A free sketch by DarrkestDrow done on 8/2/06. Xull'rae is on the top left. The objective was to respond to a scene she started and she'd pick the first three.
Zeth lies stretched out languidly across one side of the makeshift bed, looking quite peaceful and content as he dozed. The odd looking white Drow yawned and stretched from head to toe, looking very much like a cat as he roused himself from his unusual slumber. The chains bound about his neck and wrists clinked softly from his sluggish movements. He felt dazed and confused, not accustomed to actual sleep, as reverie was usually all he required. He lifted his hand to his forehead, his long elegant fingers running over his pierced brow and through his two-toned hair. Gods how his head ached! Then he heard it, a barely audible sound from somewhere off to his left. He quickly sat up, the sudden motion making his head hurt even more so, and momentarily blurring his vision. There was someone or something there…perhaps the offender responsible for his ill state. But who or what was it? And what in the hells had happened last night and why couldn't he remember where he was?!
My response
More chains rattled from the west corner then a soft grunt of discomfort followed, then silence. The rattling began again a moment later, more frantic this time; clank, clank. A figure stood and yanked. As the fuzziness subsided, the albino could see a female struggling to get unchained from the wall. Her body sagged in exertion as the first beads of sweat began to show on her dark skin. Her clothes were torn and she look battered. The drow woman had red hair with a streak of white; it was hard to tell in its matted and tangled state. She looked at him in an attempt at defiance, but her amber eyes were dilated and unfocused.