Spies like Thieves, though each profession is frowned upon and very mistrusted, is an essential part of making profit and business growth within any organization.

To become a spy within the Empire is rather easy, but to whether anyone will hire you will depend on the leaders and if they trust you enough.

If a spy is traitorous and caught, death is the only punishment given.

To become a Spy within the Empire or said guild you want to join in can be a tedious but worthwhile process.
It will be a test of skill.
When a person requests to be a spy on an application, the leader of that guild must notify the head of the Intelligence Department. If there isn't one then the leader will report to the Empress and she will give you an assignment.
Your superior (being the Empress or Intelligence Head) will give you the name (and SN) and a description of the person they wish you to track and spy on.
They may ask you to find out various information about your "target" such as where do they live to have they killed anyone. The possibilities are endless but the point is to gather any information they want on the subject they give you.
((this means you will log the event and turn it in for viewing))
If you gather all the information without the person getting suspicious or annoyed at your presense that you may be a Spy then you have past your test. ((will be able to tell if they did by the log))
When you pass, you will be given a regristration number and therefore be a legit spy, working for your Guild or oranization.

When a spy turns in a stolen roster of a guild (that isn't on file),they receive 1 EXP per person on the Roster Roster updates are credited to you at a flat 50 exps per update. If there are more members listed on the update than on the previously given roster, then the spy gets 25X the difference. This applies only to stolen rosters, not normal guild updates.
Why so little amount of EXP? Because lets be rational and face it, rosters are so easy to get..and we don't want lazy spies do we? That only get rosters so they can go up in power. We are aware of this problem thats why the Empire doesn't give much credit to these easy tasks
Kingdom/Guild commanders may choose how much they are willing to pay for stolen rosters, depending on what their Kingdom/Guild can afford within a reasonable amount and may be only paid in GP as the Empire provides the experience.
Note: rosters that don't include a member count at the top, dice of members, or are attached files will not be accepted as stolen rosters by the Empire

. Rosters are to be sent to the leader and your Kingdom/Guild scribe (or equivalent)for EXP's.

Spying on Characters:
A Spy may perform his/her duties on specific people if hired by another person, whether or not they're of the Kingdom/Guild the spy is in. The Spy may spy on a specific person in a variety of different ways
Eavsdropping Being bold and being in plain sight or remaining hidden
By engaging in conversation to craftily get the target to leak info
Using intimadation, commonly used by thieves
By force..not recommended
Bribery commonly used by thieves
There are many possibilites and it will depend on the style preferred by the spy.
((get the info by chat logs, IM logs or any other information requested by the employer in this manner please.))
The employer him/herself may choose the price for every log/piece of information sent in. Unless you two agreed on something before the nission and the spy set the price, but keep a record (log) of it to use as proof just in case either party tries to swindle the other.
When spying on a single person, no XP is awarded, but the spy will be paid from his employer in GP. UNLESS the Employer is the leader of your or another organization..only they have the power to award more than gold (meaning EXP)

In war spies are the most essential officers, in ways of gathering info, knowing the enemies strategies allies ect.
Payment during war will always vary as you will be juged on (by sending as logs as usual) your judgement, were you crafty? skill did you stay hidden, use stealth or any other way to gain the info? and thoroughness of the sitiation (did you get all the information you were assigned to gather?

Gathering basic information- such as who the enemies' allies are, who are the assassins what time the war will start and so on to name a few.
(100-1000 GP)
(200-1300 EXP)

Getting Rosters of the warring guilds- You may want a thief along for this mission..the choice is up to the spy. (as with everything else send in a log of how you obtained it, unless you joined the guild to get it) this is to get a feel to see what your organization will be up against. If they have allies..get their roster as well.
(100-500 GP)
(150-550 EXP) (100 EXP and GP for weekly updates of the same roster)
(500-1000 EXP and GP for each allies roster
(200 GP and EXP for each weekly update of an allies roster

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