character also takes foolish and unnecessary risks in an effort to demonstrate his skills.

    Insatiable Curiosity
    Your character is compelled at every step of his life by an incurable need to peek behind every closed door (metaphorically speaking) and unearth every secret he possibly can. This includes everything from the intricacies of a villain’s plans to the hidden contents of abandoned buildings. Your character must be exceedingly cautious, lest he go the way of the proverbial cat.

    [2 Pts.]: Whenever your character is confronted with a chance to learn something new and interesting, especially if relevant to his current adventure or investigation, he must make a Will Save against a DC set by the GM in order to keep his mind on whatever else he needs to be doing.

    Special: No character with this flaw is ever compelled to pry into the private lives and secrets of those he trusts, respects, and adventures with. Though surely a few questions every now and again can’t hurt a bit....

    Your character lacks patience--in moments of crisis, he demands action immediately, even if it may be the wrong action, for in his opinion there’s absolutely nothing worse than inaction.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character hates to wait for advice, confer on a plan or procedure, or put off any decision that can (in hisopinion) be made immediately. When his under-utilized common sense does take hold, he will still be forcefully opposedto what he thinks of as "dithering and dickering", and will tend to quickly aggravate others with his insistence upon rapid, decisive action.

    Nemesis {organization}
    Your character has made an enemy of a powerful non-governmental organization. This could be anything from a private "think tank" to a secret society, a religious cult, or a body of organized criminals.
    [ Church of Eilistraee ]

    [2 Pts.] Local Trouble: The organization is either very weak and overextended, or its power is confined to a relatively small area.

    Your character suffers from recurring and nearly incurable nightmares, stemming from an extremely stressful event or encounter in his past (or perhaps from some mysterious cause not yet explained).

    [2 Pts.] Occasional Nightmares: There is a 40% chance per period of sleep that your character will experience extremely vivid and lengthy nightmares. The character must make a Will Save against a DC of 15; failure means that the character will be mentally fatigued the next day. While he can still run and charge, he will suffer a -2 circumstance penalty to all Spot, Search, Knowledge, and Concentration checks, and he will suffer a -1 circumstance penalty to all of his attack rolls. These penalties last until he is next able to sleep undisturbed.

    Your character is feared, hated, and discriminated against for something in his nature that he cannot change, be it his skin color, his social background, or any unusual racial abilities and powers.

    [2 Pts.] Limited Ostracism: Your character experiences occasional taunts from strangers, and often finds himself subjected to epithets or unpleasant scrutiny. Sometimes, shops or restaurants won’t admit him, but he’s relatively free from actual violence.

    Your character is absolutely certain that he can take any challenge set before him, even if the odds against him are ridiculous. Unfortunately, your character is also pretty much wrong.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character scoffs at the idea that "discretion is the better part of valor." He won’t back down from a fight, he dislikes calling for reinforcements, and he has a habit of constantly underestimating any danger or opponent placed in his way. Your character might be forced to make a Will Save (difficulty relatively high) any time he attempts to withdraw from danger or back down from a challenge.

    Your character has an unreasoning fear of a certain thing or situation. This phobia must center on an object or situation that is reasonably common, yet not entirely disruptive to the ongoing game.
    [ Phaerimm ]

    [4 Pts.] Severe Phobia: When your character is in the presence of the object of his phobia, he suffers a -2 morale penalty to all of his skill checks, attack rolls, and saving throws. He will attempt to remove himself from proximity to the object of the phobia as fast as possible; each round in which he wishes to even remain in sight of the object (or venture back toward it) will require a Will Save, minimum DC 16). Failure of any such Will Save means the character will be unable to attempt another one for at least five rounds. If the need to get away from the phobia trigger interferes with other actions he might wish to take during this time, so be it--he flees first and thinks later.

    Poor Reputation
    Your character has an extremely unflattering reputation in a certain area or within a certain group of people. Regardless of whether or not the reputation is deserved, it’s firmly entrenched and all but impossible to counter. This is not the same as a formal record of alleged wrongdoing (like a criminal record), but it can be just as troublesome.

    [2 Pts.] Suspicious/Untrustworthy: The precise nature of the reputation should be left to the GM, as appropriate to your character’s background. If your character is law-abiding, he might have a reputation as a suspicious and unsavory person. If your character is already an unsavory person, he might have a reputation among other unsavory people as an oath-breaker, or potential informer. While this reputation won’t make anyone attack your character on sight, it will make virtually everything he tries to do more difficult. Contacts won’t take him seriously, guard officers or criminals (or both) will hassle him on the streets, and so forth.

