The Inn's Accomodations


"Common Room"
Intended for those of the most meager of means, this unadorned stone chamber is filled with ten simple wooden beds upon which rest straw mattresses. A small, lockable cupboard rests along the wall above each bed for personal belongings (you must provide your own means of locking them).
For convenience, two small bathrooms are attached to the chamber for the residents to share, each furnished with a simple metal tub, a chamber pot, and a wooden bench.

Lodging of this caliber costs a mere 5 sp per night for a bed, or 4 gp per night if your group wishes to rent the entire room.

Basic Bedroom
A step up in privacy from the Commons, the Basic Bedroom is furnished with a simple wooden bed upon which rests a straw mattress, the bed linens made of rough cotton. A single chest of drawers, a full-length mirror, and a small table with chair are also included.
For convenience, a small bathroom is attached to the chamber, furnished with a simple metal tub, a chamber pot, and a polished wooden bench.

Lodging of this caliber costs a reasonable 1 gp per night.

Fancy Bedroom
Retaining the privacy of the Basic Bedroom, whilst adding a touch more elegance, the Fancy Bedroom is furnished with a handsome wooden bed upon which rests a cotton mattress, the bed linens made of cotton batting. A finely carved bureau and a handsome wardrobe attend to your storage needs, and an upholstered bench and small writing desk complete the chamber's attire. In addition, a small bell is available for purposes of calling on one of the Inn's servants.
For convenience, a bathroom is attached to the chamber, furnished with a large tub, a chamber pot resting beneath a chair, and a padded, upholstered bench. A fireplace for heating bath water, a cabinet full of fresh linens, a large mirror, and a dressing screen complete this quaint yet plush environ.

Lodging of this caliber costs a respectable 5 gp per night.

Luxury Bedroom
No expense was spared in crafting or furnishing our Luxury Bedrooms. The premiere feature of this plush atmosphere is a four poster bed made of the finest Zalantar and hung with the wispiest of linens, the matters and the blankets both stuffed with feathers, the sheets made of the finest silk. A marble topped bureau and a gorgeous wardrobe attend to your every storage need. A stuffed chair fills one corner, whilst in another rests a finely polished and fully stocked writing desk. The walls are adorned with fine art, offering depictions of far off and exotic surface lands.
For convenience, an ornate bathroom is attached to the chamber, offering the ultimate in bathing luxury. Featuring a tub large enough for three people to bathe in, it also includes a fireplace for heating both the room and the water. An intricately carved cabinet holds a variety of thick towels, and a handsome wardrobe full of fine dressing gowns stands nearby. A gilt-framed, three-fold, full-length mirror occupies one corner, and another mirror sits atop a gorgeous, polished grooming desk in the opposite corner. A dressing table featuring three gilt-framed mirrors and the finest grooming products and perfumes is available for use as well. The screen in this bathroom features intricately carved woods and the finest silks. Fine stuffed chairs are scattered about the chamber in various places, and two chamber pots with padded and upholstered leather chairs are available to fulfill the remainder of your needs.
The luxuriousness of the bedroom and bath chamber requires two valets, which are provided free of charge if you have not brought along your own servants, who can be called upon anytime by use of one of the many bells positioned around the environs.