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::Above the normal droll and chatter of the Vengeful Weave Inn, you may be able to hear music or a dramatic shout coming from the direction north of the Common Room. If your interest is peaked and you follow your curiosity, it leads you to a more quiet section except for the fact you hear voices in dramatic pitch and a small applause. As you come nearer, you see a grand fireplace with a good fire burning on the hearth and two bards playing soft music to fit the speakerís words to add effect. More applause is made as the speaker finishes her sentence. She is about to begin again as the claps quiet but her dark green eyes rest on you with an amused smile. You stop, slightly embarrassed to interrupt, and when she speaks again you notice her voice is melodic with a strange but an alluring accent that you cannot seem to place:: "Well met there Traveler. Come to take a sneak peak of the goings on eh? Come sit by the fire, have bread and wine..relax."

If you decline you turn around and leave for the woman to continue on her tale as nothing had happened.

If you stayed, you nodded to the blonde woman wearing braids in politeness and find yourself a seat among the small crowd. When you are situated and a waitress comes by with wine and other various foods, the woman starts talking again. "You're just in time traveler, a new tale was about to begin. But since you have joined the scene, maybe you'd like to hear a particular tale?"

Book 1: Descent Into Darkness
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or you can download the actual logs, mistakes and all! But realize that if you read the logs in raw format, that they may not be in chronilogical order! There are 142 logs total!! (121 from book 1 and 21 from book 2) This will be updated every time we have a session guaranteed!!! (it is recommended you have winzip as these logs are zipped...and if you have downloaded these before be sure to delete the old file first....if you cannot view the logs after download is complete... use notepad or word to open the files!)
The story format can have big differences from the actual logs, as when they are edited, things are added to include more depth and flavor that we left out in the logs due to time and fatigue.
Also be aware that this campaign is a mature group..so these logs are RECOMMENDED to be downloaded by people 18 or over. As there are graphic Violence, use of perverse profanity and sexual situations of graphic detail..so the words are written the words are here..so YES you have been WARNED!

Download here for book one

Download here for book two

Last updated June 10th, 2006

::When you pick one, the Storyteller winks and smiles knowingly with mischief.:: "Ah another Underdark Tale it is then..wise choice traveler..wise choice indeed." ::As the music begins, you sit back, sip your wine and let your imagination soar as the Storyteller's voice soothes your hungry ears as the tale begins.........::

((this is under construction as there are a lot of logs to compile and edit so there will be no time frame to state, as this is obviously a big project. While this is free information and a free campaign to join, we are looking for artists to illustrate this site. We have one now but are willing to accept more if you are looking for some inspiration or a way to make a little cash.
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