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Circlet of Rapid Casting
[ 15,000 gp ]
This thin, golden circlet is engraved with dozens of different symbols and runes. It allows the wearer to cast a small numbers of spells each day as a Swift action. The circlet has 3 charges which are renewed at the beginning of each day. Spending one or more charges allows you to cast a single spell as part of the same Swift action as you used to activate the item. This spell must have a casting time that is no longer than 1 Standard action. Doing this expends the prepared spell as if you had cast the spell normally.

Third Eye Conceal
[ 120,000 gp ]
While worn, this small, faintly glowing white crystal protects the wearer from view by all devices, powers, and spells that detect, influence, or read emotions or thoughts. This power protects against all mind-affecting powers and effects as well as information-gathering by clairsentience powers and effects (except for Metafaculty).

Earring of Sustenance
[ 2500 gp ]
This earring provides the wearer with life-sustaining nourishment. The wearer needs only 2 hours of sleep per day, and does not need to eat or drink.

Earring of Proof Against Poison
[ 54,000 gp ]
This earring confers immunity to poisons upon the wearer.

Retributive Amulet
[ 56,000 gp ]
This inch-wide disk bears a large red crystal in it's center. Tiny carvings around the crystal show an endless march of angels and demons at war.
When worn, this amulet provides a +2 Profane bonus to AC. In addition, when the wearer takes damage from a melee attack made with a natural or hand-held weapon, the damage is divided equally between the attacker and the target. If the damage is an odd number, the extra point of damage goes to the attacker.
The amulet delivers the same types of wounds upon the attacker that the wearer receives, but only damage to hit points.

Rogue's Harness
[ 18,000 gp ]
This leather harness grants a constant +2 Competence bonus to Hide and Move Silently checks, as well as a +2 Competence bonus on Reflex saves. In addition, it grants +1d6 sneak attack damage.

Belt of Battle
[ 228,000 gp ]
Grants a +2 Competence bonus to Initiative while worn. In addition, it has 3 charges which are renewed each day. Spending 1 or more charges (as a Swift Action)grants you an extra action which must be taken immediately

  • 1 Charge = 1 Move Action
  • 2 Charges = 1 Standard Action
  • 3 Charges = 1 Full-round Action
    The belt has also been enchanted to grant the following Enhancement bonuses:
  • +6 STR
  • +6 DEX
  • +6 CON
  • +6 INT
  • +6 WIS
  • +6 CHA

    Belt of Many Pockets
    [ 22,000 gp ]
    The black leather belt (which serves as a swordbelt) seems to be nothing more than a well-made article of clothing, but closer examination reveals eight small pouches along it's inner front. In fact, a total of 64 extradimensional pouches exist in the belt, with seven more "behind" each of the eight readily apparent ones. Each pouch is similar to a miniature Bag of Holding, able to contain up to 1 cubic foot of material weighing as much as 10 pounds.
    In addition, a Familiar can be placed in any pocket no matter it's size or weight. The familiar has no need for food, air, or water while inside the pouch.
    Anything stored in the belt's pockets is effectively weightless and doesn't affect the wearer's weight capacity so long as the belt is worn around the waist. If removed, the belt is one-tenth the total weight of all the items stored within it.
    While worn around the waist, the belt responds to its wearer's desire to extract something (by opening the correct pouch) or store something (by opening an empty pouch). Retrieving a specific item from the pouch is a move action, but doesn't provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does.

    Armband of Adaptation
    [ 18,000 gp ]
    This armband functions identically to the Necklace of the same name, conferring immunity to all harmful vapors and gases, as well as allowing him to breathe even underwater or in a vacuum.

    Bracers of Armor
    [ 370,200 gp ]
    These bracers are one of Vesz's most treasured items (in so much as a drow treasure's anything). Glamered to magically appear in any form he'd like, he often changes the style to suit his whims at any given time.
    In addition to conferring a +8 Armor bonus to AC upon the wearer, the following additional enchantments and abilities have been crafted into the bracers:

    Glove of Storing
    [ 10,000 gp ]
    This simple black leather glove allows the wearer to store an item within it or retrieve an item from it as a Free Action.
    Vesz'aun usually keeps his Elven Thinblade stored in the glove.

    Ring of Heavy Armor
    [ 72,000 gp ]
    This ring grants a +1 Deflection bonus to AC (overridden by the bonus from Ring of Protection), and more importantly grants 100% Fortification (as the armor special ability).

    Rings of Wizardry
    [ 40,000 gp ]
    [ 80,000 gp ]
    [ 140,000 gp ]
    [ 100,000 gp ]
    Each of these four rings will double the number of base spells a wizard is able to cast for the relevant level (1st through 4th respectively; bonus spells from INT are not doubled).

    Ring of Counterspells
    [ 8000 gp ]
    The wearer can cast a spell of 1st through 6th level into the spell. When that spell is next cast upon the wearer, the ring automatically counters the spell (with no action on the wearer's part). Once emptied in such a manner, another spell may be placed within the ring.
    Current spell held:

    Boots of Temporal Acceleration
    [ 43,000 gp ]
    Once per day as a Swift Action (Command), speed time up as Time Stop. Take two rounds worth of actions then resume acting during your current turn in normal time, but are Shaken for 1 round.

    Elven Thinblade
    [ 216,000 gp ]
    This ornate adamantine blade carries a variety of enchantments, each of which are detailed below. Due to it's adamantine construction, the blade ignores object Hardness of up to 20.

    In addition, Vesz'aun keeps two augment crystals on hand (usually keeping the Truedeath Crystal attached).

    Creeping Death -Metallica