The Meeting Begins

Another image from John. This illustration shows the meeting between Xull'rae and Cogliostro. See how short she is? I mean she is standing, he is sitting.
Xull'rae is miss serious and don't want to hang.
Cogliostro's dressed like a thug and way too relaxed and party harty. Needless to say it ended with tension and thoughts of murder. Hence the Xull'rae stare picture. ^_^

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Here is the snippet he had for a description:

Though neither of the human's two companions joined them in the private chamber, Xull'rae had the distinct feeling that they were keeping watch. Inside, the human was fiddling with the bindings of one of his stout leather bracers. He was seated at the single, rounded booth, which already had a bottle of dark-hued liquor and two tall glasses sitting upon its polished surface. A cursory glance was given to her shrouded figure and a small wave towards the opposite end of the table.
Xull'rae stopped once she was within the room, taking note of her new surroundings. Her stance said she preferred to stand and with a shake of her hood she declined the drink. The voice that came from within the confines of the piwafwi was hard toned, but soft and dusky in melody with a richness that belied the drowic accent as she spoke in the undercommon language. "Just state your business. I have no want to be idle with senseless talk. I have better things to do, rivvil."
Casually taking the bottle to hand, the human proceeded to empty a small amount of its contents into one of the glasses. He quirked a single, salt-and-pepper brow in her direction as he listened while his free hand scratched idly at the neat trimming of hair upon his chin.
A nod was offered to her as the bottle was set down. "I was told you would be spirited, though I had not expected quite so much bluntness. Very well, then," he said. He gave a slight pause as he quaffed down the contents of his glass before continuing. "Name's Cogliostro by the way. I take it that your superiors had not offered you much information about our...arrangement."
"They never do...that's what being a superior is about I'm guessing," Xull'rae responded, her tone changed to irritation though not entirely directed at him.
"I also take it said superiors may not like you very well. Ah, this will be quite the frustrating endeavor for us both, I fear." Finishing the contents of his glass, Cogliostro proceeded to refill it. "Oh well, there will be plenty of time to rectify our situation, and perhaps learn to tolerate one another."
"Pharaun likes no one that he feels threatened by," she replied.
"Hm, I had gotten the impression that he liked no one at all. At any rate, I will fill you in on specifics if I must," Cogliostro offered.
Xull'rae cut him off before he could say more. "As for tolerance I have little, but what I have will be given if it means I and my deity's church is the one to benefit from the arrangement."
"Mm, no worries there," replied Cogliostro. "Your church benefits well from this pact. If you are wise enough, you will benefit personally as well, as time goes on."
The shrouded woman gave a shrug as if it mattered not if he explained, knowing full well she was stuck with him and this deal.
"Now, you are to serve me and my endeavors to the full extent of your abilities, as time allows," Cogliostro began, "it goes without saying that any tasks that your church would ask of you come first. And what business you must needs take care of in order to keep your ruse going at your other temple. Other than that, you are at my disposal. Your personal matters come dead last. Serve me well and ably, and perhaps I will allow for more leeway."