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Featured below is a compiled listing of many of the prestige classes that we've come across in various products. For reference, all the "official" DnD prestige classes will be listed first, and then an additional listing will be posted below that, with prestige classes from various d20 books by other publishing companies.
For the time being, most are simply given page and/or issue references, though as time permits (and requests are made), we will create actual linked pages on the website with a full write-up for the prestige classes.

Those that appear to be different in color than the actual text color, is actually a link, so please do click on it!

  • Acolyte of the Skin
    [ Tome and Blood p.43-5 ]

  • Agent Retriever
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.24-5 ]

  • Alienist
    [ Tome and Blood p.45-7)

  • Ancestral Avenger
    [ Dragon Magazine #279, p.84-5 ]

  • Animal Lord
    [ Masters of the Wild p.43-6 ]

  • Anointed Knight
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.49-51 ]

  • Apostle of Peace
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.51-3 ]

  • Arachne
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.183-4 ]
    The Demon Queen of Spiders is a cruel, capricious deity who delights in pitting her own worshipers against one another. Arachnes are priestesses of Lolth who have risen to the pinnacle of drow society, worshiping Lolth only for the power she grants.

  • Arachnomancer
    [ The Underdark p.28-30 ]

    Many drow worship the spider goddess, Lolth, and some few attach an extra reverence to all spiderkind as well. Arachnomancers are arcane spellcasters who have been drawn to the lure and power of spiders, and seek mastery and emulation of these creatures through magic.

  • Arcane Archer
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.28 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.176-7 ]

  • Arcane Devotee
    [ Forgotten Realms p.40-1 ]

  • Arcane Trickster
    [ Tome and Blood p.47-9 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.177-8 ]

  • Archmage
    [ Forgotten Realms p.41-2 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.178-9 ]

  • Assassin
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.29-30 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.180-1 ]
    Assassins often function as spies, informants, killers for hire, or agents of vengeance. Their training in anatomy, stealth, poison, and the dark arts allows them to carry out missions of death with shocking, terrifying precision.
    • Oppressor
      [ Dragon Magazine #312, p.40-3 ]
    • Poisoner
      [ Dragon Magazine #312, p.43-5 ]
    • Replacement Killer
      [ Dragon Magazine #312, p.40-3 ]

  • Athar
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.45-6 ]

  • Auspician
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.184-6 ]
    Some believe that the gods determine the success or failure of events in Faerun. More capricious philosophers tout the elusive force known as luck as the deciding factor of the multiverse. The clergies of Tymora and Beshaba, however, prefer a synthesis of these beliefs, claiming that their diving patrons guide the ministrations of luck. Further, they profess that mortals can learn to bend luck to their own benefit, or to the detriment of their enemies. Auspicians, who manipulate luck as if it were the strings of a harp, give credence to their claims.

  • Bane of Infidels
    [ Masters of the Wild p.46-7 ]

  • Battle Howler of Gruumsh
    [ Dragon Magazine #311, p.69 ]

  • Bear Warrior
    [ Complete Warrior, p.16-7 ]

    Many people, especially those in the "uncivilized" regions of the world, revere bears as a symbol of the warrior's strength and battle prowess. Adopting the bear as a totem animal, warriors of these people hope to tap into some of the bear's strength. Bear Warriors, through a special relationship with bear spirits, literally adopt a bear's strength in the rage of battle, actually transforming into bears as they fight.

  • Beloved of Valarian
    [ Book of Exalted Good, p.53-4 ]

  • Blackguard
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.30-2 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.181-3 ]
    The blackguard epitomizes evil. He is nothing short of a mortal fiend. The quintessential black knight, this villain carries a reputation of the foulest sort that is very well deserved. Consorting with demons and devils and serving dark deities, the blackguard is hated and feared by all. Some people call this the villains’ anti-paladins due to their completely evil nature.

  • Bladesinger (House Rules Version)
    Original Version* [ Races of Faerūn p.179-180 ]
    Bladesinger 3.5 [ Complete Warrior p.17-9 ]

    Bladesinger’s are elves who have blended art, swordplay, and arcane magic into a harmonious whole. In battle, a bladesinger’s lithe movements and subtle tactics seem beautiful, and belie their deadly martial efficiency.

  • Blighter
    [ Masters of the Wild p.48-9 ]

  • Bloodhound
    [ Masters of the Wild p.49-52 ]

  • Blood Magus
    [ Tome and Blood p.50-2 ]

  • Bloodsister
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.90-2 ]

    In the Vault of the Drow there is a society of female fighters. Since then the society restructured itself to meet the needs of its new situation. They have become Venrit’s elite warriors, fanatical servants of House Kilsek and the Spider Queen. Each has sworn a blood oath to Venrit, a fact reflected in the society’s new name: the Bloodsister’s.

  • Branch Dancer
    [ Dragon Magazine #310, p.70-1 ]

  • Brawler
    [ Dragon Magazine #295, p.72-3 ]

  • Breachgnome
    [ Races of Faerun p.181-2 ]

  • Buccaneer
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.47-8 ]

  • Cancer Mage
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.52-4 ]

  • Candle Caster
    [ Tome and Blood p.52-5 ]

  • Cavalier
    [ Sword and Fist p.12-13 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.19-20 ]
    Representing the ultimate in mounted warfare, the cavalier is the quintessential knight in shining armor. The charge of the cavalier is among the most devastating offensive weapon any culture can hope to field.

