Learn to love magic in and of itself, as the Lady of Mysteries bids us, and have the wisdom to use it sparingly; yet when it is to be used, do so decisively and skillfully. Blend the Art with fighting prowess, stealth, and thievery to attain a harmonious, precise whole. As the Art flourishes within you, strive to attain the naturalness and smooth flow of sorcery. This is not to say all should walk the road of a Sorcerer; rather, cultivate your skill in wizardry in such a way as to eventually lose all need for material components, complicated gestures, and phrases of power.

For those who would follow the true path of the Redeemer, strive to perfect yourself through the aforementioned means, so that you may become the penultimate agent of justifiable retribution, one able to use whatever means necessary to complete the task at hand. In this, take heed that the ends do indeed justify the means...and realize that some will damn and condemn you for it. Be not disheartened, and stand proud as would any knightly champion...for by virtue of the goal's sanctity, you attain redemption for any necessary atrocities committed along the way. With this credo in mind, wander the lands as you would, and selflessly champion any cases of true injustice that you may come across.

And in all endeavors, take heart that the key to victory is the manipulation of Time itself. Hasten yourself to strike down your enemies quicker, or slow their actions so they can do you less harm; eventually, you can even halt the flow of time altogether, this being the ultimate tool of the chronomancer. However, never harbor or cultivate any abuse of such means...and should you come across others who would do so, swiftly put what end to it you may, so that their meddling will not harm the annals of history or times to come; even the simplest seeming manipulations could hold dire consequence for the cosmos as a whole. Be ever vigilant in this task, beyond all else.

This is my path...will you walk it with me?