    This flaw will provide a +3 bonus to all Reputation checks made by appropriate NPCs when attempting to identify your character. If your character is successfully identified, he will suffer –4 circumstance penalty on checks involving the following skills for the duration of the encounter: Bluff, Diplomacy, Gather Information, and Perform.

    Your character is obstreperous, thick-skulled, and incorrigible--whatever decision he makes and however he makes it, he expects to have his way. No appeal to duty, rationality, or friendship can penetrate this stubborn veneer without a fight.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character is aggravatingly certain that he knows best about everything. He will fight to have his own way just about all the time, asserts his authority over others even when he doesn’t have any, and disregards the good advice of those who know better even when it’s for his own clear good. In certain circumstances, your character may be allowed a Will Save (moderate difficulty) to swallow his pride and accept someone else’s leadership without protest for some length of time.

    Your character cannot bear to let others have the last word or the last blow. If wronged, he must revenge, no matter how inconvenient or foolish that may prove.

    [2 Pts.]: Your character has a vicious revenge complex, and is incapable of bearing up with dignity under insults or injury. Likewise, he is all but incapable of forgiving a slight or an injury, and will go to elaborate (and frequently dangerous) lengths to secure his revenge. Although he does not ask that his friends and allies help him achieve his vengeance, he grows highly irate when they attempt to interfere. "Letting it go" is not in his vocabulary; strung together in that order, those three words are meaningless to him.

    Special (Dedicated Flaw Synergy): If your character has a Criminal Honor Code, this flaw will exacerbate that beyond any rational limit. Your character, when wronged, will be a demon incarnate, thirsting for blood. This flaw, taken in combination with Criminal Honor Code, is worth one (1) additional Flaw Point.

    Lisa's Note:
    All items here, I made the descriptions myself, the functions are from the books. Please make your own descriptions if you have the same items. DON'T COPY MINE! The DM looks down upon people who copy others.

    Insignia Powers can only be exercised by touching the token with ones bare flesh, and concentrating on the specific power desired. This precludes spellcasting for one round. All attuned beings, regardless of race or class, can employ insignia powers that they know of. Only one Insignia power can be employed at a time, and only one power can be used in a round.

    Minor Powers can be used as often as desired
    Intermediate Powers are used once per day
    Major Powers are used once per week

    The Zauviir always displayed openly where anyone who cares to look can see it (usually on Xull'rae's piwafwi as a cloak clasp). The Oblodra one is ALWAYS hidden and will take the actual searching of her person to find it..(good luck trying that...)

    Zauviir Insignia
    Caster Level 14

    Minor Power: Ghost Sound
    Intermediate Power: Mirror Image
    Major Power: Fire Shield

    Oblodra Insignia
    Caster Level 19

    Minor Power: Detect Poision
    Intermediate Power: See Invisibility
    Major Power: Evard's Black Tentacles
    Xull’rae’s Weapons

    Swift Vengeance: (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls.)
    This dagger was named for its sleek appearance and ability to return to its owner. Xull'rae uses this dagger often to slay enemies of her faith whether by sacrifice, torture, or on the go.
    The dagger is only 8 inches long in length, so it is easily hidden inside pockets, leg straps, or even Xull'rae's long thick hair as a hair ornament. The dagger itself is of masterwork craftsmanship with Xull'rae's name along the blade in the form of runes. It is made for throwing, even though in the handle there is a ruby the size of a bird’s egg.
    Enhancements (Unknown to character’s unless you are real acquainted with her dagger and are still alive. ^_~)
    Distance: Doubles the thrown range increment. (Adjusted range increment 20)
    Fast Returning: Returns immediately, allowing for Full Attack rate while throwing
    . Spellblade: Wielder is immune to Feeblemind.
    Maiming: Twists and digs into the flesh. This has a random multiplier for critical hits. Roll 1d6 to determine multiplier.
    Skillful: Gives no penalty by anyone wielding the weapon that is not proficient in it. In addition, Xull’rae’s base attack improves to a minimum of 3/4 her level when she attacks with this weapon.
    Bodyfeeder: With a critical hit this grants temporary hit points equal to the total damage dealt. With each critical she takes the higher number of hit points. This lasts for 10 minutes.
    Manifester: Generates 5 power points once per day. These points must all be used on the same power.