  • Cavelord
    [ The Underdark p.30-2 ]

    They say a passion for the narrow, dim ways of the world, burn in the breast of the cavelord. Born with an ache to learn about the roots of the mountains, the sunless seas and the hidden ways filled with darkness that will never be illuminated, the cavelord roams the tunnel and cave systems of the Underdark. He takes it upon himself to protect the Realms Below uprooting foul and disruptive things as he comes upon them.

  • Cave Stalker
    [ Dragon Magazine #292, p.52-4 ]

  • Celestial Mystic
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.55-6 ]

  • Champion of Gwynharwye
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.56-8 ]

  • Chimeric Champion of Garl Glittergold
    [ Dragon Magazine #328 p.23-4 ]

  • Church Inquisitor
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.51-2 ]

  • Cipher
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.46-7 ]

  • Consecrated Harrier
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.52-4 ]

  • Contemplative
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.54-6 ]

  • Cosmic Descryer
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.26-7 ]

  • Dancer of Sharess
    [ Dragon Magazine #290, p.92-3 ]

  • Dark Hunter
    [ Complete Warrior p.20-3 ]
    Dark hunters specialize in hunting down and eliminating creatures in the dark, twisting caves of the Underdark, often protecting underground communities or those that make their living under the earth (such as miners or hunters). They use stealth, ambush and deception to single out foes and remove them one by one.

  • Darkmask
    [ Lords of Darkness p.33-4 ]
    Most of the surface drow worship Vhaeraun. Some strike a balance between their faith their skills at stealth, becoming a specialized sort of cleric/rogue called a Darkmask. The darkmasks are the elite of Vhaeraun's clergy, and they are called upon to handle very specific missions for the Masked Lord.

  • Darkwater Knight
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.44-5 ]

  • Darkwood Stalker
    [ Dragon Magazine #292, p.58-9 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.23-5 ]

    Elves and orcs are ancient foes, their enmity dating back to times before humans walked the land. Some elves train as elite hunters of the hated orcs. These hunters, called Darkwood Stalkers by the elves, pursue their age-old enemies with grim determination.

  • Deep Avenger
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.56-7 ]

  • Deep Diviner
    [ The Underdark p.32-3 ]

  • Deep Thrall
    [ Dragon Magazine #300, p.59-61 ]

  • Deepwood Sniper
    [ Masters of the Wild p.52-3 ]

  • Defender of Sealtiel
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.58-9 ]

  • Demonologist
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.54-6 ]

  • Dervish
    [ Complete Warrior p.25-7 ]

    Wild, exotic, and as dangerous as her whirling blades, the dervish epitomizes speed, quickness and abandon. Her moves appear to be as random as they are graceful, but the steps of her lethal dance, play out according to their own rhythm. Nearly all dervishes belong to nomadic cultures.

  • Devoted Defender
    [ Sword and Fist p.13-14 ]

  • Diabolist
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.56-7 ]

  • Disciple of Asmodeus
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.57-8 ]

  • Disciple of Baalzebub
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.58-9 ]

  • Disciple of Dispater
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.60 ]

  • Disciple of Mammon
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.60-1 ]

  • Disciple of Mephistopheles
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.62-3 ]

  • Divine Champion
    [ Forgotten Realms p.42-3 ]

  • Divine Disciple
    [ Forgotten Realms p.43-4 ]

  • Divine Emissary
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.27-8 ]

  • Divine Oracle
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.56-7 ]

  • Divine Seeker
    [ Forgotten Realms p.44-5 ]

  • Doomguide
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.186-88 ]
    IN a world filled with wise outsiders and magical divination, there's little question about what happens to a being's soul after death. Perhaps surprisingly, this knowledge has done little to assuage the fears of the people of Faerun, who remain frightened that some demon might carry off their spirits while in transit to the Fugue Plane, or that their bodies will be unearthed and animated as a mindless undead. The Doomguides are there to promise such people a painless transition and fair judgment in the afterlife.

  • Dragon Disciple
    [ Tome and Blood p.55-7 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.183-5 ]

  • Dragonkith
    [ Dragon Magazine #284, p.68-9 ]

  • Dragon Warrior
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.104-5 ]

  • Dread Pirate
    [ Song and Silence p.5-6 ]

  • Dreadmaster
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.82-3 ]
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.188-89 ]
    Dreadmasters are the ultimate tyrants. They seek to rule absolutely (next to, of course, Bane himself), preferably through terror and domination. They instill the fear of Bane in all, but especially in those who do not give at least lip service to his supremacy as a deity.

  • Drow Judicator
    [ The Underdark p.33-5 ]

    A mortal imbued with fiendish cruelty, the drow judicator is a knight most foul. This unholy warrior is steeped in the divine energy of Selvetarm, the Spider that Waits, self-appointed Champion of Lolth. Consort of demons and demonic arachnids, the drow judicator is hated and feared by all, especially other male drow who are jealous of the heights of power to which he has risen.

  • Drunken Master
    [ Sword and Fist p.14-7 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.27-30 ]

    Martial arts students face a bewildering array of martial arts schools, each with its own adherence and detractors. However few schools are as unusual -- or as controversial -- as drunken boxing. By weaving and staggering about as if inebriated, drunken boxers avoid many blows; likewise, their stumbling, lurching attacks catch their opponents off guard. Moreover, when they actually imbibe alcohol, drunken masters can perform truly prodigious feats of strength and bravery.

