Surface Glare

The image is by Marta Dahling done in 2004 but I didn't get the revision image until 2005 and was commissioned by me.

It was pricey, but as a huge fan of Blackeri, I felt compelled to. I had nothing in mind when I hired her so I let her work her mojo her way and I was rewarded with a creature and a gorgeous background that was worth my long wait and made the price cheaper by comparison. Though I was grieved to learn this commission has been used as wallpaper and backgrounds for mobile phones, I still fight for its removal wherever I can.

My image has the white spider tattoo and the skin is darker than the deviantart version. It seems for some artists the gray skin tone is too hard to achieve, and so paint Xull'rae brown. I don't mind, but how people get brown from gray skin with purple undertones, even after I've given visual references I'll never fathom. Kay Allen started a trend I guess lol! I'm not complainer as long as that hair is red with a white streak, I can and do ignore discrepancies.

This can be seen on our Drow Creatures Page