    Dark Punisher: (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls.)
    This short sword was named for its dark color, as are all Vhaeraunian weapons. Xull'rae often uses it in battle away from the eyes of the Llothites, and those priestesses who have seen it are "punished" to never talk about it ever again. She often uses this sword in union with her dagger, in a rare and unusual style known as Fegrin's Pair. While this is a sacred and prized weapon to Xull'rae, she only equips it while adventuring away from Drow cities or she is at any Vhaeraun temple.
    This weapon is 30 inches in length and is completely black from handle to sword tip with no markings or other flashy adornments, making it hard to see and spot for those with no ability to see in darkness well.
    Wounding: 1 pt CON damage per hit
    Vorpal: on a natural roll of 20 (followed by a successful roll to confirm the critical hit), the weapon severs the opponent’s head from its body.
    Skillful: Gives no penalty by anyone wielding the weapon that is not proficient in it. In addition, Xull’rae’s base attack improves to a minimum of 3/4 her level when she attacks with this weapon.
    Manifester: Generates 5 power points once per day. These points must all be used on the same power.

    Hissing Death: (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls.)
    While despite its name and its imposing look with a handle of adamantine and six snake heads, this scourge has nothing magnificent about it. It does as much damage as the average dagger and is magical, but unlike her other weapons, this one has no surprises in store for an out-of-line male. This weapon was given to her upon reaching her priesthood in the Web of the Spider Queen. She rarely uses it and is only seen wearing it in the temple or when she is being an emissary for her House.

    • The snakes are extensions of the will of the scourge’s wielder, hissing and writhing in response to the thoughts and emotions of the character carrying it. At the wielder’s mental command, the serpents attack as separate and independent creatures, using the statistics below.
      With an attack action, the whip wielder can cause one of the snake heads to attack; as a full attack action all the heads can attack.
      If a good-aligned character tries to wield the scourge, the snakes attack the wielder instead of the intended target. The snake heads have the following characteristics:
      • Tiny Construct; HD 2d10; hp 11; Init +3; Spd 0 ft.; AC 17 (touch 14, flatfooted 14); Atk +5 melee (1d2–2 and pain, bite); SA Pain; SQ Construct; AL NE; SV Fort +0, Ref +3, Will +0; Str 6, Dex 17, Con —, Int —, Wis 11, Cha 1.
        Feat: Weapon Finesse (bite).
        Pain (Su): The venom of the serpent’s bite causes wracking pains, imposing a –4 penalty on the victim’s attack rolls, skill checks, and ability checks for 2d4 rounds. A successful Fortitude save (DC 19) reduces the penalty to –2.
    If a snake head is destroyed, it falls off the whip. The remaining heads continue to function normally until all are destroyed.

    Cutting Embrace: (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls.)
    This weapon is Xull'rae's latest addition, taken from a defeated foe.
    Given its name for doing damage to a foe (as much as a short sword) as well as entangling or tripping them. Xull'rae usually carries this on her belt.
    Like a whip, this is made of heavy black braided material, but instead of a slender tip made for cuts and stings, this particular whip has a small 6 inch dagger connected at the end of its length. It is exotic and given the name Whip-Dagger.
    Enhancements Skillful: Gives no penalty by anyone wielding the weapon that is not proficient in it. In addition, Xull’rae’s base attack improves to a minimum of 3/4 her level when she attacks with this weapon.
    Lethe’s Lash: A spellcaster struck by this looses one spell or spell slot from the highest spell level he can cast. (in our house rules, this would be loss of spell points not a spell slot.)
    Manifester: Generates 5 power points once per day. These points must all be used on the same power.
    Grasping: Grants a +2 circumstance bonus on trip and disarm attempts. Disarm attempts with this do not provoke attacks of opportunity.
    Mindfeeder: With a critical hit this grants temporary power points equal to the total damage dealt. With each critical she takes the higher number of power points. This lasts for 10 minutes