  • Duelist
    [ Sword and Fist p.17-18 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.185-6 ]

  • Dungeon Delver
    [ Song and Silence p.7-8 ]

  • Dwarven Battlerager
    [ Races of Faerūn p.178-9 ]

  • Dwarven Defender
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.32-3 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.186-7 ]

  • Dwarven Thane
    [ Dragon Magazine #299, p.104-6 ]

  • Dweomerkeeper
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.189-90 ]
    The Lady of Mysteries is the Weave, the conduit that allows mortal spell casters to employ the raw force that is magic, and she encourages all creatures to explore its mysteries. Dweomerkeepers are Mystra's shepherds, safeguarding the Weave against threats to its integrity. They are also skilled practitioners of the Art, who seek to explore magical theory and create new spells and magic items.

  • Eldritch Knight
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.187-8 ]

  • Elemental Archon
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.190-93 ]

  • Elemental Savant
    [ Tome and Blood p.57-8 ]

  • Elven High Mage
    [ Races of Faerūn p.182-3 ]

  • Emancipated Spawn
    [ Savage Species p.75-8 ]

  • Emissary of Barachiel
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.59-61 ]

  • Entropist
    [ Lords of Darkness p.138-40 ]

  • Epic Infiltrator
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.28-30 ]

  • Exalted Arcanist
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.61-2 ]

  • Exotic Weapon Master
    [ Masters of the Wild p.53-4 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.30-1 ]

    Characters of any race or background can become exotic weapon masters; the only real requirement is dedication and perseverance. Nevertheless, most exotic weapon masters are human, because members of that race have the most exposure to other cultures and thus the most opportunity to take up exotic weapons.

  • Eye of Gruumsh
    [ Masters of the Wild p.54-6 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.31-4 ]

    Gruumsh, the orc god, calls those that are loyal to serve in his image. Those that heed this call are known as the eyes of Gruumsh. They sacrifice their right eyes instead of their left ones so that their impaired vision compliments that of their deity. Thus, symbolically at least, eyes of Gruumsh can do what Gruumsh cannot. These living martyrs are some of the toughest orcs and half-orcs in the world.

  • Faceless One
    [ Dragon Magazine #300 p.58-9 ]

  • Fang of Lolth
    [ Song and Silence p.8-10 ]

    Many bards and rogues study ways to "trick" magic items into working without their usual requirements. Sometimes though, the curious get more than they bargained for.
    Worshippers of Lolth occasionally create a magic item called a fang scarabthat gives spiders an attack bonus. Such an item is ordinary enough—until a bard or a rogue makes a successful Use Magic Device check to trick it into working for her. Though she does gain the benefit of the fang scarab, it also fuses to her neck, beginning a metamorphosis that could eventually turn her into a half-spider abomination.

  • Fatespinner
    [ Tome and Blood p.58-60 ]

  • Fiend Binder
    [ Dragon Magazine #292, p.54-6 ]

  • Fiend Slayer
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.84-5 ]

  • Fierce Grappler
    [ Dragon Magazine #295, p.72 ]

  • Fist of Raziel
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.62-4 ]

  • Flame Steward
    [ Dragon Magazine #283 p.84-5 ]

  • Fleet Runner of Ehlonna
    [ Dragon Magazine #283 p.44-76 ]

  • Flesh Eater
    [ Dragon Magazine #300, p.68-9 ]

  • Foe Hunter
    [ Masters of the Wild p.56-7 ]

  • Force Missile Mage
    [ Dragon Magazine #328 p.50-2 ]

  • Forest Master
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.193-94 ]

  • Forsaker
    [ Masters of the Wild p.57-9)

  • Frenzied Berserker
    [ Masters of the Wild p.59-60 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p. 34-6 ]
    The random madness of the thunderstorm and the unpredictability of the slaadi come together in the soul of the frenzied berserker. Unlike most other characters, she does not fight to achieve a heroic goal or defeat a loathsome villain. Those are mere excuses -- it is the thrill of combat that draws her. For the frenzied barbarian, the insanity of battle is like an addictive drug -- she must constantly seek out more conflict to feed her craving for battle.

  • Geomancer
    [ Masters of the Wild p.60-3 ]

  • Ghostwalker
    [ Sword and Fist p.20-1 ]

  • Giant-killer
    [ Silver Marches p.109-10 ]

  • Gladiator
    [ Sword and Fist p.21-2 ]

  • Gloomblade
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.57-8 ]

  • Gnome Artificer
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.23-6 ]

  • Gnome Giant-Slayer
    [ Complete Warrior p. 36-8 ]

    In every gnome community, only a few select individuals of extraordinary courage take up the mantle of giant-slayer. Relying on a combination of agility, combat prowess, and pure craftiness, the gnome-giant slayer is the bane of all creatures that use their size to terrorize the small or the weak. The champion of those far-too-often trampled underfoot, the gnome giant-slayer stands far taller than his stature would suggest. As the ultimate believers that "The bigger they are, the harder they fall," these doughty battlers actively seek out ogres, trolls giants and the like to slay. Some also utilize their training to take on other immense opponents such as umber hulks, monstrous vermin and even dragons.

  • Goldeye
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.194-96 ]

  • Gray Sage
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.58-60 ]

  • Great Rift Skyguard
    [ Races of Faerūn p.183-4 ]

  • Green Hunter
    [ Dragon Magazine #294, p.68-9 ]

  • Green Whisperer
    [ Dragon Magazine #311, p.69-70 ]

  • Guardian Paramount
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.30-1 ]

  • Guild Thief
    [ Forgotten Realms p.45 ]

  • Guild Wizard of Waterdeep
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.26-8 ]

  • Halfling Outrider
    [ Sword and Fist p.22-4 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p. 38-40 ]
    The semi nomadic culture of the halfling race often results in sudden encounters with peril. To safeguard themselves many halfling communities turn to their outriders, elite champions whose task it is to warn their fellows of, and protect them from, danger. The halfling outrider is naturally skilled in the arts of riding and scouting.

