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Site Title

Masked Traitors are clerics (including prestige class variants such as the Arachne) who play a very dangerous game, serving Lolth on the surface and Vhaeraun underneath. Why would anyone do this, you ask? First off, the Masked Lord richly rewards those who do well in his service, even going so far as to often (and falsely) hint that he is willing to grant immortality to worthy traitors or even elevate them to the role of his consort. This may explain how he could ever entice a female into service of this type. Others may take up the mantle as a means to gain greater personal power, by getting the best of both worlds, in essence. Still others, the rare ones, may actually agree with his teachings, and take up the cause of their own accord, in true and good faith.
Whatever the reasons, a small retinue of drow (less than 1% of Vhaeraun's total faith) take up the mantle and gamble their lives on a daily basis in his service.

Masked Traitors are only selected from the drow ranked amongst Vhaeraun's followers (as opposed to the smattering of half-drow, humans, and elves who hold him as their patron deity), for obvious reasons. Additionally, most Masked Traitors are female, as males are never allowed to attain the same heights of power and status within Lolth's church as females are. However, there is nothing preventing a male from becoming a Masked Traitor aside from that fact.

The abilities and restrictions of Masked Traitors, aside from any changes noted further below, are identical to those of the type of cleric of Lolth (cleric or appropriate prestige class) they pretend to be on the surface.

In exchange--or reward--for the risks taken by all Masked Traitors, Vhaeraun grants them the following benefits:

  • Masked Traitors are given access to all spells known to the Vhaeraunian faith. In essence, Masked Traitors gain knowledge and access to the spells from all of Vhaeraun's Domains (Chaos, Drow, Evil, Travel, Trickery), at the appropriate levels. However, a Masked Traitor does not gain the granted powers associated with any of the Domains, unless they also select the Domain(s) as normal.
    This will also include any of the spells granted by the Initiate of Vhaeraun feat (once we actually get around to creating it).

  • Masked Traitors can cast Blessing of Vhaeraun once per day as a spell-like ability.

  • Masked Traitors can cast Deceive Prying as a spell-like ability once in their lifetime. After this initial benefit has been granted, the spell must be prayed for as normal among your daily retinue.

  • Masked Traitors receive the personal attention of Vhaeraun in the form of useful information imparted to them from time to time, most often in their dreams, though visitation by a manifestation of Vhaeraun (as opposed to his actual Avatar) is not unheard of.

  • Vhaeraun shades the eyes of his Masked Traitors with his power. In effect, Masked Traitors gain immunity to the penalties associated with light effects of any sort, such as from the Daylight, Searing Light, or Sunburst spells, and from the more natural effects of normal sunlight on a drow's vision.
    Note that this does not impart protection from sunlight on any Drowcraft items that a darkmask may use or wield.

Page Last Updated February 11th, 2006


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