    Xull’rae’s Upper Half

    Piwafwi of Stealth and Many Pockets: This looks like a simple well oiled, jet black cloak made of a soft material. It covers the wearer to their feet and has a wide hood so the wearer may pull it up and drape it so it covers most of their features.
    Xull’rae uses her Zauviir Insignia as a clasp to open and close this cloak.
    If the hood is pulled up, or when Xull’rae tries to hide, her piwafwi creates a Shadow, Superior effect, in which she becomes blurred. This grants a +30 competence bonus to Hide checks.
    Her piwafwi is also magically constructed so that it makes little sound and it dampens sound around it. This is caused by Silent Moves, Superior which grants a +30 competence bonus to Move Silently checks.
    In the interior, on either side of the piwafwi are rows and rows of pouches. Each pocket is similar to a miniature bag of holding and can hold up to 1 cubic foot of material weighing as much as 10lbs. Anything in the pockets is effectively weightless and doesn’t effect Xull’rae’s weight as long as the piwafwi is worn. While worn the piwafwi responds to Xull’rae’s desire to extract something by opening the correct pouch or to store something by opening an empty pouch. Retrieving a stored item is a move action, but provoke no attack of opportunity.
      In these pockets include:
    • Lockpicks: In addition to the assortment of wires, rods, and angled wrenches, this expanded version contains a funnel, magnifying glass, oils, acids, chisels -- even a listening cone.
      +4 bonus to open locks; listening cone grants a +2 bonus to Listen
    • Bag of Caltraps: Bag of 100
      By tossing these little "spikes" on a smooth or rough surface you can slow pursuit of anyone.
      Pursuers move at 1/3 speed OR save vs paralyzation; successful save halts movement and does 1d4 damage
    • 2 Scroll Cases: Wizards and Priests use these fine tooled leather cases to easily organize their scrolls. The Entire device is a long strip of leather, wide enough for most standard scrolls in which a series of pockets have been sown. The whole case unrolls to about two feet holding up to 15 scrolls. When traveling the case rolls up in a nice sturdy tube that clips shut, with a special pouch at the end the seals the whole up tight, protecting the precious scrolls from the elements.
      right now they are both empty...she has no scrolls at this time
    • Portable Alter Case: For many of the established and churchly faiths of Toril, alters (when sanctified) act as a powerful tool for priest. This particular alter case has been commissioned to bring along when traveling. Made of fine wood (spruce that weighs 5 lbs) this narrow box opens up to form a traveling alter. Within the box is room for small holy implements and vessels, an alter cloth, and a compact prayer book. By blessing this box and properly provisioning them, priests can take their temple with them.
      When blessed and assembled, provides a +1 bonus to rebuke undead rolls in a 10-foot radius.
      (The alter is for Lolth BUT in a hidden compartment all the items for Vhaeraun.)
      Items within the alter case is a gold holy symbol for Lolth and her half mask for Vhaeraun, both are blessed and of course in the appropriate compartments.
      Other items in each alter case include the following:
      • Incense (psionic): For more than merely the perfume of the gods, these items have countless roles in the lifestyle of a priest--not the least of which is to bear the prayers of the faithful to their god. The Psionic Incense facilitates the use of mind powers Sticks come in a bundle of 12 and can be burned simultaneously unless otherwise noted. When 4 sticks of the psionic incense ore burned and inhaled, this reduces the cost the PSP cost of powers as follows:
        cost 1--no effect, cost 2-10 is a -1, cost 11+ is a -2
      • Alter Cloths: As powerful tools of faith, alters deserve fitting adornment. These black silk cloths can be folded or draped to fit any alter case. The come in 2' by 2' or 6' by 14'
      • Aspergills: One common means by which priests dispense the power of their god is through the sprinkling of Holy Water. This particular gold Aspergill can carry up to one pint of holy water. By swinging or whirling the aspergill on its chain, a priest can disperse holy water farther than with a vial, whether doing so in the sanctuary or on the battlefield.
        Increases by 30 feet the radius affected by spells using holy water
      • Braziers: As ancient as faith itself braziers serve the trifold roleof providing heat, supplying light, consuming incense and other aromatics cast into them. This 18 inch silver field brazier can be easily strapped to a pack and even can be used as a buckler for fighting priest.
        When used provides a +2 reduction in spell failure percentage for spells using incense; can function in all ways as a buckler.
      • Candles: Priests use these 3 inch diameter 3 ft long vigil alter candles as powerful tools of faith
        a vigil candle allows 1 extra point of healing to creatures in a 1-foot radius if tended for 8 hours by a wakeful priest
      • Censer: The censer is a portable incense burner common to priests of both the temple and trail. This gold one, that is ornamentally inlaid, can burn up to 6 ounces of incense at a time. While the portable braizer provides the adventuring priest with a stable base for incense burning, the censer allows that base to move.
        +30 feet (if applicable) to range of any incense using spell; when carried burning, gives party -3 penalty to surprise and negates NPC/Monster surprise.
      • Snuffing Bell: A common sight across Toril. This item is large enough to douse the largest of alter candles. The tip also holds an oiled wick for lighting candles, and the small blade positioned between the wick and bell arns even the youngest acolyte to defend the faith. Wt. 4 lbs; Size: M; Tp: P; Spd Fctr: 7; Dmg: 1d4/1d4
      • 2 potions of healing: One is a Cure Critical Wounds, the other is a Cure Light Wounds.
    • Hand Mirror: A pretty silver mirror, to help in grooming.
    • Bath Oil: Xull'rae likes to bathe and smell good during long adventures, and has a supply of her own just in case where she stops, doesn't.
    • Bedroll: Xull'rae is too good to sleep on the bare ground.
    • Perfume: Has this in case of an emergency where she must look and smell nice.
    • Mess Kit: A nice meal setup. Used in case party members are out of food, they can have hers. Equipped with utensils.
    • Wineskin: Holds red mulled wine for long nights.
    • Silver Brush/Comb: Matches her mirror and used for grooming.
    • Tent: If staying in a spot for more than one night, Xull'rae sleeps on this with her bedroll. Fits 2 people.
    • Travel Rations: Not as nice as the mess kit, but is nutritious and gets the job done. Carries this in case someone is out of food or she looses her ring.
    • 1 pair of dress clothes: Used rarely, more or less used in emergency as her glamered armor can be used in most situations.