  • Harper Mage
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.28-9 ]

  • Harper Priest
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.29-31 ]

  • Harper Scout
    [ Forgotten Realms p.46-7 ]

  • Hathran
    [ Forgotten Realms p.47-8 ]

  • Heartfire Fanner
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.23-4 ]

  • Heartwarder
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.196-7 ]

  • Herald
    [ Dragon Magazine Annual 2000, p.86-7 ]

  • Hexer
    [ Masters of the Wild p.63-5 ]

  • Hierophant
    [ Forgotten Realms p.48-9 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.188-9 ]

  • High Proselytizer
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.31-3 ]

  • Holy Liberator
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.57-60 ]

  • Hordebreaker
    [ Silver Marches p.110-12 ]

  • Horizon Walker
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.189-91 ]

  • Horned Harbinger
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.197-8 ]

  • Hospitaler
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.60-2 ]

  • Hulking Hurler
    [ Complete Warrior p.40-2 ]
    Usually brutish and always incredibly strong, hulking hurlers belong to those races of generously proportioned creatures who enjoy nothing more than wrenching boulders, trees, or even buildings free of their earthly bonds and throwing them at their foes. No one knows how this loose organization came into being, but there is no doubt hulking hurlers make fearsome enemies.

  • Hunter of the Dead
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.62-3 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.42-4 ]

    The hunter of the dead is the hated enemy of all undead. She spends each restless night tracking undead to their lairs and cleansing the land of their foul presence.

  • Illithid Body Tamer
    [ The Underdark p.35-7 ]

  • Illithid Savant
    [ Savage Species p.77-9 ]

  • Imaskari Vengeance Taker
    [ The Underdark p.37-9 ]

  • Incanatrix
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.31-2 ]

  • Inquisitor of the Drowning Goddess
    [ The Underdark p.39-40 ]

  • Invisible Blade
    [ Complete Warrior p.44-6 ]
    Invisible blades are deadly fighters who prefer to use daggers and related weapons in combat. Their training and technique with these weapons make them just as lethal as any well-armed fighter. Invisible blades enjoy cultivating the level of danger they present, and they relish any chance to demonstrate that the most unimposing weapon can be the most lethal. Thus, invisible blades are rarely impressed by how mighty their opponents appear.

  • Itinerant Warder of Yondalla
    [ Dragon Magazine #328 p.26-7 ]

  • Jester
    [ Dragon Magazine #330 p.74-7 ]

  • Jobber
    [ Dragon Magazine #310, p.72-3 ]

  • Justice Hammer of Moradin
    [ Dragon Magazine #328 p.28-9 ]

  • Justiciar
    [ Dragon Magazine #290, p.90-1 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.46-9 ]
    Where there are laws, there are those that defy them, and where citizens live in fear of these lawbreakers, brave souls hunt them down. There are the justiciars. They don't do it for money; they don't do it for glory. They do it because it's a thankless job that needs to be done. It also happens to be a satisfying vocation to kick the living daylights out of a criminal that desperately deserves it.

  • Kabuki Warrior
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.103-4 ]

  • Kensai
    [ Complete Warrior p.49-52 ]

    The kensai masters body, mind, weapon and will. He devotes his strength and his life to the service of his master or an ideal he accepts as greater than himself. Some kensai become masters in their own right, but even one who becomes an emperor sees himself as a servant of some higher power.

  • King/Queen of the Wild
    [ Masters of the Wild p.65-6 ]

  • Knight of the Chalice
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.63-5 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.53-5 ]

    A knight of the chalice is a member of an elite knightly organization devoted to fighting demons and other evil outsiders. They are motivated by a pious hatred of these creatures that embody the principles of evil and routinely invade the Material Plane. Knights of the chalice learn tactics and gain special abilities that help them in their crusade.

  • Knight of the Chase
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.92-96 ]

  • Knight-errant of Silverymoon
    [ Silver Marches p.112-14 ]

  • Knight Protector
    [ Complete Warrior p.55-7 ]

    The few, the proud, the knight protectors are martial characters dedicated to restoring the ideals of knightly chivalry before they fade forever. The protectors see moral decay everywhere they look in the world around them, brought on by a lapse in ethical behavior. Like paladins, knight protectors adhere to a rigid code of behavior that embraces such values as honor, honesty, chivalry, and courage. Unlike paladins, the first duty of the knight protector is to the code and the ideals for which it stands, rather than to a deity or a holy order. A protector is expected to display these ideals in all aspects of his behavior and throughout all his actions and deeds, however arduous they may be.

  • Lasher
    [ Sword and Fist p.25-7 ]

  • Legendary Dreadnought
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.33-4 ]

  • Lion of Talisid
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.65-6 ]

  • Loremaster
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.34-5 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.191-2 ]

  • Mage Killer
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.32-4 ]

  • Magic Filcher
    [ Dragon Magazine #310, p.73-4 ]

  • Master Alchemist
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.34-5 ]

  • Master Samurai
    [ Sword and Fist p.29-30 ]

  • Master Scavenger
    [ Polyhedron #151, p.22-3 ]

  • Master Siege Engineer
    [ Dragon Magazine #295, p.76 ]

  • Master Thrower
    [ Complete Warrior p.58-60 ]
    Master throwers see those who dabble in thrown weapons the same way. If a character tosses away a hand axe, javelin, or dagger, he may end up facing his foe with bare hands. Unless one is a monk, one should avoid that at all reasonable cost.
    This prestige class depends on quick reflexes, good planning, and of course deadly aim to survive in a world that values brute strength over clever tactics. Members of this prestige class establish a camaraderie that often overshadow alignment or cultural differences.

