Shop Regulations

The Forum/Empire will have 20 shops available and they will be given to the highest bidders. After 20 forum shops we draw the line...meaning if you want a them from the owners. In this original number there will be no repeat types of Forum shops...kingdom/guild shops are an exception.
EX: 1 bar 1 weapon shop. If you wish to have a store like one already in place read on. The original shops will be subject to all the rules of a new one as stated later in this document.

If someone wishes to have a shop of their own then they must first get forum approval. If the forum approves of the shop you must pay 750 GP. The forum can say no for many reasons. The main one is that their are too many of that type of shop. If that is the case you can go ask the owner of one of them to sell. If they refuse you can go to war over it. Its not recommended, but you can.

If you own a shop you must follow certain rules. You have to place that you are the owner in your profile. You have to send in logs to the forum to show that the shop is active and used for what you said it would be used for. Its up to the owner if they accept money or not and if they hire a staff or not. They must pay workers in some form or another. There also taxes on a shop depending if its a Kingdom/Guild or Forum shop. Discussed in the next section.

A Kingdom/Guild shop has the kingdom/guild name/acronym in it and a Forum shop has the Forums name/acronym in it. A Kingdom/Guild shop is owned by the entire kingdom/guild and people from the kingdom/guild work for free in it. The reason this is up here as a Forum matter is its insured by the Forum instead of the Kingdom/Guild. That means if destroyed by a non-forum kingdom/guild the forum gets involved and if destroyed by a forum kingdom/guild then action is taken. A Forum shop is owned by the Forum and leased out to someone
EX: the original shops, or it is one that the forum gave approval for that is owned by a person and not a kingdom/guild. It is protected by the forum the same way as a Kingdom/Guild shop.

All shops in the Forum are taxed. They must send a log each month showing they are active and if they accept money they must pay 10% of their profit to the forum. Kingdom/Guild Shops give 5%. They must keep logs of sales larger then a single drink. A single drink is not placed towards the total profit of the shop.

If an owner of a shop decides to sell all they have to do is notify the Forum they are going to sell and when they sell it. They can ask as much as they want. They can also sell it to the Forum for as much as they paid for it.

Every shop is listed in the forum charter to generate traffic. Shops generate 150 gold each week and bars generate 250 gold each week in profits to be sent to the owner. With that they can hire people to work there or keep the money for themselves and advertize their services. To check stores, or to update your shop, view the Lists

Shop Application

What is your name (SN too)?

What Kingdom/Guild are you in?

Is this for a Forum or Kingdom/Guild shop?

What type of shop do you wish to make?

Place a general description of the shop here:

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