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Site Title

Seven bright stars in the sky I see

Seven for those who watch over me

Seven be the smiles down they send

Seven be the troubles swift they mend


~ The body of the recipient Chosen is infused with the Goddess' Silver Fire, granting a godlike stamina and resilience (Constitution 25 in 2nd Edition...add +10 to Constitution for 3rd Edition Rules), giving them immunity to aging, poisons, diseases and afflictions of all sorts, as well as allowing them to regenerate at the rate of 1 point every turn (10 minutes)...this will also allow them to regrow lost organs and limbs over time. This also grants them the ability to go without sleep indefinitely, and makes them extremely difficult to physically exhaust due to strenuous activity such as fighting or running.

~ The Silver Fire also grants immunity to Disintegration magics, as well as resistance to any other harmful magics (+5 to saving throws vs. spell) and the breath weapons of dragons (+3 to saving throws vs. dragon breath).

~ The Chosen gain the ability to Detect Magic at will, with a line-of-sight range.

~ The Chosen can hear the Rune of the Chosen (top of page) and their own names-nicknames and titles included-spoken anywhere on their current world. In both cases, they also hear the next nine words uttered by the speaker, regardless of the amount of time that may elapse before those words are spoken. This power may be turned off to aid personal concentration, but this must be done deliberately; normally it is always active.

~ The Silver Fire can be called upon to allow the Chosen to go without food or drink for up to seven days at a time, at which time this power must be invoked again if necessary.

~ The Chosen may also call upon the Silver Fire to rid themselves of all external magical and psionic compulsions upon their body and minds. In addition, it can be manifested to duplicate the effects of a Ring of Warmth or a Ring of Mind Shielding, can protect the Chosen from all gas type attack, and may also be used to grant water breathing (there has been speculation that the Chosen need not truly breathe, so they may be able to survive in a complete vacuum). Any of the above abilities may be used at will, but only one may be active at any given time (may change on a round to round basis).

~ Once per day the Chosen can Teleport Without Error to the last location that the Silver Fire was called upon (i.e. where they invoked one of the powers).

~ The Silver Fire may also be used offensively, although this can only be done once every 7 turns (70 minutes). When invoked in such a way, a beam of silvery white, spellfire-like flame (5' wide, upto 70' range) erupts from the Chosen's body towards their intended target, hitting and going through anything in it's path. The beam of Silver Fire can penetrate through any known barriers, material and magical alike, to inflict 4-48 points of damage (4d12--Reflex save for half damage DC 23)...any items on the target(s) may also be destroyed (save vs. Magical fire).

~ There is one last use for the Silver Fire, although Mystra dislikes it's use as it is very draining on the Weave: It can be used to forever banish a "magic dead" area, being emitted in a cone shaped cloud that is 5' wide at the base, up to 70' long, and up to 70' wide at it's furthest point. This will also dispel any Antimagic Field effects that come in contact with the cone.

~ The Chosen also are granted Spell Immunities. One spell of each level (1st-9th) is selected to become immune to, although once a spell immunity is picked it may never be changed. When they encounter the spell, or it is used against them, they can simply ignore it as if the spell didn't even exist for them.

~ Bonus spells are also granted to the Chosen, ones that they can call upon once each every 24 hours, needing no material components, somantics, or verbal utterings to cast. All they need do is invoke the selected spells with a silent act of will. As with the Spell Immunities, one spell of each level (1st-9th) is chosen, and the selection cannot be changed once made.

~ Each Chosen is also granted one power that is unique to themselves...that is, the power is different from any other Chosen's unique power. Additional powers may be granted to a Chosen at any time by Mystra as she sees fit. On the other hand, if a Chosen displeases her, she may also remove any powers she sees fit as punishment. The Silver Fire is in essence a portion of Mystra's godly power, and she can do with it as she pleases, although it is not her style to inflict her will upon any of her Chosen.


~ Anytime a Chosen gets openly wounded, such as a cut from a blade, the wound immediately starts to pour forth a silvery white smoke along with the blood. If the wound is bad enough, small silvery flames will erupt from the wounds as well as the Silver Fire works to fix the damage. All wounds normally stop bleeding quickly as the Silver Fire repairs the Chosen's body, so they never truly need fear bleeding to death from any wound. One big bonus to this is the fact that most vampires learn not to try and drink from a Chosen more than once, as the Silver Fire tends to burn the flesh of their faces quite nicely...don't even ask what happens if they actually ingest some of the Chosen's blood.

~ When some of the Chosen's powers are called upon, such as banishing compulsions upon their bodies and/or minds, the Silver Fire literally consumes the Chosen's body in flames. Although this does no damage to the body of the Chosen, it does affect any clothing and items they are wearing or carrying, normally destroying them (save vs. Magical Fire). Hence a few Chosen have been left naked in the middle of a battle when they took a hit from a poisoned blade or someone tried to use Otto's Irresistible Dance on them ( and any other similar situation that you can think of).

~ Another tidbit of information pertains to those that try to read a Chosen's mind: Whenever anyone tries to read or enter the mind of a Chosen, a smiling visage of Mystra appears in the "attackers" mind, getting ever closer by the moment...if the "attacker" does not immediately cease trying to pry into the Chosen's mind, Mystra herself will intervene, literally burning out the mind and killing anyone that is not on "friendly" terms with said Chosen, mortal or god alike. If it happens to be a friend or ally of the Chosen, who has no real harmful intent, Mystra will simply let it go at giving them a jolt they will never forget as she evicts them from the Chosen's mind, and leaves the "attacker" a bit dazed and confused as well.


  • Level 1: Chromatic Orb

  • Level 2: ( Not yet selected )

  • Level 3: Fireball

  • Level 4: Fire Shield

  • Level 5: Magic Jar

  • Level 6: Anti-magic Field

  • Level 7: ( Not yet selected )

  • Level 8: ( Not yet selected )

  • Level 9: Mordenkainen's Disjunction


  • Level 1: Chromatic Orb

  • Level 2: ShadowHeart's Combat Supremacy

  • Level 3: ShadowHeart's Spellbolt

  • Level 4: ShadowHeart's Persistence

  • Level 5: Ghostgrail

  • Level 6: Trollish Fortitude

  • Level 7: ShadowHeart's Supreme Weaveweapon

  • Level 8: ( Not yet selected )

  • Level 9: Dweomerbanish


The Seven Sisters -- An AD&D gaming sourcebook

The Magister -- Another useful and informative AD&D gaming sourcebook

Hero's Lorebook -- Yet another sourcebook for AD&D gaming

Forgotten Realms Campaign Setting Sourcebook -- A 3rd Edition D&D gaming sourcebook

Elminster: The Making of a Mage -- A great novel by Ed Greenwood...well, all the novels I've read of his so far have been great.

Elminster in Myth Drannor -- Heh, yet another great novel by Ed Greenwood...or should I say Ed of the Greenwood?

The Temptation of Elminster -- Hey, you guessed it, another novel by Ed Greenwood!

Elminster in Hell -- Yep, you got it, the latest Elminster novel by Ed Greenwood!

Silverfall: Stories of the Seven Sisters -- Yes, this novel is also by Ed Greenwood, though this time he concentrates on the famed Seven Sisters, giving us a better look at each of them in turn.

Yes, there are plenty more books that pertain to the Chosen, but I've yet to get to them, so if I find any further tidbits of information, I'll post them immediately.