Sabrar Ssambra
Title: Darkmask
Faction: Tower of Masked Mage
Allies: Cogliostro (the Vengeful Weave Inn) More as DM sees fit
Enemies: Web of the Spider Queen, More as DM sees fit

Alignment: Chaotic Evil
Gender: Male
Race: Drow
Level: 15 More as DM sees fit
Classes: Cleric 7/Darkmask 5/Rogue 3
Hit Points: DM fills
Melee Attack: DM fills
DM fills
Skills: DM fills
Feats: DM fills
Possessions: (Items and Equipment) DM fills

Description: Height - 4'10" Weight - 89 lbs Age – 125
Sabrar is thicker than most, despite his size. He is well muscled but has the lean physique common in his kind and is also the youngest of the darkmasks.
Possessing average looks (12-13 APP) with ghostly white hair shaped in a small spiked mohawk, that gives an eeriness to his dark skin which is almost ink black and deep set dark red eyes that most say glow with infernal light, this makes him an unsettling figure.
Sabrar’s choice of clothing is always dark and somber. He has never been seen to wear anything except black and various shades of gray. His most common style is his formal clerical clothes.
His adventuring garb consists of black studded leather armor and a long black cloak with a deep hood, black leather boots with straps and buckles, a black silk half mask is tied around his neck if it isn't on his face, and black leather gloves that are elbow length. The clothing of his rank has is, the black silk half mask, the gloves, knee high black leather boots, tight black breeches and a black silk shirt with billowy sleeves. He carries a black short sword on his left hip (in a sheathe) on his right hip, her carries a pouch (supported by a belt) he has a favorite set of lock picks that he always uses.

Brief History: A toy for a priestess of Lolth, Sabrar was brought to Sshamath to be traded in for a better model. In which he was given to Ginifae at the Web of the Spider Queen which is Xull'rae's least favorite sister. He went from sex object of his former mistress to tortured experiment by his new one's hands. Hate seeped deep within him; the more he fought the more pain he received. Most of he scars he received were healed but the personal brands and mental scars were never lifted from him. He wears the gloves to hide a brand in his palms and hands. He also uses his dark clothes to hide other tattoos; these are of rope patterns across his hands and the front of his chest and on his back, to form the appearance if he sits in a chair, that he is tied to it. "This permanent bondage" causes him to cover up.
During a particularly brutal session in which he was cut open and left to die pinned to a wall, he was used as a live dart board while he filled with different poisons and other drugs to see the effects of them on his pain, a male came to his rescue. It looked to be a temple guard, but he used healing magic on him to delay the poisons and help slowly close his wound. He was smuggled out unhindered and carefully, how he doesn't know, but after awhile he was away from the lights and was placed into the blessed cool dark, when more hands gently took and lifted him up. When he opened his eyes, two male drow were on either side of him, and someone was carrying them over their shoulder. When he looked up there was the guardsman watching him being carted off, but as he continued to watch, the face slowly changed to a smoother feminine cast, the red eyes turned amber and the short white hair, grew longer and turned the shade of copper. He thought he was delirious or at least dreaming, but when he recovered he realized his savior was very real and a woman.
He stayed at the temple long after a full recovery plotting revenge. To do this he became a priest so he could one day fight the priestess that caused him such pain. The Masked Lord provided the way. Sabrar gave his soul for the power, but Xull'rae confused him and made him doubt he could go through his plot when he found out that the woman he sought to murder was her sister. Watching her the next few years, he found out that Xull'rae found her disgusting and useless, so Sabrar continued his studies but his true talent was of the roguish sort. His talent for breaking and entering into guarded stores and houses got him inducted into the Darkmasks, which he feels accepted and wanted. Now comfortable, he seeks to continue his plans of revenge.

Personality and character interaction: A Lolth hater, he kills anyone venerating the Spider Queen at any given opportunity. He needs no reason other than they serve her, this includes only paying lip service as well. He does not trust Xull'rae because she still pays homage to Lolth, but he cannot hate her as it is her job as Masked Traitor to show interest in the Queen of Spiders and has enough reasoning to give her the benefit of the doubt. This margin of trust comes from their mutual dislike of Ginifae... (And the fact Xull’rae saved him, and literally brought him to the tower at her own peril...not that he has ever openly acknowledged or thanked her), but they day may come when he changes his mind or rule she is no different after all.
Sabrar is a loner; the only group he trusts is other Darkmasks, giving all other priests or wizards the cold shoulder and indifferent silent treatment. The only people he truly talks to is Rizzen and Solaufein. He watches Xull'rae but keeps a very good distance away from her, avoiding her with a cool smoothness with a simple nod of the head if they pass each other or are in the same room together. He won't talk unless spoken to with the exception of Solaufein and Rizzen, or if he's explaining something, conversation is always short and sweet.
Most often Sabrar will not venture far from the Tower. He does not excel in anything but hopes to become a better rogue, as his skills matches everyone's in the division except Rizzen's.
In combat Sabrar always hangs back and often goes unseen as his attire provides good camouflage in his surroundings. Doing so always provides him an opening to sneak attack his opponent or inflict harm before his prey sees him. Invisibility is one of his favorite spells to use. Sabrar is a tricky combatant, utilizing the most out of his spells to buff and protect himself while also displaying roguish tricks to confuse the enemy. Once his foe is weakened, it does not take him long to close in for the kill. If the opponent is a Lolth worshipper he will go out of his way, even forget subtlety and tactic to take down the offender. If anyone finds this out, can easily manipulate Sabrar into killing an innocent target but once calmed if he found out it was a lie, he will track down the deceiver.

Sabrar in a group: His personality makes it hard for him to group and often he will never actively seek to join a group on his own accord. Only if ordered by the priests at the Tower of Masked Mage or a group seeking to stop raids on the surface by Lolthites will he eagerly assist a group. Sabrar is not stupid, and if there is no active battle and it is simply a group’s word about the Lolthites, he will investigate it before he joins. Buying Sabrar part time is also a good way to get him if the price is right.
His best role is the one of the Healer while on the adventure, but anything that requires unlocking or finding and disabling traps he is a must have in a group that has need of these skills.

Sabrar at Current: With the Foreign Quarter at war, Rizzen searching for the artifact, and Xull’rae gone, Sabrar has been sent as an emissary to seek out the Inquisitors’ Circle and ask for their assistance in defending the Tower.
(Plotline currently open. Ask the DM if you are interested, also the revenge on Ginifae is open as well.)

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