The Basics of a Spar

We've brought together the rules of many forums and some of the old ways of Rhy'Din. There are many ways to score Spars, Mass Spars, and other combat matches in Rhy'Din, along with the way to proctor them. So these are the basics...

Init (Initiative): It is the roll at the start of a match or spar. The higher roller gets to go first and the rest follow in numerical order. (roll 1d6) HOW TO ROLL:
Mass Spars: //ROLL-DICE1-SIDES100

Spar: A fight between two opponents that can be used to determine abilities and skills or for the express enjoyment of what some call "the love of the fight." YOU MAY NOT USE DICE THAT YOU HAVEN'T EARNED, unless you choose to fight with set dice. To start out, simply roll initiative, and the person who wins the initiative roll (i.e. rolls highest) will have First Blood, and the loser will have Honor Shot. Honor Shot is something that will ensure that the loser of the initiative roll will be granted the last shot of the spar no matter what the outcome. You may decline the Honor Shot if you so wish.
Experience Earned from Spars: 2 times the difference (ex. Kane Vs Dreg, Kane wins 89-70. A total difference of 19. 19 x 2 = 38xp)

Mass Spar: A fight against a group of opponents, ranging from 3 to 8, possibly more. The maximum hit points for each combatant is determined by the proctor, or the mortal rule of 40, 30, and 20. First you state your Kingdom/Guild dice, then roll initiative to see what the order of the match is. There are usually no Honor Shots in Mass Spars, but you are allowed to have them in the first round, depending on the way the proctor performs the match. You may use different attacks if they are allowed in the terms of the fight. Random Attacks (r/a) and Spilt Attacks (s/a). Random attacks are when you roll one die and the number of sides is equal to the number of people sparring against you (ex. 6 total combatants including yourself. You would roll 1d5, the number you roll is the number of the person you would hit in order of the match). A split attack is when you use all your dice to attack more than one person, splitting them up amongst those you want to hit
(ex. immortal 4d attack
::draws two silver daggers, throwing one at Roland(2d) and one at Jaxon(2d)::. You can use all your dice to hit a maximum of 4 people)
(ex. half breed attack
::kicks Aiken(2d) into Mason(1d):: you can hit up to 3 people)
(ex. mortal attack
::jumps up kicking Kane (1d) and Lance (1d) with a double front kick:: you can hit up to 2 people)
In the MS the person that is left "standing" so to speak at the end of the fight is victorious.
Experience Earned from a Mass Spar: Other forums differ from this this one, the GC of a particual Kingdom or Guild decides on EXP' more than 500 allowed. (ex. MS~ Dreg wins, 42(high dice) x 8(number of people) x 2 = 676 xps)

SM: Slave Match - This spar is where the two opponents agree that the one defeated will enter into a period of slavery to the victor for a set length of time, agreed upon by both when the terms of the match are set. Slavery can entail many things. For example< if the victor has an establishment, he/she may choose to have the slave work within, and forfeit any payment (gold/xps etc..)that one would usually receive for common labor (tending bar/selling weapons ect..)). There can also be a pleasurable side to slavery in which the victor may have his/her slave wait upon them giving foot or back massages and such.
Experience Earned from a Slave Match: 6 times the difference (ex. Eden vs Slayn, Eden wins 100-93. A total difference of 7. 7 x 6 = 42xp)

RM: Release Match - This is a spar conducted at the end of the term of slavery to see if slavery may be continued for another period of a mun week....if the slave is victorous then he/she regains their freedom at that time. Another type of RM is an ERM or early release match. This is if a slave has found his/her master or mistress to be cruel and not holding to the same beliefs as was thought when the terms were stated. The slave has the right to seek a "champion" to fight on their behalf for early release.
Experience Earned from a Release Match: 6 times the difference

HM: Honor Match - This spar is fought in the event that one feels their own honor or beliefs has been put in question. Defense of a loved one, family or of friends is usually settled with an HM. The outcome being that the loser may be require to make a public apology to those he/she has wronged. If the challenger loses then the dispute is considered settled with no further action by either party. Honor matches are also used in settling wagers between two opponents.
Experience Earned from a Honor Match: 5 times the difference

DM: Death Match - This is the most serious of all the fights. A "fight to the finish" depending on terms agreed upon by the opponents. Is usually only fought when there are no other alternatives, such as HM's, in settling disputes. When no agreement can be reached a DM ensues. There are different levels of DM's. A Level I is where the terms are set and rezz is automatically granted to the winner In a Level II DM a priest is needed in order to rezz. The period in which to find a priest is usually 24-48 hours mun time. During that time the deceased may not enter public rooms and must ghost for the entirety until the priest restores them to life. Level III is the most serious of all DM's. No rezz is granted and SN deletion within 24 hours mun time is required, which by the way is a term of service offense without mun consent. There is a 10-15 minute punt rule in affect during a DM. (Punt rule is for when a mun is punted off line and a time for them to come back is set. If the person doesn't come back with in that set time then the person has lost that match.)
Experience Earned from a Death Match: 10x the lowest dice and the points spread

All Death Match Logs Must Be Sent to *Aiyana Moonshyne*

The set rules and restrictions that are established at the beginning of a match. The proctor is the person who is allowed to decide the terms. You may ask to have another term added but it's the proc's final decision on what the terms will be. Below there are some examples...there are more, but these are the ones that come up most often.

No SiDs, Enhancers, or Healing
Anyone leaving a spar that comes back is disqualified
(getting knocked off line is excluded)
Split attacks, Specials and Random attacks are all ok ( or excluding specials)
HS(honor shot): 1st rd for 3d and 4d, 1st and 2nd for 2d. This type of HS would be used in a MS. HS is suggested to be used in all matches except DM's
Specials for mortals all rounds but first. No Split attacks, Randoms, or Specials first round Any judgment by the Proctor is final

*REMEMBER----MAKE AN ACTION BEFORE ROLLING DICE* (::kicks her challenger in the stomach:: ROLLED: 25 4)