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This page will serve to outline the process of Character Creation for our Underdark campaign. It must be stressed that our House Rules page must be referenced often and the guidelines therein heeded while creating your character. Aside from the presented House Rules, we are using D&D version 3.5 game mechanics.

The first step, after clearing your character idea submission with the DM and gaining approval, is to generate ability scores. This will be done in the presence of the DM and another random witness from among the current players to ensure fairness, utilizing an AOL/AIM private chat room. The dice-roll chat session will be logged so that anyone can reference it easily in future if need be.
The exact process of determining what you need to roll when the time comes is explained fully on the House Rules page.

The second step would be to select your Feats. Again, I must stress that the House Rules page be referenced heavily, especially for this step of the character creation process, as we have omitted and/or modified some of the most basic feats in the core D&D 3.5 system. Also, we grant a higher number of Feats than the standard rules, which being one per character level rather than one every three levels.
We've also included the option of utilizing character Traits and Flaws. A full explanation of the Trait and Flaw option is given on the House Rules page, and on the individual Feat and Flaw pages that are located on the sidebar.
This process is suggested as step two, due to the fact that some of your Feats will undoubtedly affect various other aspects of character creation via modifiers and the like.

The third step includes figuring out the entire Crunch", as in Skill Ranks, Base Attack Bonuses, and Saving Throws. Once the ability scores have been determined as per step one, this part can be done entirely on your own. If you need a reference for ability score modifiers, skill rank maximums based on your level, etc, then visit the Charts page.
During this process, keep all the various modifiers and base numbers segmented. For example, your final 'score' for any given skill will be comprised of the Ranks you purchased in the skill, the appropriate ability score modifier, and any miscellaneous modifiers due to feats or racial bonuses, or perhaps even magic items. Keeping the final tally in mind and on record, break it down also into its separate components so that review of your fully finished, submitted character sheet will go much smoother.
The amount of skill points gained per level, along with Base Attack Bonuses, and Base Save Bonuses can be referenced on the individual class pages.

The next logical step would be to equip your character. As of the current time, new characters are starting at character level 13, which means they have 110,000 gp worth of equipment and items to work with. Though you may be tempted to spend every last copper on magic items, bear in mind that there are some more mundane necessities to purchase as well. Most any magic item or enhancement (as in for weapons and armor) from any official D&D product is fair game for the players to purchase, though of course Epic items are an obvious exception. Many options from other d20 products are allowed as well, though these must be cleared with the DM.
The basics for mundane items can be found in the Players Handbook, with a nicely expanded list in the Arms and Equipment Guide. An extensive (though not exhaustive) list of magic items can be found in the Dungeon Masters Guide. Though many of the D&D sourcebooks offer a smattering of new equipment and magic items, Magic of Faerun and Underdark would be among those you definitely want to look into if you have the opportunity. Also, seeing as this is an evil based campaign, it never hurts to check out the Book of Vile Darkness for some ideas on items that those of a darker bent may employ (not to mention a fairly extensive spell list from which you could purchase Scroll versions).
While we do have a decent compiling of Weapons, Armor, and Equipment on this site, accessible on the side bar, these have not been updated in quite a while, so please do try not to shortchange you by relying solely on them. Some of the players have the actual books at their disposal, so you may want to contact them and ask if they can help you. Its also fairly easy to find and download most of the books in pdf form somewhere on the vastness which is the Web, though I am not openly condoning the practice of doing this (gaming companies do need to sell products in order to stay afloat and keep producing more, after all).

For those playing any of the various spell caster classes, there is the additional step of selecting your spells. This is not a necessity for those of a cleric bent, though such characters may want to make a compiling of their most oft used and favorite spells all the same, for ease of reference.
Those such as wizards that require a spell book must adhere to this step, however. For each level of spells that you have access to, you will have 10 + your raw INT modifier (as opposed to INT mod boosted by magic items) spells in your spell book.
Those more of a Sorcerous bent already have concrete rules determining how many spells they know, so bearing that in mind select them as you will.
Any of the spells in the official D&D products are fair game and many in non-official d20 products as well. Though of course, in the case of the latter, DM approval is a must.

The final step would be to compile all your completed character information into an e-mail and submit it to the DM.
When doing so, remember to include everything, including Ability Scores and modifiers, Racial Features and Abilities, Class Features and Abilities, Feats (and Traits if you chose to use the option), Flaws (again only if you chose to use the option), Saving Throws, Attack modifiers, Armor Class, Hit Points, Skills, Spell Lists/Spell books (if applicable), and of course Weapons, Equipment, and Magic Items.
For sake of ease, don't jumble everything together and expect us to be able to sort it all out. Segment the e-mail much as it would be done on a character sheet, separating everything by category. Or if you have access to one, send a pdf or Word character sheet filled in with the appropriate information.
Since many in the past have been confused on the Trait and Flaw system, please break down your Feats for this purpose into those gained due to levels, and those gained from Flaws (if applicable). This will make it easier to determine and correct any problems.

The character creation process is primarily up to the player to complete, though we will offer up help as needed and as time allows us to do so. Most often we will simply point you in the right direction as far as references you need are concerned, as it is not our job to make your character for you. Once or twice a week we will set a meet-up time specifically for offering help to the players in creating their characters, but again for the most part it is your responsibility. Refer to our message boards to see exactly when the offered help sessions will take place.

Page Last Updated Feburary 20th, 2004


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