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EuolAlya: With that Alya moved off as she had her own business to tend to. Alakas would be less then pleased but he would deal.
: Alya remembering where Rizzen had said the business office hoping not to bump into Alakas on the way.
The 1st Oracle
: When she arrived on the proper floor the tower was now bustling with activity when it had been empty before. There were even speckles of women milling about. At least one of them was heavily pregnant.
The 1st Oracle: She was being escorted by at least three men that Alya could see. The pregnant drow was laughing and chatting. She seemed happy and well protected. She bumped into a man as she opened the office door. He was heading out as
The 1st Oracle: she was heading in. The young drow mumbled an apology and scurried away. He was wearing priestly vestments but no mask, so he was more than likely an acolyte. He moved too fast for her to catch details of his face, but
The 1st Oracle: did have dark grey skin and shoulder length white hair. Entering the office showed her a small desk and work area with an old drow sitting behind it writing things down for another drow who seemed familiarly wearing all black with
The 1st Oracle: a red sash, but his back was to her at the moment.
: Alya waited patiently for them to finish there business before approaching. "I would like some suitable personal quarters." she says with a calm tone.
The 1st Oracle
: The two stopped talking, the writer put his quill down until the other man leaned over and whispered something to him, the old drow continued on without a word to Alya, while Solaufein turned to address Alya. "Have a key?"
The 1st Oracle: he asked. He looked much better than at the meeting. He was completely healed of all injuries, so both eyes were well and his features were firm and smooth. His expression was unreadable but his gaze was stern.
: "Not yet." Alya said. She pulls out the coin given to her by the shadow sorcerer "Although the Shadow Sorcerer says I have one of quality coming. Do you know whom I should speak to?" she adds
The 1st Oracle
: "Ahh the Shadow Sorcerer's seal. I'll take you myself then, to be certain you get your room right now. Follow me." He led out of the office waving to the scribe and took her the same path Rizzen did...backtracking.
The 1st Oracle: His stride was strong and his presence dominating. He didn't come off as the talkitive sort.
: Alya matched his speed as normal keeping her own graceful quick pace in check. Her curiosity had tugged at her sense her first meeting with Rizzen of the red sashes worn by the darkmask of this temple. She stayed quiet for a time
: before asking "What do the red sashes stand for if I may know?" She was fully prepared to be dismissed but dared to ask never the less.
The 1st Oracle
: Her question caused a light to enter in his dark red eyes and his profile as he turned his head, showed a devilish smirk. "It is a 'flag' of alligeance and loyalty to one of our agents. The Tower seems to want to forget the
The 1st Oracle: person so we where these sashes to remind this church that the agent is gone...not dead and still carries the favor of Vhaeraun." They kept walking and Alya realized that they took the lower level stairs instead of the upper
The 1st Oracle: one she had used before.
The 1st Oracle
: *wear
: This tower made her miss her familar surface temple regardless of the fact that it had must as many twist and turns. "The agent must be great to have so many remember them. " Alya said testing to see Sol's reaction
The 1st Oracle
: Solaufein nodded but offered nothing further, his smirk not even disappearing. Alya recognized the servants quarters but they went passed that by going down a corridor.
: Alya continued following Sol keeping track of where and how they reached each point. She listened to her surroundings and took in what little Sol would give her.
The 1st Oracle: "Do you have any belongings or poseessions in the tower?" He asked at length, going down a few marble steps where a large platform lay and with it a dozen doors, six on each side were now in view. They were decently sized
The 1st Oracle: and spaced. This where they stopped, so Alya gathered this was her destination. Solaufein, fiddled at something at his belt. Lifted the key ring and picked a key and opened the first door on the right. He stepped aside so she
The 1st Oracle: could take a look inside. "You don't have to choose this room, but this sector houses our finest for loyal followers. Six are double rooms for more than one person to sleep in the other six are singles."
: "Yes. I have to find Alakas for my personals." She replies
EuolAlya: Alya looked the single room over a moment and the only thing she truly desired was a chance to have some privacy. "This will do nicely." she replies.
EuolAlya: She knew where to find Alakas as he made it more then clear to her before he left.
The 1st Oracle
: Solaufein shrugged. "suit yourself."
The 1st Oracle: The room was small but had all the essentials. A bed, a dresser, a closet and a bathroom. It was neatly furnished and even had an empty bookshelf by the end of the bed. Ther was one plush chair about fifteen feet away.
The 1st Oracle: A little cramped, but cozy nonetheless.
The 1st Oracle: Solaufein studued her reaction and sly smirk. "I know of Alakas and I can help get your things, you can have them in here by the half hour without having to go through him...up to you of course."
: "That wont be needed." Alya said knowing such a action would cause far more trouble between her and Alakas then she desired.
EuolAlya: She desired space, not a war with one of her few allies who would most likely ome to try to stay with her
EuolAlya: regardless. "Thank you for the offer." she said remaining polite.
EuolAlya: She hesitates a moment as she wanted to know more of the battle going on but had already been given her orders. "If I can aid in the battle please let me know."
EuolAlya: Alya said sincerely her feelings on the subject once again flickered in her eyes like a wild fire threatening to break lose and bring with it massive destruction but her face remained neutral.
The 1st Oracle
: Solaufein nodded and accepted her decline with dignity. He offered a nod and turned to go and stoped when she spoke. He listened and considered her words. "We will see your mettle first in your assignment before you're
The 1st Oracle: put into a war." He turned on his heel then that his boots clicked together, offering nothing further and left her to her privacy that she so clearly made evident. She was now alone.
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