First Meeting

This was a free image from John Ferral III back in 2003. He wanted some inspiration so took on the task of drawing our logs very briefly. You can view the illustration and read the entire log on our Story Site

Here is the snippet he had for a description:

A steady murmur enveloped the modest environs of Narbondel's Shadow. The gathered folk were not of great status or means, nor were they the dregs which lay but a street beyond either. It had a variety of races and cultures ranging from human to bugbear, though of drow there were very few. It was strange for a tavern in the Underdark, especially one in Menzoberranzan. Most of the patrons wore simple or poor clothing, but some were cloaked with hoods down. None were numbered amongst the city's nobility except one and she was dressed as seedy as the rest to blend in.
This place had a reputation of being a relatively safe haven for those not of drow blood and had been the agreed upon meeting spot wherein the flame-haired drowess Xull'rae now waited, hooded and cloaked, for the human whom she'd been instructed to "work" with. There were a handful of surface dwellers milling about the place at the moment but none fit the description she had been given.
A few moments went by when Xull'rae's vision of the doorway became blocked by a tawdry looking waitress, apparently human as well, who inquired as to whether more food or drinks were needed.
Xull'rae waved a small and finely shaped hand in dismissal, keeping her amber colored eyes from meeting the woman's face.