    Earring of Eloquence +10: This very tiny silver looped earring is pierced at the very tip of Xull’rae’s right elongated ear.
    Its function is to grant a competence bonus on Diplomacy, Bluff, and Perform (sing) checks.

    Earring of Freedom: This tiny silver bar earring is pierced at the very tip of Xull’rae’s left elongated ear.
    It acts as if Xull’rae is continually under the effect of a Freedom of Movement spell.

    Circlet of the Third Eye Psionatrix: This psionic item is cleverly attached to a simple silver circlet that rests on Xull’rae’s head. The Third Eye is in the diamond shaped spider mold that comes to the middle of her forehead. The yellow crystal is often mistaken as a topaz and can only be released from the circlet from the proper command thought of Xull’rae.
    This Eye grants Xull’rae concealment from all devices, powers, and spells that detect, influence, or read emotions or thoughts. This power protects against all mind-affecting powers and effects as well as information-gathering by clairsentience powers and effects (except for metafaculty); this item affects Xull’rae as if she enjoyed the benefits of the psionic mind blank power.
    The head of the spider is actually the Telepathy Psionatrix, it is also yellow so easily looks seamless with the Third Eye. It adds a +1 enhancement bonus to the save DC when Xull’rae uses powers of the Telepathy discipline.

    Vengeful Key: This unusual item was bestowed on Xull’rae by Cogliostro. It is an amulet with the glamered ability to look like what the wearer desires. It IS a necklace but serves as the Vengeful Weave Inn’s ‘Skeleton’ key as well as many other functions that Xull’rae has yet to uncover or maybe she has…but she is still uncertain. Here is the known powers she has uncovered:
    Key: Will act as a Key to all of Coglio's Portals
    Power Preservation: It manifests all powers by paying power points equal to the standard cost minus 1.
    Penetrate: +2 bonus to overcome Power Resistance
    Concentrate: +10 competence bonus on all Concentration checks
    Cognizance Crystal: 17/17 power points

    Armband of Natural Armor +5: Rarely seen, but always equipped (unless otherwise stated in game play), this armband is underneath Xull’rae’s armor. This item is crafted from bone and has an open mouth skull design that appears to be screaming in rage.
    Its function is to toughen Xull’rae’s body and skin, giving her an enhancement bonus to her natural armor bonus.

    Armband of Retribution: Rarely seen, but always equipped (unless otherwise stated in game play), this armband is underneath Xull’rae’s armor. Made of platinum, this elegant looking armband appears fine and delicate with its intricate pattern and design but its function is quite deadly.
    This item grants Xull’rae a +2 profane bonus to AC. In addition, when she takes damage from a melee attack made with a natural or a hand-held weapon, the damage is divided equally between the attacker and the target. If the damage is an odd number, the extra point of damage goes to the attacker. This armband deals the same type of wounds upon the attacker that Xull’rae receives, but only damage to hit points not given any special effects like poison.

