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Rizzen Cormrael
Title: Darkmask
Faction: Tower of Masked Mage
Allies: Cogliostro (the Vengeful Weave Inn), The Inquisitors’ Circle More as DM sees fit
Enemies: Web of the Spider Queen, More as DM sees fit

Alignment: Neutral Evil
Gender: Male
Race: Drow Were-rat
Level: 20 More as DM sees fit
Classes: Cleric 8/Darkmask 5/Rogue 5/Assassin 2
Hit Points: DM fills
Melee Attack: DM fills
DM fills
Skills: DM fills
Feats: DM fills
Possessions: (Items and Equipment) DM fills

Description: Height- 5 ft. weight 83 lbs. Age 141
In drow form Rizzen has all the normal drow features of red almond shaped eyes, his white hair is shoulder length and often pulled back by a black tie. He is attractive (APP 14 perhaps) and has no remarkable features but is never one to ever preen himself, though many women, drow and non drow alike find his ready and easy smile charming. His skin tone is dark, almost sable in color, and his build is very slight, giving him a very deceptive small and frail appearance but his wiry frame is made for endurance and speed with clothes or without.
His wererat form is grey in color and he usually hunches over as his size gets a little taller and wider by a few inches.
Adventuring attire (most often worn) are always dark colors of blacks, purples and dark grays, simple leathers, black cloak and assortment of daggers, a black short sword and a bag of poisons cantrips and darts always in reach and a silk black half mask tied around his neck, if it isn't on his face.
When in the temple he removes the armor, wearing form fitting black breeches, black boots, and a black billowy silk sleeved tunic.
Any other occasion he'll still stick to the blacks and grays yet always manage to add a splash of red to his attire to tease Xull'rae, since she is sensitive to the color due to her coppery hair. His non adventuring and non cleric clothes are always simple and made for comfort so he can fit easily and indiscriminately into a crowd where he can pass off as a common ever day person, a beggar, or even a merchant (though the latter is very rare).

Brief History: His mother a full were-rat, his father, a supposed well respected and wealthy drow merchant from the foreign quarter in Sshamath, Rizzen was conceived through trickery and seduction. His mother never gave a name to his father but Rizzen never cared. He grew up In Skullport, happy, healthy, and well tended in his "pack". He never had to want for anything but he never knew the luxury of nobility either. He came into the Vhaeraunian faith when his mother two cousins and he were hired as mercenaries to guard a cart of goods going from Skullport to Sshamath.
On this long journey, perils befell his band many times, yet they protected the merchants with them as if they were a part of the real pack. Along the way, a swarm of kobolds rushed them within a days travel to the City of Dark Weavings, the tide turned in their favor when a Masked Drow came to their aide and the goods were delivered safely to the Web of the Spider Queen.
While enjoying a well deserved rest at the lavish temple, something went amiss. There was talk of a sacrifice of a masked coward. Intrigued Rizzen crept to the dungeon undetected and found his benefactor from before that saved the goods. Rizzen sweet talked an acolyte of the temple to unlock the cell, claiming the prisoner had something of his. Once unlocked, the prisoner killed the young acolyte and fled. Rizzen kept his piece and he was never suspected.
The next day, his group went into the city's bazaar to restock on provisions when he noticed he was being followed. Later, before leaving the city, he met up with the stranger again who handed him a half mask carving and left without a word. Curious as to what it meant, he parted from his mother and family to investigate. His curiosity led him to the Tower of Masked Mage. From the weeks spent hearing the teachings, he desired to take on the cause and now like his were-rat kin, he now belongs to a different pack, of the drow kind.
He has climbed the ranks and became a Darkmask. The one who saved him, in turn whom Rizzen saved was known as Solaufein Pharn. Rizzen became his friend and trusted companion, and now is his right hand man in leading the Darkmasks.
His purpose is to help the drow grow and break away from oppression. Money is very nice in his eyes but it cannot buy out his principles.