  • Master of Chains
    [ Sword and Fist p.27-8 ]

  • Master of Flies
    [ Savage Species p.80-3 ]

  • Master of Shrouds
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.66-8 ]

  • Master of the East Wind
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.36-7 ]

  • Master of the North Wind
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.34-5 ]

  • Master of the Order of the Bow
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.54-6 ]

  • Master of the Secret Sound
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.78-9 ]

  • Master of the South Wind
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.35-6 ]

  • Master of the Unseen Hand
    [ Complete Warrior p.60-62 ]

    Masters of the unseen hand, delight in crushing their foes with invisible force; flinging massive objects into the sky, and disarming enemies with a single thought. Their mastery of the craft of telekinesis makes masters of the unseen hand potent and versatile combatants.

  • Master of the West Wind
    [ Dragon Magazine #314 p.37 ]

  • Memory Smith
    [ Dragon Magazine #311, p.68-9 ]

  • Mighty Contender of Kord
    [ Dragon Magazine #283 p.46-7 ]

  • Mindbender
    [ Tome and Blood p.63-4 ]

  • Mindspy
    [ Complete Warrior p. 62-3 ]

    Success in combat relies on anticipating your enemy's every move. A mindspy knows how easy that can be if you're privy to your foes every thought. By reading the minds of her enemies, a mindspy knows exactly what they are going to do a fraction before they do it. Eventually she learns to probe deeper, finding weak spots in her enemy's training.

  • Mole
    [ Dragon Magazine #310, p.71-2 ]

  • Monk of the Enabled Hand
    [ Dragon Magazine #299, p.48-50 ]

  • Mortal Hunter
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.64-6 ]

  • Mourner
    [ Dragon Magazine #311, p.67-8 ]

  • Mystic Keeper of Corellon Larethian
    [ Dragon Magazine #328 p.30-1 ]

  • Mystic Theurge
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.192-3 ]

  • Mystic Wanderer
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.35-7 ]

  • Nightcloak
    [ Dragon Magazine #286, p.82-3 ]
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.198-200 ]

  • Nightshade
    [ Dragon Magazine #298, p.92-3 ]

    Perfected by the lost art of "arachthel," a path of stealth that relied on powers granted from the venom of spiders, the nightshades were born. This secretive group spies on the surface nations, gathering information, spreading panic and fear, and bringing the silent blade to Kilsek’s foes.

  • Nightsong Enforcer
    [ Dragon Magazine #293, p.84-5 ]

  • Nightsong Infiltratror
    [ Dragon Magazine #294, p.66-7 ]

  • Ninja
    [ Sword and Fist p.30-32 ]

  • Ocular Adept
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.200-01 ]

  • Oozemaster
    [ Masters of the Wild p.67-8 ]

  • Orc Blademaster
    [ Dragon Magazine #299, p.106-7 ]

  • Orc Scout
    [ Silver Marches p.114-15 ]

  • Orc Warlord
    [ Races of Faerūn p.184-5 ]

  • Order of the Bow Initiate
    [ Sword and Fist p.32-3 ]

  • Outlaw of the Crimson Road
    [ Song and Silence p.10-12 ]

  • Pale Master
    [ Tome and Blood p.64-7 ]
    [ Libris Mortis p.47-9 ]

    Necromancy is usually a poor choice for arcane spellcasters--those who really want to master the deathless arts almost always pursue divine means. However, there is an alternative for those who desire power over the undead but refuse to give up their arcane craft completely. Enter the pale master, who draws on a font of special lore that provides a macabre power all its own.

  • Peerless Archer
    [ Silver Marches p.115-17 ]

  • Perfected One
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.56-7 ]

  • Perfect Wight
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.34-5 ]

  • Planar Champion
    Planar Champions are warriors of a hundred worlds, Mercenary captain of the blood wars, Sword of Celestial Vengeance. The planar champion moves between the planes, always driven to battle. She may be driven by a quest for justice or a thirst for blood, but she is feared throughout the known universes for her prowess.

  • Planetary Explorer
    [ Polyhedron #151, p.23-5 ]

  • Prairie Runner
    [ Dragon Magazine #292, p.56-7 ]

  • Primal Rager
    [ Dragon Magazine #295, p.70-2 ]

  • Prime Underdark Guide
    [ The Underdark p.40-2 ]

  • Prophet of Erathaol
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.66-7 ]

  • Purple Dragon Highknight
    [ Dragon Magazine Annual 2000, p. 62 ]

  • Purple Dragon Knight
    [ Forgotten Realms p.49-50 ]

  • Radiant Servant of Pelor
    [ Dragon Magazine #283 p.42-4 ]

  • Reaper's Child
    [ Dragon Magazine #299, p.37-8 ]

  • Red Avenger
    [ Sword and Fist p.34-5 ]

  • Red Wizard
    [ Forgotten Realms p.50-1 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.193-4 ]

  • Risen Martyr
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.68-9 ]

  • Royal Explorer
    [ Song and Silence p.13-14 ]

  • Runecaster
    [ Forgotten Realms p.51-2 ]

  • Sacred Exorcist
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.68-70 ]

  • Sacred Fist
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.70-2 ]

    Sacred Fists are independent organizations found within many temples. Their ascetic members have turned their divine magic inward, bringing their bodies and wills into harmony.

