Thieves are always secluded by the nature of their work. Independent guilds and organizations offer protection from the law, or a place to lay low until the heat blows over. No matter the reason, they demand a price for their services. Most organizations will charge anywhere from 10 to 25 percent of a thief's take for a duty of sorts. Monthly or bi-monthy payments. (( All options are up to the Kingdom/Guild's headmaster, within reason ))
Thieves are fiercely loyal to their guild's, and to each other. For the nature of their work demands it. All other's look down on them, and will turn them in without a second thought. Therefore, the only people they can depend on, are other thieves. The charters for the indepedent organizations will vary greatly, though the loyalty among the thieves should be a constant variable.
Being caught, however, is not recommended. The guilds will disavow any knowledge of the thief, and he becomes an outcast, left to fix the problem on his own. Of course, if the problem is fixed, and fixed well, the guilds might be impressed by how the situation was handled, for ingenuity is always welcome amongst those in the underground.
The assassins, spies and thieves are closely linked, though not too close. Desperate times call for desperate measures, or so the saying goes. All of them live above the law, which is a dangerous place to exist.

While above the law they are not above high ranking officials such as leaders and commanders..and if things go wrong they have to answer to them so it is a thin line and these ranks must be cautious at all times!

Thievery: The starting dice for thieving is 2d20, as almost everything else. But, this is where the similarities end. Success will be determined on your rolls, as compared to a chart. Now, just because you successfully lifted the object, does not mean that the person did not notice you doing it.

Thief dice will only extend to d30, with NO bonuses for being non-human. If doubles are rolled, any successes contained in the dice are automatically doubled...if none are present, then it is automatically considered at the successes you rolled.
These are figured by DICE SIDE not actual points scored!

0-10: No success
11-15: 1
16-20: 2
21-25: 3
26-30: 4
If 7 or more successes are ever generated, the item is automatically stolen, and the target gets no perception test to detect the thief.

Perception: Naturally, the target is going to notice a thief sometimes. A misplaced tug, or a rattle that he didn't make, any number of situations where the thief is gonna get caught. Perception is always on 2d20, much like assassinations. Though no Enhancers are given for bodyguards or friends present. The test is simple, you simply must match or beat the thief's number of successes in the thief test. Bonuses are given for doubles on the perception test as well.
0-5: 0
6-10: 1
11-15: 2
16-20: 3

Blood21: ::the thief, tries her luck, standing close to the person, she inches closer and mocks bumbping into them. As the contact takes place her hand and dagger make quick work of the belt purse trying to cut it loose::
OnlineHost: Blood21 rolled 2 21-sided dice: 18 7
Blood21: ((2 points scored..owner of the object may now roll for a perception must roll a 2 or higher or the object will be considered stolen))
MidnightBlue: ::he bumps into the girl making his apologies and seeing if she is alright by searching her over::
OnlineHost: MidnightBlue rolled 2 20-sided dice: 16 2
Blood21: ((according to the chart a 16 is a 3 pointer..theft attempt failed..may proceed to catch her now))
MidnightBlue: ::he snatches at her wrist seeing what she was trying to do:: now now nice try..maybe you should run along and try elsewhere eh?

At this point in time IF the thief is indeed caught they have options much like the assssin to flee or fight.
Fleeing without the object you had tried to steal is easily done just exit the area
Fleeing with the object if you were caught is a more difficult task. It will require both the victim and thief to roll a 1d6. Whoever has the highest roll will get the object.

Blood21: ::she sneers yanking her arm away, shoving him hard and grabs a hold of the pouch, yanking at it viciously::
OnlineHost: Blood21 rolled 1 6-sided die: 4
MidnightBlue: ::he yanks back just as hard, not wanting her to take the money::
OnlineHost: Xullrae Zauviir rolled 1 6-sided die: 6

After this point the thief still may choose to flee WITHOUT the object as they have failed.
If they got the higher score they they would flee with the object. In the event that both tie in the struggle both will roll 1d6 again until one or the other gets the object.
If the thief still does not wish to flee after both failed attempts ((which in most cases is reccommeded but we know some folks are stubborn)) than you may wish to fight.
Choosing the fight option only can come about if you fail to snatch the object. If you succeeded then you MUST flee. For if you do not, the victim may want compensation for battery and the empire will not protect the thief if proof is shown that an unneccesary battle took place. ((Which will more than likely show up in the log anyway and if it does the thief will not be awarded anything and possibily be fined or tried for battery or murder as decribed by Laws of the Empire. So do be careful))
If you failed to get the object you may fight for it..the 1d6 you rolled earlier will now be the initative which means the target will always go first. The fight will not be a DM unless the thief wishes it or a HM unless the target wishes it. Which means it will be a normal spar fought by the 20 30 40 rule. If it becomes a DM or HM due follow procedure.
The thief can only call for a spar or a DM. The Target may only call it an HM or spar if the thief gives up first rights to the fight. Meaning if the thief doesn't care or can't make up his/her mind then the target will decide if it is a spar or HM if neither decides it will be an automatic spar. If a Spar or HM ensues then you may not kill each other as that is breaking a law and servere penelties will happen.
As any fight you will use your physical dice but being a thief you will have a slight bonus called..

