Vengeful Weave Crew #2

Our second group picture done in 2004 by Galindorf and commissioned by me, Mike, and Chase.

The background was inspired by the Vengeful Weave Inn and part of a hidden storyline involving those medallions.

The characters starting from left to right at the top are: Calderis Drakuno, Cogliostro, Xull'rae Zauviir, Moryavewen Ssambra
In the middle: Vesz'aun Auvryath, Balithra Ztyla, T.I., Marius
On the bottom: Dekar Longblade, Drazoul, Arya, and Ssirzn Nyr'zaun

This is an outdated picture as half the people featured here are no longer playing in the campaign. Xull'rae has short hair here because her hair was cut for awhile. Read the logs if you want to know more. ^_~

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