  • Scaled Horror
    [ Savage Species p.83-4 ]

  • Sea Mother Whip
    [ The Underdark p.42-3 ]

  • Sensate
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.48-9 ]

  • Sentinel of Bharrai
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.69-70 ]

  • Shadow Adept
    [ Forgotten Realms p.52-3 ]

  • Shadowcrafter
    [ The Underdark p.43-4 ]

  • Shadowdancer
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide p.34-6 ]
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.194-6 ]

  • Shifter
    [ Masters of the Wild p.68-70 ]

  • Shining Blade of Heironeous
    [ Dragon Magazine #283 p.40-2 ]

  • Shoal Servant
    [ Dragon Magazine #300, p.61-4 ]

  • Silverhair Knight
    [ Dragon Magazine #315 p.28-31 ]

    Silverhair Knights, devout followers of Eilistraee that are also known as "sin eaters", trained to aid in the conversion and subsequent protection of drow who have come to the surface of Faerūn.

  • Silverstar
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.201-02 ]

  • Sinker
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.49-50 ]

  • Siren
    [ Savage Species p.84-6 ]

  • Skylord
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.70-3 ]

  • Slaad Brooder
    [ Savage Species p.86-9 ]

  • Slayer of Domiel
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.73-5 ]

  • Slime Lord
    [ Player's Guide to Faerūn p.186-87 ]

    Though Ghaunadaur is a member of the drow pantheon, he is not a drow god at all. The Lord of Slime is a primordial deity of slimes and oozes, revered by aboleths and ropers as well as outcast drow. Slime Lords, the most favored of Ghaunadaur's servants, are not clerics; they are spies and infiltrators who can change their shapes in order to move unnoticed among members of any race.

  • Soul Eater
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.66-7 ]

  • Spelldancer
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.37-8 ]

  • Spellfire Channeler
    [ Magic of Faerūn p.38-40 ]

  • Spelljammer Ace
    [ Polyhedron #151, p.25-6 ]

  • Spellsinger
    [ Races of Faerūn p.185-6 ]

  • Spellsword
    [ Tome and Blood p.67-9 ]
    [ Complete Warrior p.79-80 ]

    The dream of melding magic and weapon play is fulfilled in the persona of the spellsword. A student of both arcane rituals and martial techniques, the spellsword gradually learns to cast spells in armor with less chance of failure. Moreover, she can cast spells through her weapon, as well as store spells there for later use and bypassing her opponent’s defenses.

  • Spur Lord
    [ Lords of Darkness p.11-12 ]

  • Spymaster
    [ Song and Silence p.14-16 ]

  • Stalker of Kharash
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.75-7 ]

  • Stalwart Warden
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.57-8 ]

  • Stellar Corsair
    [ Polyhedron #151, p.26-7 ]

  • Stoneface
    [ Dragon Magazine #310, p.74-5 ]

  • Stonelord
    [ Dragon Magazine #278, p.92-3 ]

  • Stormlord
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.203-4 ]

  • Storykeeper
    [ Polyhedron #151, p.27-9 ]

  • Strifeleader
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.204-5 ]

  • Survivor
    [ Savage Species p.89-90 ]

  • Sword Dancer
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.205-6 ]
    Eilistraee the Dark Maiden encourages drow to return to the surface world and reestablish themselves as rightful, non-evil inhabitants of the Night Above. Although they need not be drow themselves, Sword Dancers are expected to lead that migration and work to promote harmony between drow and surface-dwelling races. They nurture beauty, music, and the craft of making musical instruments, and song wherever they find it, assist hunters in hunting, and help others in acts of kindness whenever they see ways to do so.

  • Sword of Righteousness
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.77-8 ]

  • Sybil
    [ Savage Species p.90-3 ]

  • Taker
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.51-2 ]

  • Tamer of Beasts
    [ Masters of the Wild p.70-1 ]

  • Techsmith
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.206-8 ]

  • Tempest
    [ Masters of the Wild p.72-3 ]

  • Templar
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.72-4 ]

  • Temple Raider
    [ Song and Silence p.16-18 ]

  • Thaumaturgist
    [ Dungeon Master's Guide V3.5 p.196-7 ]

  • Thayan Knight
    [ Lords of Darkness p.64-5 ]

  • The Tainted
    [ Dragon Magazine #302, p.32-44 ]

  • Thief-Acrobat
    [ Song and Silence p.18-20 ]

  • Thrall of Demogorgon
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.67-8 ]

  • Thrall of Fraz-Urb'luu
    [ Dragon Magazine #333 p.31-4 ]

  • Thrall of Graz'zt
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.68-9 ]

  • Thrall of Jubilex
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.70 ]

  • Thrall of Orcus
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.71-2 ]

  • Thrall of Pazuzu
    [ Dragon Magazine #329 p.61-4 ]

  • Tiger Mask
    [ Dragon Magazine #300, p.64-5 ]

  • Tribal Protector
    [ Sword and Fist p.35-6 ]

  • Troubador of Stars
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.78-80 ]

  • True Necromancer
    [ Tome and Blood p.69-70 ]

  • Unholy Ravager
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.58-60 ]

  • Union Sentinel
    [ Epic Level Handbook p.35-6 ]

