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Nadal Gellaer
Title: Midnight Arcanist
Faction: Tower of Masked Mage
Allies: Vorn Naerth More as DM sees fit
Enemies: None personally

Alignment: Neutral
Gender: Male
Race: Drow shade
Level: 18 More as DM sees fit
Classes: Sorcerer 9/Shadow Adept 6/Rogue 3
Hit Points: DM fills
Melee Attack: DM fills
DM fills
Skills: DM fills
Feats: DM fills
Possessions: (Items and Equipment) DM fills

Description: Height - 4' 11" Weight - 86 lbs Age - 132
Nadal is slender to the point of being willowy. His ebony skin is always clean and smooth but emits a shadowy "glow" Almond shape eyes are oddly gray in color and his white hair is well groomed and long (going to at least his butt), holding it back with silver cylinder shaped bands (3 of them) His features are attractive, (15+) giving him an overall air of appeal.
Nadal does not adventure, so he wears what is comfortable or in fashion in the manner of robes. Often the fabric is silk, but almost any soft material will do, he'll wear dark and muted colors ranging to black, gray, and brown, to very very dark reds or blues. wearing simple shoes or slippers. His hems are usually embroidered in a lighter color than the robes themselves, and usually range from arcane runes and symbols, to "webbing" or just weird little designs. It is widely whispered he gets his robes custom tailored.
He often carries books and scrolls, finding any nook he can to sit and read or make notes. He is never without his black velvet pouch of components, he does this to hide the fact he is a sorcerer.
Despite his queer tastes, Nadal is not weaponless either; His hair clips (cylinders) can be opened to form a shuriken like weapon, and his robe belt is also a row of tiny sheathed knives. He knows how to use both should spells fail him.

Brief History: It is obvious that Nadal enjoys the finer material things. He comes from a refined merchant family in Sshamath itself. He was sent to the school of enchantment to specialize in charms (to better help in his father's trade), he failed miserably. In a desperate attempt to make his father proud, he achieved notice, but of the wrong kind. Without word or movement he cast at the practice target just by looking at it. His teachers pulled him aside, told him of a spell, Fireball, knowing full well it needed components and did not tell him. Eager to please his teachers now that they seemed interested in him, he did so and within the hour was thrown out and word quickly spread to the other schools of his sorcerer's talent. Going home in defeat, he returned to find his father throwing out his things, saying he was no son of his to ruin his reputation with his "deviltry."
Nadal tried to find work in the city but no vendors would hire him. After many months of pickpocting to feed himself, he was caught by a half drow who told him he had better ways to get what he wanted and if Nadal wanted to find out then he would follow the man. He did so and over the next few years got caught up in a whirlwind of dark magic and foul rituals, but his talents weren't spurned so Nadal twisted into the Shadow Weave, and went through the transformation to a shade just because it was the "cool thing to do".
Everything seemed to be going well until he and his companions ventured into the bazaar one day and got caught stealing and murdering their target, his "friends" pinned the blame on Nadal. When he was arrested, thrown and jail and awaiting his "trial" he was rescued in the evening hours by a pair of Masked drow. They freed him and urged him to seek shelter. When Nadal admitted he had no such place, they led him to the Darkwoods. Once there Nadal relayed his tale to the two and from there he was told he could take refuge in the Masked Lord's temple. So he went to the Tower of Masked Mage, and since then his life is looking better. Nadal seeks to come to terms with his past and hopes he can continue to find growth and acceptance in the temple. His secret desire is to become a priest of Vhaeraun and from there, if he receives the calling, a darkmask.

Personality and character interaction: Unlike his other mage companions, Nadal is a rarity, for he can summon magic at will and doesn't have to follow the protocol of a wizard. His is a gift, making him an outcast to the other mages.
He became involved in the Shadow Weave to "belong" but to no avail, he is still shunned. He sought out the tower of masked mage because it was not a school and waited some control on his abilities, but since learning of Vhaeraun's teachings he wanted to be a priest. Upon seeing their usual quiet lives did not offer much, he admired the specialty priest for their more upbeat routine and their tight nit network, so now he wishes to convert to a Darkmask to better serve the Masked Lord better.
He seeks for acceptance and a place to belong; he has no companions and is often alone. His demeanor is studious and quiet, but has quite the sharp mind and quick wit when under any pressure, and is very creative. He enjoys a good debate but avoids manipulating others, but his more powerful peers know how crafty he can be.
The priest appreciate his talent and are secretly watching him to see if he has what it takes to become a part of the holy order. The Darkmasks are waiting on the priests' ruling, so in the mean time they are standoffish. The wizards of the tower scoff and criticize him with the exception of few (such as Bragh and Vorn) for his want to go into the divine.
Since he belongs to no real "group" Nadal has perfected the art of hiding in plain sight to catch snippets of conversation so he is a good information gatherer. Vorn on many occasions has paid him well for information he has imparted. His passion however is to decipher scripts. Bragh and Vorn have paid him very well for his skilled services in that area. While never having the need for a sneak attack, his arcane practice has made him decent in the art of tricking the eyes with slight of hand.
Nadal has an understanding of Xull'rae and what it's like to be different, he does not know her well but would like to. He admires her for ability to fit in and have people watch what they say around her, but he is very shy around her since he knows she has a keen distrust for the arcane and its users because of the vast majority's scoffing of priestly aspects. He very much wants to study her psionics, since, like him with magic, it is an inborn talent.
During combat, Nadal prefers to use the shadows and wait to take his foe by surprise. He will never take the enemy head on and cast spells from far away as the range will allow. When alone he will use his knives in close quarters, surprising his unsuspecting victim with a knife through the ribs or face even, though despite his slight build, foppish clothes and cowardly tactics, Nadal is a very accomplished caster and a group should be wary of his talent, because with it comes experience.

Nadal in a Group: Nadal can make an excellent addition to a group. His manner and intellect make him easy to converse with and his skill with the scholarly and arcane arts make him an outstanding asset should a group want a talent "wizard" among them, but it is often his giftedness in deciphering scripts, languages, and riddles that many in a group would find useful especially if the adventure takes them to an ancient ruin.
Nadalís role is of course a strong arcane caster, so he will rely on the melee players to cover him as he prepares his spells in a battle.
While traveling, Nadalís role will be more of an advisor or more of a secretary role. He loves to take notes and keep things organized. His keen mind also picks out details others might miss. He is great for common sense and doing spy work as well, but the latter will cost coin or something of interest to him.

Nadal at Current: Nadal is at the Tower of Masked Mage keeping diplomatic relations between the wizards and priests in the temple. He is also in the main squadron for the templeís offensive line against attacks during this war time. He has not chosen a side and does not plan to, nor has any desire to betray either. In fact he is working hard to bridge the gap between priest and wizard within the temple so they may unify better against the enemy. He hopes Sabrar is successful in his mission and is eagerly willing to assist him if asked.

(Plotline currently open. Ask the DM if you are interested.)

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