Nightscale Armor is made from dark snakeskin steeped in mysterious alchemical mixtures, nightscale armor is much like leather armor, except that it is much more supple and form-fitting.

Still make it shiny but add scales. ^_^

Like this for scales and for the belt:

Instead of the colors shown(the yellow and gold) here make it black..two kinds of blacks or a very dark grey, if you choose grey make sure it's darker than her skin (just something so the pattern here shows). The belt and any buckles should be silver.
The belt shouldn't look exactly like this, the design can be your own, but it should have two chains like this.

This goes on top of the body suit, should be seemless, no tie up in the back...all one armor. Basically a built in corset.... Remember show no skin, the bodysuit is still underneath. This is to give it a more fememine feel...yes add the buckles. ^_~ If it looks out of place when you draw it...I trust your artistic judgemet to make it fit and your own design to make it sexier if you desire.

This is an example of what I want the bodysuit sleeves from IMAGE #1 to look like. Remember no bare shoulders.

put these buckles on the body armor sleeves. REMEMBER to cover the top of the hand. See EXAMPLE #3 then EXAMPLE #1

More detail to the above image. ^_~

Should be knee high, MINUS the heels, should be a thick hard sole instead.