Vesz'aun Isn't Kinky!

Commissioned by me and done by Jurty in 2004. The second in a three part commission.

This one was Mike's idea. A joke that has taken on a life of its own, simply known as "to the victor go the spoils." Here is Xull'rae wanting to play kinky, but Vesz'aun isn't a willing participant. The artist loved it so much that she created a whole bondage scene lol!

Technically this is the first piece showing these two and how they interact in sex, but Mike liked the Vesz'aun in Trouble one so much that he counts that one as the official first.

So let the rumble continue. Here is my caption for it:

Vesz'aun says "stick that in me and die bitch!"
Xull'rae replies, "ah but why Vesz? It might be fun. I just want to show you how it feels when you use your dick on me. According to doesn't hurt..."

The score: Xull'rae 2 Vesz'aun 0