Xull'rae Zauviir's Inventory


This section is for those that are interested in such things as what a character has on their person. It is for me mostly though, as it helps me remember what she has, instead of shuffling through my various papers..it's all here nice and neat in one spot! ^_^
As always this is for mun to know only. Xull'rae has pretty decent magic resistance and of course likes to keep things hidden. So unless your detect magic is successful, or you by chance see one of her items/weapons in plain sight with your own eyes..and live through it ^_~ then your char will not know what she has as an "arsenal"! Also keep in mind she is Drow and will have a long list of things...so even if your char knows some things, they will not know all because she doesn't carry the same thing all the time.

Below is a list of powers on EACH insignia that Xull'rae can activate at any time she feels the need to. Let me better explain so please DO READ VERY CAREFULLY!
Insignia Powers can only be exercised by touching the token with ones bare flesh, and concentrating on the specific power desired. This precludes spellcasting for one round. All attuned beings, regardless of race or class, can employ insignia powers that they know of. Only one Insignia power can be employed at a time, and only one power can be used in a round.

Minor Powers can be used as often as desired
Intermediate Powers a maximum of twice each in any 10 minute period
Major Powers only once each per 10 minute period

Yes BOTH are Equipped

..The Zauviir always displayed openly where anyone who cares to look can see it. The Oblodra one is ALWAYS hidden and will take the actual searching of her person to find it..(good luck trying that...)

Zauviir Insignia
Caster Level 14

Minor Powers
1) Scatterspray
2) Water Breathing
3) Read Magic
4) Blur
Intermediate Powers
1) Web
2) Protection from Cantrips/Orisons
3) Shroud of Undeath
4) Blink
Major Powers
1) Fire Shield
2) Wraithform
3) Evard's Black Tentacles
4) Iron Guard

Oblodra Insignia
Caster Level 19

Minor Powers
1) Disguise Self
2) Shield
3) Unseen Servant
4) Chromatic Orb
Intermediate Powers
1) Cloak From Undead
2) Knock
3) Hold Person
4) Greater Mage Hand
Major Powers
1) Dimension Door
2) Dispel Magic
3) Summon Monster IX
4) Animate Dead

Swift Vengeance (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage Rolls.)
This dagger was named for its sleek appearance and ability to return to it's owner. Xull'rae uses this dagger often to slay enemies of her faith whether by sacrifice, torture or on the go.
The dagger is only 8 inches long in length, so it is easily hidden inside pockets, leg straps, or even Xull'rae's long thick hair as a hair ornament. The dagger itself is of masterwork craftmenship with Xull'rae's name along the blade in the form of runes. It is made for throwing, even though in the handle there is a ruby the size of a birds egg.
Enhancements (Unknown unless you are real acquainted with her dagger and still alive. ^_~)
Distance: Doubles the thrown range increment. ( adjusted range increment 20 )
Seeking: Ignores all but Total Cover penalties.
Fast Returning: Returns immediately, allowing for Full Attack rate while throwing.
Spellblade: Wielder is immune to Feeblemind.
Ghost Touch: Deals damage normally vs. incorporeal creatures. Further, it can be picked up and wielded by incorporeal creatures.
Acidic Burst: On a successful critical hit, the weapon will release a burst of acid upon the target that deals an extra 2d10 damage.
Corrosive: Upon command, the blade will become slick with a thick layer of acid, dealing +1d6 damage on a successful hit.
Precise: Can be thrown at an opponent engaged in melee without suffering the normal -4 penalty to the attack roll.

Primary weapon: always Equipped

Nightscale Armour (+1 Enhancement bonus to Armor Class)
Made from dark snakeskin steeped in mysterious alchemical mixtures, this armour is much like leather armour except that it is form fitting and supple.
Fortification: 75% chance to render Sneak Attacks and Criticals ineffective.
Illithidwrought: Adds +2 Insight bonus to AC for psionic wearer.
Negative Energy Protection: 5 rounds/day protection from Ability Drain, Ability Damage, Level Drain.
Speed: Wearer under constant Haste effect.
Shadow: +5 Competence bonus on Hide Checks.
Glamered: Can make armor appear as wearer desires. (And with Xull'rae this varies widely upon the situation.)

this is always Equipped (unless otherwise stated during gameplay)

Dark Punisher (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls)
This short sword was named for it's dark color, as are all Vhaeraunian weapons. Xull'rae often uses it in battle away from the eyes of the Llothites, and those priestesses who have seen it are "punished" to never talk about it ever again. She often uses this sword in union with her dagger, in a rare and unusual style known as Fegrin's Pair. While this is a sacred and prized weapon to Xull'rae, she only equips it while adventuring away from Drow cities or she is at any Vhaeraun temple.
This weapon is 30 inches in length and is completely black from handle to sword tip with no markings or other flashy adornments, making it hard to see and spot for those with no ability to see in darkness well.
Wounding: 1 pt CON damage per hit
Curse Spewing: Will save DC 15 with each hit or cursed: -4 morale penalty on attacks, saves, ability checks and skill checks.