  • Ur-Priest
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.72-3 ]

  • Vassal of Bahamut
    [ Book of Exalted Good, p.80-1 ]

  • Verdant Lord
    [ Masters of the Wild p.73-5 ]

  • Vermin Keeper
    [ The Underdark p.44-6 ]

  • Vermin Lord
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.73-5 ]

  • Vigilante
    [ Song and Silence p.20-2 ]

  • Virtuoso
    [ Song and Silence p.22-4 ]

  • Warmaster
    [ Sword and Fist p.37-8 ]

  • Warpriest
    [ Defenders of the Faith p.74-5 ]

  • Warrior of Darkness
    [ Book of Vile Darkness p.75-6 ]

  • Warrior Skald
    [ Races of Faerūn p.186-8 ]

  • Warsling Sniper
    [ Races of Faerūn p.188-9 ]

  • War Wizard of Cormyr
    [ Magic of Faerūn p. 40-1 ]

  • Watch Detective
    [ Masters of the Wild p.75-7 ]

  • Waverider
    [ Savage Species p.93-7 ]

  • Waveservant
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.209-210 ]

  • Wayfarer Guide
    [ Tome and Blood p.70-1 ]

  • Weaponmaster
    [ Sword and Fist p.38-39 ]

  • Wearer of Purple
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.210-12 ]

  • Wild Scout
    [ Silver Marches p.117-18 ]

  • Windrider
    [ Masters of the Wild p.77-9 ]

  • Windwalker
    [ Faiths and Pantheons p.212-13 ]

  • Wonderworker
    [ Book of Exalted Deeds, p.81 ]

  • World Guardian
    [ Dragon Magazine #297, p.59-61 ]

  • Worldspeaker
    [ Dragon Magazine #311, p.65-7 ]

  • Xaositect
    [ Dragon Magazine #287, p.52-3 ]

  • Yathchol Webrider
    [ The Underdark p.46-7 ]

  • Yathrinshee
    [ Player's Guide to Faerūn p.187-89 ]

    Because she is a goddess of undeath, Kiaransalee favors servants who combine their clerical mastery of the undead with arcane research into negative energy and necromancy. Yathrinshees, the elite ranks of Kiaransalee's priests, are powerful masters of necromantic magic, both arcane and divine.

  • Yuan-ti Cultist
    [ Savage Species p.97-100 ]

  • Zhentarim Skymage
    [ Lords of Darkness p.102-3 ]


  • Arcane Delver
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.29-31 ]

  • Archaeologist
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.45-6 ]

  • Armor Pugilist
    [ Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight p.10 ]

    Armor pugilism is an intense style specializing in using extreme physical conditioning combined with secret breathing techniques to make the flesh as tough as steel. Armor pugilists are fearsome warriors; they seem invulnerable to all but the most powerful attacks while shunning any protection.

  • Beastrider
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.17-19 ]

  • Blade Artist
    [ Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight p.11-2 ]

    A blade artist is someone who has taken the art of knife fighting to a higher level than that seen in street fights and tavern brawls. He has learned the finer points of using a dagger to take down much heavier armed foes by combining knife fighting with a specialized unarmed style. The most masterful blade artists develop magical talent with the dagger, making them surprisingly dangerous.

  • Blessed Master
    [ The Quintessential Drow p.13-15 ]
    Many drow believe that spiders are sacred creatures, manifestation's of their dark goddesses' will and signs of her favor. A small number of drow are born each generation who are gifted with a natural affinity for these creatures. This kinship with the spiders gives the drow dominion over the spiders, along with the ability to enhance the natural strengths of the spiders with diving blessings.

  • Blinded
    [ The Quintessential Drow p.15-17 ]
    The drow dwell in the dark, in the black spaces below the earth where light never shines and the strange and twisted creatures pray to their alien gods. For the drow, then, the absence of light is nothing new and can be comforting to those born and raised in the embrace of darkness. The blinded take this even further, forsaking their sight for the ability to bring darkness to their enemies.

  • Blood Hunter
    [ Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight p.13-4 ]

    A blood hunter is a mortal that has learned a secret style of martial arts called cruorsh from a vampire master. This class is primarily designed as an NPC class but could be used if you have evil PCs in your campaign.

  • Boarding Marine
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.46 ]

  • Brawler
    [ The Quintessential Fighter p.15-16 ]

    There are few fighters with as low a reputation as the brawler and their true skills are rarely recognized. Assumed to be nothing more than a bar-room bully, brawlers are noted for picking on the weak for nothing more than fun and sport. However, they are in fact highly skilled individuals who often possess as much self-discipline as the highest knight, though their origins tend to be much lower.

  • Captain
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.48-9 ]

  • Corsair
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.77-8 ]

  • Creature Cultist
    [ Plot and Poison p.59-61 ]
    The monsters of the Underdark are often powerful, and some of their most obsessive hunters come to admire and marvel at them. Admiration can lead to emulation, and the creature cultists hope that through emulation they will gain a monster's powers.

  • Crooked Monk
    [ Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight p.15-6 ]

    The crooked monks, like all monks, seek enlightenment. Unlike regular monks, crooked monks are thoroughly chaotic. Crooked monks believe that to achieve enlightenment, one must do everything at least once. Traditional monk scholars counter this belief with the argument that if that is so, then since crooked monks have never experienced discipline, they will never achieve their goal, and therefore their lifestyle is invalid. Crooked monks merely laugh at this logic, and then quickly find something else to do besides wasting their time arguing with a stoic monk.

