First Group Portrait

Commissioned by Mike, and done by Suechan in 2004. Our first group picture ever. Mike and I were really pleased how this came out, that we commissioned Suechan four more times after this. D who plays Venorik (the guy on the right end) liked her as well and commissioned Suechan three times for pictures of Kel'therath (the guy on the left end), Venorik, and Ssizirrae (the woman beside Venorik)

Characters in order from left to right:
Kel'therath, ShadowHeart, Drazoul, Sszordrin, Horock, Xull'rae, Vesz'aun, Cogliostro, Cyrus, Ssizirrae, and Venorik.

Xull'rae came out looking indecisive about killing Vesz'aun or Horock. ^_^