    Nightscale Armor: (+5 Enhancement bonus to Armor Class.)
    Made from dark snakeskin steeped in mysterious alchemical mixtures, this armor is much like leather amour except that it is form fitting and supple. Xull’rae’s Armor is made of large black snake scales that move and shift almost imperceptibly, even when not worn, like it has a mind of its own (this is due to illithidwrought and is virtually unheard of outside of Illithid communities). The torso looks like a corset, giving it a definite feminine cast to the already tight fitting but flexible suit.
    Enhancements (Unknown to character’s)
    Illithidwrought: Adds +2 Insight bonus to AC for psionic wearer.
    Speed: Wearer under constant Haste effect.
    Glamered: Can make armor appear as wearer desires. (And with Xull'rae this varies widely upon the situation.)
    Comfort: The character and her equipment are protected from natural extreme heat or cold. Living comfortably in conditions between -50 and 140 degrees F.
    Easy Traveling: Xull’rae can carry a medium load like it was a light one (ignoring the max dex bonus, check penalty, and reduced speed) In addition Xull’rae is able to walk for up to 10 hours in a day before having to make Constitution checks.

    Gloves of the Master Strategist: (She has a pair of these, one on each hand..)
    These black leather gloves are open handed, leaving the fingers and palms bare. It attaches to the middle finger in a ring like fashion and covers the top of the hand, going up the length of the arm and stopping at the elbow. It fastens on securely by use of straps and buckles.
    They act like a Glove of Storing and allows Xull’rae to use the True Strike effect once per day.
    Glove of Storing:On command, one item held in the hand wearing the glove disappears. The item can weigh no more than 20 pounds and must be able to be held in one hand. While stored, the item has negligible weight. With a snap of the fingers wearing the glove, the item reappears. A glove can only store one item at a time. Storing or retrieving the item is a free action. The item is held in stasis and shrunk down so small within the palm of the glove that it cannot be seen. Spell durations are not suppressed, but continue to expire. If an effect is suppressed or dispelled, the stored item appears instantly.
    True Strike:You gain temporary, intuitive insight into the immediate future during your next attack. Your next single attack roll (if it is made before the end of the next round) gains a +20 insight bonus. Additionally, you are not affected by the miss chance that applies to attackers trying to strike a concealed target.

    • In the right glove unless otherwise stated, is Xull’rae’s dagger.
    • In the left glove, Xull’rae’s Cure Staff is stored.
      • Xull’rae had a custom staff made to take with her on adventures so she did not have to use her precious time and effort casting the ever useful curative type spells that clerics world wide are known for. The caster level is 13, with each spell costing 2 charges and the staff has 50 charges.
        The staff is a quaterstaff made of adamantine and stands 5’2” tall. It is highly polished with a smokey hue. While slender and delicate looking, it can be used as a weapon if necessary. At the top of the staff there is a ring 8 inches in diameter with a 2 inch opening so a glistening large diamond, chiseled to a sharp spear shaped point sticks out, ready to jab an unsuspecting opponent. Along the shaft, it has 11 grooves along its length and in each diamond shaped socket lays a different gem. Each gem has a single small rune etched on the surface, no rune is the same. When a particular spell is cast, a rune tuned to that spell is activated, causing the gem it is inscribed on, to glow.
        • Emerald – Remove Paralysis
        • Aquamarine – Remove Blindness/Deafness
        • Pearl – Remove Curse
        • Peridot – Remove Disease
        • Garnet – Restoration, Lesser
        • Ruby – Restoration
        • Jade – Neutralize Poison
        • Amethyst – Break Enchantment
        • Topaz – Cure Critical Wounds
        • Sapphire – Panacea
        • Amber – Cure Light Wounds, Mass
    Rings on Xull’rae’s Fingers

    Ring of Heavy Armor: This ring is similar in appearance to Xull’rae’s Ring of Protection but the silver band has a delicate braided design and is littered with chips of jet while a large round glowing ruby sits in the middle.
    It offers continual magical protection in the form of a deflection bonus to AC by +1 and has a 100% Fortification This creates a magical force that protects her vital areas from sneak attacks and critical hits, but damage is still taken normally otherwise.

    Counterspells Ring: This ring is similar in appearance to Xull’rae’s Ring of Spell Storing but the gold band only has one triangle shaped garnet stone in the middle.
    The ring allows ONE spell of 1st to 6th level to be stored in it. This spell cannot be cast out. Instead, should whatever spell that is in the ring be casted upon the wearer, it is immediately countered, as a counterspell action, requiring no action (or even knowledge) on the wearers part. Once it is countered, the same spell, or a new one may be applied to the ring.
    (the spell is posted on the DM’s notes on the message board so player’s as well as characters have no knowledge of which spell it is, except Xull and the DM.)

    Ring of Disease Immunity: This ring is similar in appearance to Xull’rae’s Ring of Poison Immunity but the band has a milky appearance and looks like quartz. Its simple braid pattern is gold in color.
    Xull’rae is immune to all types of infections and diseases (including contagion spells, lycanthropy, and mummy rot). She also heals 1 extra hit point per day of rest.

