Gallery of Darius Van Roeyen AKA ShadowHeart

ShadowHeart Reflections

Description: Xull'rae is a beautiful drow and does her best to display these qualities. While arrogance and fashion play a major role in her appearance, it is obvious that Xull'rae takes care of herself well. Most drow woman care only of the beauty they have while Xull'rae splits her priorities between that beauty with fitness and strength. The hour-glass figure is not a concern; she has the perfect portion of soft and firm that give her the look that is sleek and supple.
Truly believing her face to be ugly, Xull'rae is far from it. She has smooth tight skin the color smoke, which under light has purple or gray undertones to it. Selective breeding has given her proud cheekbones, a plush bow-shaped mouth and a nose that compliments her face with its long shape giving an air of Majesty to the slight rounding shape of her face. The oddest part of Xull'rae is her eyes and hair. The classic almond shape give her the desired appeal, but the color of burnished gold (amber) surprise many as they stare into her pools that look back at them like a panther would while watching prey. He long thick mane of hair is proud and full of body that any woman would crave and many a man would want to touch, but is not the white all would expect of a drow, instead it is red. Xull'rae did not dye her hair, nor change it with a spell; it is rare but naturally that way. Stranger still, she has a single lock of purest white running through the red on her right side going from root to tip. Such combination of color gives her an exciting and exotic look. Among her kind however, she is shunned by most.
Xull'rae is a rich and powerful noble. Next in line to be Matron of her house, her clothing reflects her upbringing as much as her personality. Wearing anything bold, bright, and tight is often what she will have, though when adventuring she prefers practical over pretty always, also giving up her fun colors for more somber and muted tones.

Background: Xull'rae is very closed mouth about her past, but it is known that she was adopted by the Zauviir family. Beyond that nothing is known, giving rise to wild stories and gossip of dark magic, scandal and murder; giving Xull'rae a reputation as colorful and frightful as her hair.

Personality: A spunky gal by nature, a hard woman by necessity, this blend of hot and cold makes her a very interesting individual. She has a temper as explosive as her humor is dark, she is one with many layers and each has a different face. Often sour and irritated when having to deal with anyone she feels inferior to, she has a surprising knack for diplomatic and political issues with such professionalism and ease that is often hard to tell if she is friend or foe.
Xull'rae has a no nonsense attitude during a given task or adventure that one will admire or despise but if one can get past all the obstacles she puts out will find Xull'rae is truly as complicated as you first thought.
As her hair color indicates Xull'rae is a spitfire in battle. She is always first to the battle lines, charging in with reckless abandon, that many who see her think she has a death wish.
The truth is, she has a desire to prove herself to others in a way that demands respect and admiration from her peers for not many priestesses would ever do such a thing. Her fighting style is versatile allowing her to fight up front, spellcast from the back, or a twisted combination of both, making her a very unpredictable opponent. Once in a fight to the dismay of both her enemy and comrades, Xull'rae will fight until death comes for her or her opponent.

Uses and Talents: Xull'rae's role in a group is often played as the leader. Coiled under pressure, relaxed in battle and relying on her wits to make snap decisions, make her easy to follow. Her intelligence and wisdom despite her temper show a very devious and calculated mind that makes finishing a task, quick and seemingly effortless.
If Xull'rae is not a leader she is often the adviser. Xull'rae can use Arcane and Divine magic, can fight, and her various skills (and she has MANY) make her one of the greatest assets in a group.