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The numbers above reflect the Eldritch Master, Blood Magus, Archmage, Wizard King, and Spell Addict Prestige Classes being stacked upon the Wizard Class.

Permanent Spells
The following spells have been made permanent upon Cogliostro's person.

* Low-light Vision
* Deeper Darkvision (120' range)
* See Invisibility
* Scent
* Improved Blindsight (120' range)
* Temorsense (60' range)
* Tongues
* Read Magic

Spell Addict Abilities
The following abilities and restrictions are granted by the Spell Addict Prestige Class.

The following abilities are granted by the Archmage prestige class. These abilities cause a permanent drain of 24 daily spell points.

* Arcane Reach: All spells with a range of Touch can be used on targets up to 30 feet away. A ranged touch attack must be made.

* Spell Power: Effective caster level increases by 1.

Wizard King
The following abilities are granted by the Wizard King prestige class.

* Increased Spell Power: Necromancy +2 save DC

* +2 bonus to INT score

* Fundamentals of Magic: -3 levels of metamagic increase

* +4 bonus to checks vs. Spell Resistance

* +25 bonus to Spellcraft, Knowledge (Arcana), and Craft (Alchemy)

Blood Magus Abilities
The following special abilities are granted by the Blood Magus Prestige Class.

Blood Component
May substitute a drop of blood for a spell's material component. The pinprick or minor cut needed to invoke this ability is considered a free action. The cost in blood (hit point damage) increases exponentially with the cost of the material component:

Wounds will automatically be stabilized when hit point total drops below 0. If a wound would take him below -75, however, the body is still slain.

Up to six spells can be carved into his flesh, as per Scribe Scroll, to be cast at a later time. The carved scratches remain fresh until such time as the spell is cast. Current spells are listed below:

Death Knell
Once per day, as a spell-like ability, Cogliostro may cast Death Knell.

Blood Draught
Cogliostro now has the ability to "brew" potions that contain spells of up to 3rd level within his own bloodstream. Once "brewed", the potion remains within the blood stream until called forth, an action which requires a simple cut to draw forth the intended potion (a standard action). Such Blood Draughts are never accidentally lost through major blood loss or blood-draining attacks, though they will be ruined if Cogliostro's body is ever slain. The Blood Draughts may also be used by another creature (if they have the stomach to drink it) by a simple act of Cogliostro willing the Blood Draught to come to the wound's surface. The number of Blood Draughts that can be held within Cogliostro's bloodstream is Constitution score(30) + Blood Magus Level(4), for a total of 34 possible Blood Draughts able to be carried at any given time (plus an extra 10 while wearing his CON boosting item).
The current Blood Draughts are listed below:

Eldritch Master Abilities
The following special abilities are granted by the Eldritch Master prestige class.

Detect Magic
Usable at will, with a line of sight range.

True Spells
Cast 1/day each as a spell-like ability.

Spell Boost
3/day may cast a spell of a higher level than normal access.

Spell Dilettante
May cast spells from the Cleric and Druid class spell lists as Wizard spells.

Powerful Presence
1/day, force all living beings within 30 foot radius to make a Will save (DC) or suffer a -2 morale penalty on attacks, saves, and skill checks for 1 round per class level.

Knowing Stare
1/day, make a 30 foot range Gaze attack that will hold all living creatures for 1 round/level if they fail a Will save (DC).

Mastered Name