About the Vengeful Weave Inn

While much about the Inn remains a mystery yet to be revealed, it is known that the Vengeful Weave Inn was established early in the Year of Wild Magic, 1372 DR. The proprietor is a powerful human wizard who goes by the name of Cogliostro, and though many regard him as the owner of the establishment as well, the laws of the city forbid citizenship to those not of drow blood. As such, ownership lay with a certain long-time citizen and resident of Sshamath, in order that it will fall under the full protections of --and from-- the law. This 'partner' is quite the silent type, his or her identity known only to Cogliostro, his seneschal Zuleika, and a scant handful of the city's ruling figures.

To outward appearance, the establishment is simply an Inn and Tavern that was created to accomodate visitors to the city who are much like Cogliostro himself: non-drow who wishes a 'safer' haven, one actually operated by an outside party who may better relate to and understand their needs and desires than a drow might. Under the surface, nominally a secret, Cogliostro established the Inn as a more or less permanent base of operations for his personal black-market type dealings in the acquisition and trading of rare and exotic magics of all types. (Rumors also hold that Cogliostro actually deals in nearly anything, with drugs, poisons, and other 'herbal commodities' topping the list).
Less secretive, and oft times more lucrative, is the human wizard's cloning and 'storage' service: In a land where betrayal by your own kin and neighbors is a matter of daily occurrence, there are more than a few residents who are willing to turn to a neutral, discretionary 'third party' in order to secure measures of life beyond death.
Beneath those varied exteriors, the Inn's true purpose is to house and headquarter Cogliostro's recently acquired Underdark agents, the misfit 'adventuring band' who refer to themselves simply as the Vengeful Weave.

Sculpted from a natural, 'peninsula-like' outcropping of stone, the many-storied Inn is crafted in such a way as to offer lodgings and accommodations for nearly anyone. The spacious, elegantly furnished taproom/dining area, which comprises the bulk of the first two floors of the establishment, is nominally divided by a large stage, whose central placing is both convenient for observing the nightly shows, and for delineating territory between those of meager means and those of great wealth. A large selection of gambling venues are dotted throughout the taproom, where peasant and rich nobleman alike can throw their lots in together and face the whims of Tymora and Beshaba. Studded throughout the area are various smaller stages as well, on which semi-private shows can be arranged with one or more of the many dancers that is available. There are also several modest private rooms off-set from the main dining chamber, for those who wish to hold parlay or partake of other ventures with the utmost discretion in mind.

Well over 100 varieties of drink and many fine delicacies from all corners of Abeir-Toril and beyond are available for consumption. As for lodging, anything from a simple cot in a communal room, to a private, lavish suite fit for royalty can be had. Stabling and storage are plentiful and manageable of price, with long term rates available for all of the Inn's services for those embarking on an extended stay within the city.
The Inn's staff, as varied in race and demeanor as the customers, provides a multitude of services, though what exactly may be offered up is determined on an individual basis, between customer and staff member only. Discretion is ingrained to the utmost degree, the punishment for a staff member violating this 'public trust' in any way being death, or worse. Entertainment, via dancers and minstrels, is offered up nightly, so no matter your tastes for fun, the Vengeful Weave Inn will be able to provide.