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Site Title

To start with, we must certainly give full credit and kudos to the staff at Wizards of the Coast® (and their predecessor TSR, Inc.®) for providing us gamers with a plethora of great products over the years. The majority of the information within is inspired by and compiled from their products, and we strive to give credit where it's due. Thanks for all the endless hours of hard work, inspiration, and perspiration that gives us such a suitable outlet for our imaginations.

While we offer up plenty of information on the site, it is by no means a suitable replacement for the actual products, so therefore everyone go out and support the hobby by picking up the books for yourselves. We've included a Bibliography below so you can see just what products those are, including all the books from the various other d20 companies which we utilize for even more ideas.
In addition, visit the following links for more information on Wizards of the Coast®, Dungeons & Dragons®, and our favorite setting, the Forgotten Realms®:

Oh yeah, a bit of necessary clarification, in the form of a disclaimer. Despite how much we would like to be, we are NOT affiliated with Wizards of the Coast® in any way, shape, or form. Ahh, to dream....

Aside from thanking the gaming companies, we'd also like to make mention, give credit, and offer thanks to all the wonderful artists and websites that have contributed to the various art and graphics displayed on the site. For a full list of these folk, please click here to visit the Credits page on our parent site, The Roleplay Nexus.

Here we'll list the various books that we use for gaming material, ideas, etc.

For the time being, we won't be listing all the 3E and 3.5E D&D books here, as they are all great and useful resources that are universally used. We will list the ones that are the most pertinent, however.

Most of the products listed below are d20 products from various other companies, though we will be listing a few of the resources from 2nd Edition AD&D that still have pertinent information.

In addition, many thanks and a much needed mention on this list goes out to the folks at Paizo Publishing™ for their two great monthly D&D resources, Dragon Magazine® and Dungeon® Magazine.

Official Dungeons and Dragons® Sourcebooks - 3.X Edition

  • Underdark™

  • Races of Faerun™

  • Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting™

  • Lords of Darkness™

  • Faiths and Pantheons™

  • City of the Spider Queen™

  • Champions of Ruin™

  • Monsters of Faerun™

  • Players Guide to Faerun™

Official Dungeons and Dragons® Sourcebooks - 2nd Edition

  • The Drow of the Underdark™
    by Ed Greenwood

  • Drizzt Do'Urden's Guide to the Underdark™
    by Eric L. Boyd

  • Menzoberranzan Boxed Set™
    by Greenwood, Niles, and Salvatore

  • Demihuman Deities™
    by Eric L. Boyd

Alternate Company d20 Sourcebooks
Below is a listing of our favorite d20 companies to date and the specific fantasy-based products we're using from each. They all have many more products than those listed below, these are just what we've been able to afford so far ;-)

Check out their other products at the websites linked to each when you get the chance. They have some of the most well-written and in-depth alternate material for a wide variety of d20 gaming genres.

Mongoose Publishing®

  • Ultimate Equipment Guide™
  • Ultimate Feats™
  • Ultimate Arcane Spellbook™
  • The Quintessential Fighter™
  • The Quintessential Cleric™
  • The Quintessential Elf™
  • The Quintessential Drow™
  • Encyclopedia Arcane: Demonology™
  • Encyclopedia Arcane: Battle Magic™
  • Encyclopedia Arcane: Dragon Magic™
  • Encyclopedia Arcane: Magic Item Creation™
  • Encyclopedia Divine: Fey Magic™
  • The Slayer's Guide to Yuan-ti™

    Green Ronin Publishing®

  • Plot & Poison: A Guidebook to Drow™
  • The Assassin's Handbook™
  • The Witch's Handbook™
  • The Shaman's Handbook™
  • Fang and Fury: A Guidebook to Vampires™

    Fantasy Flight Games®

  • Legends and Lairs: Path of Magic™

    Bad Axe Games, LLC®

  • Heros of High Favor: Half-Orcs™
  • Heros of High Favor: Elves™

    Alderac Entertainment Group, Inc®

  • Swashbuckling Adventures™
  • Feats™

    Malhavoc Press®

  • Arcana Unearthed™

    Sword & Sorcery Studios®

  • Advanced Player's Guide™

    Guardians of Order, Inc®

  • besm d20 Anime Roleplayer's Handbook™

    Goodman Games®

  • The Complete Guide to Drow™
  • Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight™ (Produced in cooperation with Chainmail Bikini Games®)

    Valar Project, Inc®

  • Book of Erotic Fantasy™

    Citizen Games® (Link not available)

  • The Way of the Witch™

    Page Last Updated February 22nd, 2006


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    The material gathered and contained within is property and copyrighted to Wizards of the Coast, which is a Hasbro® owned company with its own Terms & Conditions to follow. If you wish to use any information on this site please contact the webmasters and all respective creditors mentioned in this statement. Thank you.
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