The Inn's Currency


Below is the list of currency accepted here at the Vengeful Weave Inn. As the proprietor, and some of his servants, travel abroad quite a bit, most forms of Faerunian currency are accepted.

Platinum Pieces

  • Suns
  • Tricrowns
  • Ruendils

Gold Pieces

  • Dragons
  • Nobles
  • Golden Lions
  • Dinars
  • Shilmaers

Silver Pieces

  • Shards
  • Ravens
  • Silver Falcons
  • Dirhams
  • Bedoars

Copper Pieces

  • Nibs
  • Iron steelpence
  • Thumbs
  • Bits
  • Thalvers

Toal (Waterdeep minted coin)

Harbor Moon (Waterdeep minted coin)

Trade Bars

Gond Bells

Shaar Rings