    Ring of Poison Immunity: This ring’s band has a smoky appearance; it looks like granite, even though it feels smooth. It has a simple braid pattern that is peridot green in color.
    Xull’rae is immune to poison

    Ring of Protection +5: This ring has a silver band with a large square ruby set in the middle.
    It offers continual magical protection in the form of a deflection bonus to AC.

    Ring of Resistance +5: This ring is a simple band made of copper.
    It offers Xull’rae magical protection in the form of a resistance bonus on all saving throws (Fortitude, Reflex and Will).

    Minor Spell Storing Ring: This ring is similar in appearance to Xull’rae’s Counterspells Ring but the gold band has 3 triangle shaped garnet stones clustered together by gold mesh in the middle.
    The ring has up to THREE spells that Xull’rae can cast. Each spell has a caster level to the minimum level needed to cast that spell. Xull’rae does not need to use components, or focus, or pay an XP cost, and there is no arcane spell failure chance for wearing armor. The activation time of the ring is the same as the casting time of the spell being used; once used a spell can be replaced with another is different spell as long as Xull’rae can cast those levels.
    She can also hand it to another person to use the spells as the ring imparts all spells stored to the current wearer.
    The spells are:
    Faith Healing cures 8 hp +1/level (max +5) to worshipper of Vhaeraun.
    Incite subject can’t ready actions or delay.
    Sniper Shot no range limit on next ranged sneak attack.

    Ring of Sustenance: This ring has a gold band with an oval shaped amethyst set in the middle, with a chip of diamond set in a thin stem in front of the amethyst.
    It continually provides Xull’rae with life-sustaining nourishment. It also refreshes the body and mind, so that she needs only sleep 2 hours to gain the full benefit of 8 hours full rest.

    Xull’rae’s Lower Half

    Belt of Magnificence: This sparkling metal belt projects power and authority. Made of two large and wide chains that are welded together by a elegant design on either side, and the same design, much larger, is proudly displayed on the front. This is defiantly a pleasing piece of accessory to wear, it goes with anything!
    This item grants Xull’rae a +6 enhancement bonus to her Strength, Dexterity, Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores.

    Anklet of Adaptation: This anklet, located on her left ankle, is a small padlock in the shape of a skull; rarely seen as her armor or clothes usually cover the item up.
    The magic wraps Xull’rae in a shell of fresh air, making her immune to all harmful vapors and gases (such as cloudkill and stinking cloud effects, as well as inhaled poisons) and allowing her to breathe, even underwater or in a vacuum.

    Anklet of Bone: This anklet, located on her right ankle, is carved from ivory with ten tiny ivory skulls around the thick band; rarely seen as her armor or clothes usually cover the item up.
    Xull’rae is immune to energy drain and ability drain (but not to ability damage). This item has 50 charges. Each level of energy drain or point of ability drain cost 1 charge.

    Boots of Spider Climbing: These are black leather boots with thick hard soles, yet has a slender frontal appearance. They are knee length and have 3 straps at the top and then are laced with string the rest of the way.
    When worn, a pair of these boots enable movement on vertical surfaces or even upside down along ceilings, leaving Xull’rae’s hands free. Her speed is 20 feet. Severely slippery surfaces—icy, oiled, or greased surfaces— make these boots useless. The boots can be used for 10 minutes per day, split up as the wearer chooses.

    Quick & Dirty Summary
    Hit points w/Aid: 315 + 1d8
    Hit points w/Divine Power: 315
    Hit points w/Righteous Might: 344
    Hit points w/Aid + Divine Power: 328 + 1d8
    Hit points w/Aid + Righteous Might: 357 + 1d8
    Hit points w/Divine Power + Righteous Might: 357
    Hit points w/Aid + Divine Power + Righteous Might: 370 + 1d8

    All damage from melee weapons split 50/50 between self and attacker

    Immune to Critical Hits & Sneak Attacks
    Immune to Disease
    Immune to Poison
    Immune to Gases & Harmful Vapors
    Immune to Mind-affecting effects
    Immune to Magic & Psionic information-gathering (except for Metafaculty)
    Immune to Paralysis & Other impeded movement effects/spells (slow, web, solid fog, grappling*)
    Immune to Shaken condition
    Immunity to Sleep spells and effects
    Immune to Energy Drain & Ability Drain [50 charges]
    Counterspell Ring: *See DM Notes section of boards*

