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Solaufein Pharn
Title: Dark Mantle
Faction: Tower of Masked Mage
Allies: Darkmasks, Xull’rae Zauviir, and the priests of the Tower of Masked Mage More as DM sees fit
Enemies: Web of the Spider Queen, Vesz’aun Auvryath More as the DM sees fit

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Level: 20 More as DM sees fit
Classes: Cleric 12/Darkmask 5/Rogue 3
Hit Points: DM fills
Melee Attack: DM fills
DM fills
Skills: DM fills
Feats: DM fills
Possessions: (Items and Equipment) DM fills

Description: Height - 5' 1" Weight - 92 lbs Age - 141
Solaufein is a man of presence. His gruff manner and unwavering gaze has some thinking he a noble, others a soldier. Having dark skin and almond shaped eyes that are always crimson in color, topped off with neatly trimmed white hair. Most would think him nondescript, but his stern features have a proud quality that adds intensity to his eyes that either make the person he looks at either cow or become fascinated. His overall countenance is appealing (15+) with a chiseled face and strong jaw.
Solaufein is an adventurer and spends most of his time on the field gathering information, spying, and keeping an eye on those he considers an enemy. He wears simple black leather armor and when on a mission, always wears his black silk half mask.
While his taste in clothing is almost always black, simple, unadorned, and dull. He wears his Darkmask apparel with pride, as the clothes are always pressed and cleaned. In rare moments in the prayer room he has been seen wearing just a pair of white silk pants, why this is has never been addressed.
Regardless of personal preference, he does have an acquaintance with Nadal Gellar’s tailor. As the leader of the Darkmasks, he is often going to functions that noble’s hosts to keep the church sociable with their clients and allies, so he does have a spattering of good clothes for these events.

Brief History: Solaufein grew up on the streets of Sshamath. He never had parents or anyone to help or look after him. He stole to survive. When he was but a boy he was caught stealing wands off a wizard. He was thrown in jail, where he was rescued by a masked drow and brought to a large black tower. This is where Solaufein made his home and has resided for over a century.
He worked hard and the temple rewarded him with protection and shelter. He studied, and the Tower rewarded him with teachers who taught him to hone his skills. When the time he came of age, Solaufein repaid the temple by submitting an oath that only the clergy give, and thus began his life connected with Vhaeraun.
Solaufein was a devout priest and strong in his faith, but this was not his calling. Vhaeraun himself appeared to Solaufein one day in the prayer chamber and said his talents were being wasted in these confines, he wanted his devoted to return outside and serve him better by saving those that needed it, like himself once did. This marked the beginning of his journey as a Darkmask.
His tutelage was under the Leader of the Division, whose true name is no longer spoken. Solaufein was awarded the leadership position when the assault on the Web of the Spider Queen failed and his mentor was overcome with the power of their god and the man was never again the same. Madness set in and the church had no choice but to replace him with Solaufein.
The title came with heavy responsibilities, but he took them with resolution and courage. His devotion and faith carried him far but they were not without their setbacks and tests. Four decades passed and he decided on his own that it was time to avenge his mentor and the stained reputation of the Tower and begin a second assault on the Lolth temple against a new Matron, Laele, the only daughter to survive the first hit attack, but now the family had grown, her brood of 8 children proved too much and he was beaten. His comrades killed and he at the hands of his enemies. Never had he known the cruelty of the Lolthites until this failure. Five years he suffered in their clutches, the church never sent anyone to get him, Vhaeraun ignored his pleas for release, he was alone. He doubted he would live and accepted that his god was angry with him, but he never threw away his faith to him, offering bugs and rats as sacrifice.
Release came one day, in the strangest way. It came after a haggering day of torture. He lay in his hole, too tired and in agony to move. He was drifting in and out of unconsciousness when the most wonderful smell wafted in his bleeding nostrils, and at first he thought that sweet death had finally arrived when the warmest feeling washed over his battered body and the gentlest touch he had ever felt, eased his pain. He opened swollen eyes but all he saw was a blurry red figure before darkness overtook him.
He did not know how much time had passed before a different but equally pleasant smell awoke him. He was pleased to find out his body felt almost completely better. He opened his eyes carefully, his whole “cell” was bathed in soft light and no sooner did his eyes adjust, did they set upon a youth with long red hair. He was shocked when he realized that it was a girl and a priestess. She was no more than a child, but her care of him was skilled and genuine. The girl visited him everyday, she never spoke, but her hands did the speaking. She was careful, quiet, but had no fear to her. He was getting better and better by the day. No one came to get him, there was only her. She was too young to have a body, but her face was sweet and pretty. When he tried to kiss her, she bit his hand and fled. She never returned. Now he was alone with no provisions, but just as hunger pains set in, his grate was opened and a rope throne down. He climbed it to find a cloaked and hooded figure waiting for him with a bag. He was led to a tunnel and handed a piwafwi. He knew it was the girl just by the tiny stature but before he could thank her she set down the bag and left just as suddenly as she had came. Luck was with him, so he did not push it. He left his prison and returned to the Tower, reclaimed his position after seeking atonement and succeeded by bringing Xull’rae Zauviir into the fold ten years later.

Personality and character interaction: Solaufein is a quiet man but he has a dignified air to him that cannot be denied. He may be boring by most at the Tower but he is a competent and strong willed individual.
He received his position through devotion and skill, lost it, only to regain it back by ruthlessness and cunning. He is wise and intelligent and will do anything for the church to see that it thrives. He enjoys his position and will defend it to the death, he feels he has earned it and feels threatened by anyone challenging his right to it.
Solaufein seeks to see the tower grow and the faith itself to expand, but his demeanor hides the amount of faith he has, only Rizzen knows his true feelings on the matter. Rizzen is his true friend and confidant. Solaufein would die for him and does his best to keep his friend alive.
Xull’rae is his secret desire. He has never forgotten her kindness, and though the years have smothered her sweetness, Solaufein has watched her grow and mature. He finds her zeal renewing his own faith and her vibrancy of life makes him feel young. He remembers his straightforward manner had frightened her once and to this day has distanced his attraction. It is noticeable, but he has not made a move to take any further. Instead he waits for her to make the move, being patient as the spider he is named for.
Vesz’aun Auvryath is the flaw in his plan however. The upstart is younger, more attractive and rivals himself in skill. To Solaufein, Vesz’aun is the younger version of himself. The difference is that Vesz’aun lacks respect for others and for the gods and for this, these two will often clash. The fact they are after the same woman only heightens the competition of proving who the better drow with the better ideals is.

Solaufein in a Group: Solaufein will not make a good addition to a group unless he is leader or the supposed leader follows his suggestions. Of course if given orders by his superiors he will oblige grudgingly. His strength is a buffer and healer, but do not underestimate his ability to take out a foe by stealth. He fights dirty and does whatever necessary to ensure his comrades are safe.

Solaufein at Current: Solaufein is quietly waiting in the Tower of Masked Mage, helping to secure the Temple’s main line of defense. The Tower is weakening and he does not trust Cogliostro, so he is preparing to battle should the offensive lines fail or need to retreat. His main duty is to heal the wounded and assist Pharaun in maintaining the protective wards of the temple.

(Plotline currently open. Ask the DM if you are interested.)

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