Personality and character interaction: Outgoing to the eyes of his peers and friendly to his victims until too late, Rizzen is a skilled charmer. He is multi talented and he knows it but is smart in not flaunting it. He enjoys a good time and finds most nobles stuffy and superficial. Unlike most of his brethren, Rizzen believes in his faith first and his ambition second. To any he considers comrades he is very loyal, but has never cared for the rigid style that came with laws. He has declined the Inquisitors invitation of joining their ranks, as they are too hard core for his laid back nature.
His one friend (yes friend) is Solaufein Pharn, each is aware of what that means and what pressures it holds. They hide it, but don't at the same time. Rizzen also has a strange bond with Xull'rae Zauviir. His liking for her is obvious, finding her faith and zeal refreshing as well as finding her a true comrade at arms. While others are wary of her, Rizzen knows her to be trustworthy and true to the cause. There is an attraction between them that is hidden behind humor and making fun of each other. He is wary of being too expressive as he desires to make no enemy of Solaufein (letting a woman come between them) or Vesz’aun Auvryath; knowing both men desire her beyond professionalism. When there is trouble at the temple between her and superiors, he is always her supporter.
Cogliostro (Mike's choice)
He finds Vesz'aun entertaining, but also a worthy foe/comrade depending on the situation, both have crossed swords with the other and both live still. Rizzen admires his strength for Vesz'aun's beauty should have landed him a slave to some female by now, yet he is not scarred. Though they may not see eye to eye on many things, both have a fragile trust on each other for Xull'rae's well being. When Vesz'aun’s obsession gets in high gear, Rizzen fades in the shadows always before the bladesinger feels the need to blame him out of jealousy.
To all other parties (even his foes) Rizzen is a good natured person. This is often seen as a quirk, as drow usually are not friendly. He goes out of his way to make anyone feel at ease and if they will not be swayed, Rizzen will simply move on without or as little confrontation as possible. His hedonistic behavior is the net that ensnares many.
In confrontation or combat, Rizzen is a master of surprise and ambush. If this fails he will try the more direct and painstaking approach to lure his enemy to him. He is the hands on type and will handle a battle quickly, and as often as possible, personally. This may appear reckless but often in the shadows there is a tactic to his seeming bravado, as he is usually not alone in the field.
If things go bad in a battle Rizzen will always try to turn the fight back in his favor and will use whatever means necessary to ensure that it does. If anyone plans to fight him expect him to fight to win his objective, he is quite the sore loser. If he is ever bested and lives, depending on the situation revenge will be the dish he serves when next met.

Rizzen in a group: As a leader Rizzen does well enough, but his true strength lies in the supporter role. He can be the group’s healer if it has none, even be the primary healer with a bard in the group. As a fighter Rizzen role is diverter and then flank his opponent. Most often he will lead the foe astray and then pull him to rest of the group where a true "tank" can deal with the fullness of melee with Rizzen is the rear man sticking his sword or knife in a soft vital area of the enemy. If there are no arcane caster’s in the group and plenty of warriors Rizzen chooses a good list of medium to long range spells to help cause fear and chaos for the opponent as well as keeping any party member protected and twinked.
Over all Rizzen makes an excellent companion to have on a journey. If combat is not enough to have him on board, his patience and pleasant temperament will help the silences and boredom from a long adventure into a more respectable one. Should a fight break out among the companions, Rizzen will be the fair diplomat and be the first to keep the group from killing each other. A tight nit group is a powerful one to him and he will assist to keep it strong. Betray him however and he will cut the "ties that bind".

Rizzen at Current: While the Foreign Quarter is under siege for folks to gain domination over the lesser races. Rizzen is currently leading a small group of emissary’s for the Tower and two of Cogliostro’s employees to find an artifact that could turn the tide of the feud. He expects betrayal from Cogliostro but is willing to watch and wait until it happens before he makes a move, as his loyalties are dangerously divided.
(This plot line is closed unless DM says otherwise)

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