  • Daring Fool
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.49-50 ]

  • Darksight Slayer
    [ Plot and Poison p.63-4 ]
    Between shadow and darkness, seeing where others cannot, the darksight slayer can strike from hiding and fade away, shrouded from the sight of her enemies by virtue of her own all-encompassing vision. Darksight slayers have tapped into the little-understood drow heritage of darkvision and the darkness spell. Using their knowledge of these abilities and of how creatures see, they become capable of astonishing exploits.

  • Darksoul
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.31-3 ]

  • Deepsinger
    [ Plot and Poison p.64-6 ]
    The earth has a music all its own, and the Underdark is her concert hall. Deepsingers hear the natural sounds of the dark caves and black pools of the Underdark as one unending grand symphony to which they can add their own harmonies, and by doing so; sing the dirges of their enemies' deaths.

  • Dominant
    [ Plot and Poison p.66-8 ]
    The dominant's pleasure is to bring others pain, her joy to be their master and control them. She sees other creatures as tools or toys to be manipulated, used to her satisfaction, and then tossed aside when no longer of value. To this end dominants master the arts of torture and Enchantment magic, commanding those around them through intimidation and spells. They hope to tame every creature they meet, gaining power by breaking others' wills. The whip is their constant companion--and where the whip fails, spells prevail.

  • Dweomer Defender
    [ Plot and Poison p.68-9 ]
    The dweomer defender believes that having the best defense is a form of offense. When foes crash against the bulwark of a dweomer defender's abjurations, they waste energy and resources, exposing themselves to a deadly counterattack. They are supremely confident in their ability and fearless in combat, for even if their spells should falter, their own mundane defensive skills will likely save them.

  • Entertainment Officer
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.51-2 ]

  • Field Surgeon
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.52-3 ]

  • Ghost Killer
    [ Beyond Monks - The Art of the Fight p.17-8 ]

    Ghost killers are the descendants of long-dead heroic warriors. From childhood, they have heard the whispers of their ancestors in their dreams and feel the call to become a great warrior. Upon becoming ghost killers, they hear more than whispers.

  • Green Sentinel
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.27-9 ]

  • Helmsman
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.53-4 ]

  • Keeper of Songs
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.25-7 ]

  • Man of Will
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.54-5 ]

  • Master Gunner
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.55-6 ]

  • Master of the Hunt
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.24-5 ]

  • Master Summoner
    [ Plot and Poison p.71-2 ]
    Why fight when you can get another to fight for you? The master summoner answers this question the same way every time: Battles are won by warriors, but it takes a general to win a war. As likely to employ slaves as summoned and conjured creatures, master summoners are deadly opponents, creating armies from thin air and then using their superior command of tactics to outmaneuver and outwit foes.

  • Midshipman
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.56-7 ]

  • Naval Marine
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.57-8 ]

  • Order of the Silver Heart
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.35-7 ]

  • Primordial Spirit
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.33-5 ]

  • Saboteur
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.61-2 ]

  • Ship's Chaplain
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.62-3 ]

  • Speaker of the Stars
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.20-2 ]

  • Spell Addict
    [ Plot and Poison p.72-3 ]
    Spell addicts are obsessed with magical power. The desire to control arcane magic drives them and drags them to the edge of sanity. They sacrifice everything else in their fevered study of the secrets of magic. Their passion for arcane spell casting allows them to outstrip their fellow spell casters--at the cost of their own physical and mental health. Their power is beyond doubt, but their control of that power is always in question.

  • Submissive
    [ Plot and Poison p.73-5 ]
    Submissives make devotion and loyalty look sinful. They abase themselves before a chosen master, scraping and groveling, kissing the master's feet after being kicked in the face. Submissives allow themselves to be cruelly tortured and then thank their masters for the privilege. Rescuers who try to aid a submissive beware: They are ferocious guardians of the masters, suffering no harm to come to them.

  • Topman
    [ Swashbuckling Adventures p.63-4 ]

  • Transmorph
    [ Plot and Poison p.77-8 ]
    Survivors evolve and change; conquerors alter others. Transmorphs obsessively study Transmutation magic so that they can be both the survivors and the conquerors, garnering power for themselves and weakening others.

  • Unseen Sniper
    [ Plot and Poison p.78-9 ]
    Hidden among distant rocks, the hunter waits patiently for her prey. With the pull of a trigger, the toss of a knife, or the flight of an arrow, the target falls instantly dead, but the killer is nowhere to be found. Then another shot is fired from a different direction, and another target falls; two assassins? No--one unseen sniper.

  • Vermin Outrider
    [ Plot and Poison p.79-81 ]
    Effective communication in the dark reaches of the Underdark is often a matter of magic. The physical distance between settlements might not be great, but the same cannot be said about the danger of journeying that distance. Yet when magic either fails or for some other reason will not suffice the vermin outrider steps in. Mounted on the back of a fearsome but well trained vermin, fearless of the rigors of Underdark travel, he traverses the distances between settlements with ease.

  • Vile Tormentor
    [ Plot and Poison p.81-2 ]
    Twisting the blade in a wound, nicking flesh around a nerve--vile tormentors use tactics like these to turn torture into a martial art. Extreme sadists, vile tormentors enjoy seeing others fearful and in pain. They use their extensive knowledge of physical and mental torture techniques in combat to debase their foes and render them helpless.

  • Voice of the Forest
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.20-2 ]

  • Windlord
    [ The Quintessential Elf, p.19-20 ]

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