Hissing Death (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls)
While despite it's name and its imposing look of six snake heads, this scourge has nothing magnificent about it. It does as much damage as the average dagger and is magical, but unlike her other weapons, this one has no surprises in store for an out-of-line male. This weapon was given to her upon reaching her priesthood in the Web of the Spider Queen. She rarely uses it and is only seen wearing it in the temple or when she is being an emissary for her House.

Cutting Embrace (+1 Enhancement bonus to Attack and Damage rolls)
This weapon is Xull'rae's latest addition, taken from a defeated foe.
Given it's name for doing damage to a foe (as much as a short sword) as well as entangling or tripping them. Xull'rae usually carries this on her belt.
Like a whip, made of heavy black braided material, instead of a slender tip made for cuts and stings, this particular whip has a small 6 inch dagger connected at the end of its length. It is exotic and given the name Whip-Dagger.
Sweeping: +4 STR bonus on Trip attempts (effective 20 STR)

Xull'rae's secondary weapon [when she cannot use her short sword] Equipped (unless otherwise stated durng game play)

Sleep Gas A small sturdy stoppered flask that will break easily on impact. In liquid form when stoppered, these vials contain enough punch to instantly lay low one creature.

has 2 of these

Lockpicks In addition to the assortment of wires, rods, and angled wrenches, this expanded version contains a funnel, magnifying glass, oils, acids, chisels---even a listening cone.
+4 bonus to open locks; listening cone grants a +2 bonus to Listen


Blade Boots Constructed of fine grain leather and well-tempered steel, the boots have proven useful in scraps with orcs and other such creatures. Because the claw-shaped blade of these boots are raised from the ground, or can have a heel click mechanism, dagger boots do not impair movement.
Dmg 1d6/1d6 + 1


Bag of Caltraps Bag of 100 (recently bought a new set..after getting her last bag swiped by DrkDominus) By tossing these little "spikes" on a smooth or rough surface you can slow pursuit of anyone.
Pursuers move at 1/3 speed OR save vs paralyzation; successful save halts movement and does 1d4 damage


Money Belt Everyone must have one of these! This particular one has closeable compartments, large enough to carry 40 of your favorite coins. Easily concealed beneath a cloak shirt or pants.
Xull is a VERY big spender, greedy and a thief to boot so she will not ever carry much with her..so really..use sense here..her money is never worth stealing..unless you want to try and get it stolen back along with your life and everything else you own. Unless she's being "nice" that day..but she will always steal something of greater than what you stole off her ^_^


Scroll Case Wizards and Priests use these fine tooled leather cases to easily organize their scrolls. The Entire device is a long strip of leather, wide enough for most standard scrolls in which a series of pockets have been sown. The whole case unrolls to about two feet holding up to 15 scrolls. When traveling the case rolls up in a nice sturdy tube that clips shut, with a special pouch at the end the seals the whole up tight, protecting the precious scrolls from the elements.

has 2 Equipped..one for wizard scrolls and one for priest

right now they are both empty..she has no scrolls at this time

Travel Chest A heavy but sturdy oak wood chest that can be carried by a pack lizard or horse if perferred. This chest is often used for long term traveling or can be used to hold personal items in storage in ones home. Can carry an assortment of items.

Items within this chest include:

Dancing Shoes

Drow Swimsuit

Silver Jewelry Box


Silver Bracelets



Hand Mirror

Bath Oil



Mess Kit


Silver Brush/Comb


Travel Rations

Citrine (2)
Deep green spinel (2)
Small Diamond (2)
Banded agate (2)
Golden yellow topaz (2)
Aquamarine (2)
Lapis Lazuli
Clearest bright green emerald (2)
Freshwater (irregular) pearl
Smoky quartz
Red garnet
Black pearl
Black star sapphire
Brown diamond
Deep blue spinel
Eye agate
Fiery yellow corundum
Star rose quartz
Star ruby
White opal
60 gp, 50 gp
90 gp, 100 gp
600 gp, 500 gp
9 gp, 10 gp
700 gp, 600 gp
50 gp
8 gp
500 gp
9 gp
500 gp for both
100 gp
12 gp
5000 gp for both
13 gp
60 gp
60 gp
120 gp
100 gp
500 gp
1000 gp
5000 gp
50 gp
500 gp
1000 gp
10 gp
1000 gp
12 gp
10 gp
50 gp
1000 gp
100 gp
1000 gp
50 gp