    Sneak Attack +6d6

    Smite 1/day, +4 hit/+9 dmg

    14 Attacks of Opportunity/round
    +4 attack bonus on all AoO

    -1 Power Point cost on all powers
    +1 to Save DCs for Telepathy powers

    Rebuke Undead 6/day
    Rebuke Spiders 8/day

    Current Faith Points: 30

    DR 10/Good with Righteous Might

    Easy Traveling: Carry Medium load as if Light Load; walk 10 hrs/day w/o CON check

    +5 Inherent bonus worked into all Ability Scores

    Rogue Abilities
    Sneak Attack +2d6
    Trap Sense +1
    Uncanny Dodge (No lose DEX bonus to AC if flat-footed)

    Shadow Stalker Abilities
    Detect Good at will
    Profane Stealth +8
    --Spend spell slot (Swift Action) to give Profane bonus on Hide and Move silent for 1 min/spell level
    Discover Subterfuge +6 (Competence bonus to Search & Sense Motive)
    Profane Defense
    --Spend spell slot (swift) to gain +4 Profane bonus to AC for 1 round/spell level
    Sneak Attack +2d6
    +7 Effective caster level

    Cleric Abilities
    Spellcaster Level 1st; Total caster level 9th
    Evil Aura (strong)
    Restricted Spells: Lawful and Good
    Spontaneous Inflict
    Rebuke Undead 6/day (at +2 bonus on rebuke check)

    Divine Contemplative Abilities
    Bonus Domain (Destruction)
    +1 caster level

    Cleric Spells
    Caster Level 9th; Effective Caster Level 13th
    • 1st Level (DC 21)
      • Detect Undead
      • Divine Favor
      • Ebon Eyes
      • Foundation of Stone
      • Grave Strike
      • Shield of Faith
      • Sign
    • 2nd Level (DC 22)
      • Aid
      • Align Weapon
      • Balor Nimbus
      • Cure Moderate Wounds
      • Desecrate
      • Divine Insight
      • Hold Person
    • 3rd Level (DC 23)
      • Bestow Curse
      • Daylight
      • Dispel Magic
      • Mass Lesser Vigor
      • Protection from Energy
    • 4th Level (DC 24)
      • Assay Spell Resistance
      • Divine Power
      • Sound Lance
      • Wrack
    • 5th Level (DC 25)
      • Flame Strike
      • Righteous Might
      • Righteous Wrath of the Faithful

    Psion (Telepath) Powers
    Manifester Level 7th; Total Manifester Level 8th; Effective Manifester Level 12th
    • 1st Level (DC 20)
      • Detect Psionics
      • Far Hand
      • Force Screen
      • Mindlink
      • Mind Thrust
    • 2nd Level (DC 21)
      • Concealing Amorpha
      • Damp Power
      • Ego Whip
      • Feat Leech
      • Read Thoughts
    • 3rd Level (DC 22)
      • Crisis of Breath
      • Dimension Twister
      • Dispel Psionics
      • Empathic Transfer, Hostile
      • Share Pain, Forced
      • Touchsight
    • 4th Level (DC 23)
      • Mindlink, Thieving
      • Mindwipe
      • Schism

    Wild Talent: Kinetic Control

    Shadowmind Abilities
    +1 Manifester Level

    Drow Traits
    Darkvision 120'
    SR 11 +1/Character Level
    +2 racial bonus on Will saves vs. spells and spell-like abilities
    +2 racial bonus to saves against enchantment spells or effects
    +2 racial bonus on Listen, Search, and Spot checks
    Immunity to Sleep spells and effects
    Spell-like abilities (Usable 1/day each as a Sorcerer of Character level)
    • Dancing Lights
    • Darkness
    • Faerie Fire
    • Detect Good
    • Detect Magic
    • Levitate
    • Clairaudience/Clairvoyance
    • Discern Lies (DC 20)
    • Dispel Magic (+10 bonus)
    • Suggestion (DC 19)

    Light Blindness (Negated)

    Fighting Styles
    Fegrin's Pair [Master of the Short Blade]
    ( Paired Dagger & Short Sword)
    -Final Insult: Any foe taken to negative hit points will lose 2 hp/round
    -Greater Whole: Combine all attacks from round vs. DR on foes
    -Bloody Ground: Perform a Coup de Gras as a move-equivalent action
    -Single Strike: Increase Threat Range and Critical Multiplier by one w/Paired Dagger & Short Sword

    Languages Known
    Elven (Drow dialect)
    Drow Sign Language