Backstab: Thieves have the unique ability to slip undetected near their foes, and let the cold steel of their blades meet the space between the enemy's shoulder blades. To represent this, a thief test is made using the thief dice, only instead of stealing, it is stealthy movement (use the appropriate charts to caluate stealth number). The target then makes the perception test as normal, to see if he detects the thief. If he does not, the attack is made using the regular attack dice, only all hits are doubled, or tripled depending on thief skill.

d20-d25: x2 damage of score rolled
d26-d30: x3 damage of score rolled

You must state prior and in ooc that you will be making a backstab and that the person has the RIGHT to roll perception

Blood21: ((I wish my char to fight for the object))
MidnightBlue: (( what now?)) Blood21: ((you get to go first since you got the higher roll and my char didn't get the object))
MidnightBlue: ((I see))
Blood21: ((I want it as a normal dice are 2d34))
MidnightBlue: ((mine are 3d51))
Blood21: ((then it will be the 20 30 40 rule))
MidnightBlue: ((ok))
MidnightBlue: ::frowning darkly he proves to be the sronger snatching his purse back from her hold and shoving her away::
OnlineHost: MidnightBlue rolled 3 51-sided dice: 8 10 11
Xullrae Zauviir: ::she feigns getting shoved scrambles up and SEEMS to run away:: ((gonna try a backstab..wait to roll perception))
MidnightBlue: ((fine with me))
OnlineHost: Blood21 rolled 2 21-sided dice: 19 11
Blood21: ::starts coming back around silently to sneak behind him::
Xullrae Zauviir: ((scored 3 roll 2d20 perception please))
MidnightBlue: ::he looks confused as the girl seemed to really want his money, but shrugged thinking thieves are all cowards went it came down to combat she he shrugged his shoulders and looked over his person to make sure everything else was
Midnightblue: there::
OnlineHost: MidnightBlue rolled 2 20-sided dice: 12 5
Blood21: ((you scored a 2 perception failed...))
Blood21: ::she comes closer realizing he is preoccupied checking his things to notice her, so at the right moment she raises her dagger and plants it heavily into his shoulder::
OnlineHost: Blood21 rolled 2 34-sided dice: 20 15
Blood21: ((my thief dice are 2d21 so the backstab doubled the damage from 3 to 6))
Blood21: thief 0/20 target 6/30

If the thief wins he/she may take the object from the wounded and flee the scene as intended.
If the thief looses, he/she must return the object and pay the target in damages or double the amount what was tried to be taken. (100 gp will turn into 200 gp for the thief to pay) Also a promise that you will not attempt to steal again from them. From the point on you will be not trusted and closely watched by the empire itself. So it is best just to cut your losses and flee
Should you win the fight you will be awarded exp as normal by the type of match it was

The XP will differ from fighting skill. Thievery is treated as a class all it's own. XP is awarded based on one thing, only awarded for thieving.
Therefore, you cannot gain thief dice by fighting spars, since the two are totally unrelated. The log of the theft must be presented, and the XP awarded is based on the approximate value of the item(s) stolen, and the method or manner in which it was done.
Everytime something is stolen, no matter the value, 4 XP points will be given. A further bonus XP value of 1 point per 100 gp value. For instance, stealing 100 gp's from a partron at an inn: Gain 4 XP just for stealing the pouch, plus an extra point for the 100 gp value for a total of 5. Maximum per theft is 10 a day. XP chart is as follows.

0-20: 2d20
21-35: 2d21
36-60: 2d22
61-100: 2d23
101-145: 2d24
145-200: 2d25
201-275: 2d26
276-350: 2d27
351-450: 2d28
451-550: 2d29
550-700: 2d30
( No more advancement may be made )

A thief may keep what he or she steals unless it was a job taken on by a client.
((logs must be sent in and APPROVED for the thief to gain and keep these items..))
If the approval is gained the thief may keep the object, sell it for money (unless it is money) or donate it to your guild or the Empire itself.

((At any time you sucessfully steal an object or not and manage to take the item anyway, the upset target may ask around about you. So a smart thief would cover their tracks. If you cannot, the forum will provide protection and cover ups provided the log shows you TRIED to to cover your tracks. If you were foolish and fought, got caught whatever and were not masked blah blah however you want to "hide" yourself the empire will not help will be up to your leader on what do with you.
We realize sometimes that there are jerks out there so try to steal from mature players that will take it in stride and may agree to the forums rules))

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