The Tower of the Masked Mage dangles from the roof in the Darkwoods district in the southeastern section of the city of Sshamath. Cloaked in a shifting web of shadows, this structure houses the only openly acknowledged temple of the Masked Lord in the city. In the city, Vhaeraun is venerated as the Masked Mage and the Lord of Shadow, the divine patron of Shadow Magic and Spellfilchers. Despite his obvious appeal to resentful male drow elsewhere in the Underdark, Vhaeraun has little regard in Sshamath. Here, sorcery is paramount, clerical magic is scorned, and no divine power is widely venerated.

Vhaeraun's cult consists primarily of Spellfilchers, Arcane Tricksters, and rogues, as well as a small group of drow mages who seek to found a school of Shadow Magic. The wizards of the Tower of the Masked Mage are known to fashion magical items and research spells that relate to concealment, shadow manipulation, and defeating magical wards. Examples include Boots of Balance, Chimes of Opening, Essence of Darkness, and Short Swords of Backstabbing. Shadow Sorcerer Pharaun Lhalabar (C10 of Vhaeraun), 12 additional clergy, and ninety six lay worshipers serve at the Masked Mage's temple.

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Structural Layout

The Tower is built within a large, naturally formed stalactite. Unlike the incricately worked stone formations within the city proper, little modification has been done to the outside of the Tower (save for creating a number of doors and windows). Inside, however, is another story, with several levels having been carved out (one atop another), with thrice as many passageways riddled within which allow one to move via various means from one level to another; not to mention moving to or from the Tower to the Darkwoods which surround it.
In addition to the large, central stalactite, there are a number of smaller stalactites (not a single one naturally formed) adjoining it; these structures are the individual towers of the wizards who comprise the other major power group within the Tower.

Current Clergy

Title: Shadow Sorcerer
Rank: Temple leader
Race: Drow
Ht: 5'2" Wt:
Classes: Cleric 15/Heirophant 5

Title: Silent Sable
Rank: Cleric Division Leader
Race: Drow
Ht: 4'10" Wt:
Classes: Cleric 13/Divine Disciple 4


© 2006 commissoned art by Corey Miller
DO NOT TAKE, permission NOT granted!
Title: Dark Mantle
Rank: Darkmask Division Leader
Race: Drow
Ht: 5'1" Wt:
Classes: Cleric 12/Darkmask 5/Rogue 3

Alignment: CE
Rank: Darkmask
Race: Drow
Ht: 5'1" Wt: 94 lbs
Classes: Cleric 10/Darkmask 5/Rogue 3


© 2006 commissoned art by Raiyne d'Esparea
DO NOT TAKE, permission NOT granted!
Alignment: NE
Rank: Darkmask
Race: Drow were-rat
Ht: 5'0" Wt: 85 lbs
Classes: Cleric 8/Darkmask 5/Rogue 5/Assassin 2

  • Sabrar Ssambra
    (CE male drow; Cleric 7/Darkmask 5/Rogue 3)

  • Urlryn Vrinn
    (CN male drow; Cleric 12)

  • Masoj Coborel
    (CE male drow; Cleric 11/Fighter 2)

  • Calimar Rhonduil
    (CE male drow; Cleric 10/Wizard 2)

  • Nadal Dalael
    (NE male drow**; Cleric 8)

    Rank: Acolyte - for cleric
    Race: Drow
    Ht: 5'1" Wt: 92lbs
    Classes: Cleric 5

    Title: None
    Rank: Cleric
    Race: Drow
    Alignment: CE
    Ht: 4'8" Wt:
    Classes: Cleric 3/Rogue 3

    Affiliated Agents/Personalities

    Title: Twilight's Prophet
    Rank: High Oracle
    Race: Drow Quasi-deity
    Ht: 5'3" Wt:
    Classes: Cleric 24/Divine Disciple 5/Divine Oracle 10/Contemplative 6/Heirophant 5

    Title: Nightcloak
    Rank: Ambassador of Shar
    Race: Drow Shade
    Ht: 5'4" Wt:
    Classes: Cleric 20/Nightcloak 10/Fighter 4/Rogue 6

    The Shadow Mages

    Title: Darkest Shadow
    Rank: Headmaster of Wizards
    Race: Drow
    Ht: 5'6" Wt:
    Classes: Wizard 19/Shadow Adept 6/Archmage 5/Wizard King 5/Mindbender 10

    Title: Shadow Master
    Rank: Archmagus
    Race: Drow Shade
    Ht: 4'11" Wt: 80lbs
    Classes: Wizard 20/Shadow Adept 10/Spell Addict 5/Archmage 5

    Title: Shadow Adept
    Rank: Apprentice
    Race: Drow
    Ht: 5'5" Wt:
    Classes: Sorcerer/Shadow Adept/Spell Addict

    Nadal Gellaer

    © 2005 commissoned art by Lorelai Wu
    DO NOT TAKE, permission NOT granted!
    Alignment: N
    Rank: Midnight Arcanist
    Race: Drow Shade
    Ht: 4'11" Wt: 86 lbs
    Classes: Sorcerer 9/Shadow Adept 6/Rogue 3

  • Orgoloth Abaeir
    (LE male drow; Wizard 14)

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