Vesz'aun In Trouble?

Commissioned by me and done by Jurty in 2004. I wanted an artist who wasn't afraid of showing the actual act of sex, not to mention different levels of kink. There is only so much symbolism can do you know?

Here we see a good session between Vesz'aun and Xull'rae, been going at it awhile that they built up a good sweat.

Vesz'aun likes the pain Xull'rae is inflicting on his chest, not to mention, she is riding him pretty hard. His expression was captured flawlessly, I wanted pleasure and Jurty delivered.

Mike was so happy that he wanted other commissions!

So is Xull'rae pleased at Vesz'aun for being an unbelievable sex toy or or is she excited to finally get the chance to plunge that dagger in his heart?