Steps to creating a Role-Playing Character:

1. Imagine someone or something that you always wanted to be, or act out.

2. Describe that character in your profile. Name, appearance, feelings, etc.

3. When you roleplay.. you use colons when your character is doing an action or movement.
Ex. ::walks quietly into the tavern, eyes studying each occupant then makes his way toward the bar::

4. When your character talks regular, like to another character, you don't need colons.
Ex. ::turns his head and looks towards the person:: How are you today?

5. You should usually start in a roleplaying chat room to see how other characters interact and to test your skills and learn to better them. Most roleplaying chat rooms are located in Member Chats under Arts and Entertainment. Usually they are either Taverns, Waterfalls, Lakes, Forests, or Inns.

6. Go and try roleplaying!

Role Play Terms to Know:

Term (Short Definition)
AA (Assassination Attempt)
MAA (Mass AA)
GC (Guild Commander)
SiC (Second in Command)
TiC (Third in Command)
Spar (Friendly fight)
TA (Theft Attempt)
MTA (Mass TA)
OOC (Out of Character)
IC (In Character)
RPG (Role Playing Game)
RM (Resurrection Match)
RMı (Release Match)
DM (Death Match)
IRL (In Real Life)
MS (Mass Spar)
Proctor (Person who referees Spars/MS's/etc)
PoW (Prinsoner of War)
HM (Honour Match)
SM (Slave Match)
MDM (Mass Death Match)
Mun (Person typing at the keyboard)
PoWM (Prisoner of War Match)
VCM (Variable Combat Method)

AA - This is an attempt on someones life without going into a DM if successful the target is killed and the assassin gains exp according to his/her guilds way of distributing.Top

MAA - This is usually done for several weaker people to gang up and kill one larger person. Top

GC - This is your High Command usually what he/she says is final [in terms of democratic guilds he/she is usually the tie breaker if one should occure].Top

SiC - This is the GC's right hand person, this person would take over in case of the absence of the GC. Top

TiC - This is the GC's left hand person, in the rare event that both the GC AND TiC are missing (or gone because of mun reasons) then this guy would assume command.Top

Spar - This is your friendly fight, all damage done during a spar is "magickally" healed afterwards. Top

TA - This is for you thieves, this is where you try to steal some goodies from others [or stores]Top

MTA - A bunch of you li'l thieves try to steal someone of everything except their undergarments *SEE NOTE*Top

OOC - This is real world discussion usually denoted by double parenthesis [ (( )) ], and is concidered rude in chatrooms. Top

IC - This is you acting your character out. Top

RPG - Any system of games that required the gaining of experience points in order to advance in physical/mental strengths.Top

RM - This is for a slaves but it is to be faught by someone wo IS NOT a slave. The loser of this match becomes a slave. Top
RMı - This match is for losers of DM's but CANNOT be faught by them. The winner of this match earsn what are called Rezz rights allowing the loser to be rezzed is at the descretion of the DM's winner but they can be forfieted to the winner of this match.Top

IRL - This is our world Earth with the 9 planets (or is it 8?)Top

Mass Spar - This is a spar involving 3 or more participants exp gets racked up rather quickly in these.Top

Proctor - This person is the referee in ALL matches what they say is FINAL and the match can be called null by the proctor.Top

Prisoner of War - This person lost a PoW match.Top

Mass Death Match - This is your basic hell hole.. all participants must fight to the death until one team annihilates the other.. EXP are EXTREMELY high in these types of matches BUT the lossing team is DEAD.Top

Mun - This is you, the person looking at the screen reading what I've typed up. The person at the keyboard who typed in the web address or clicked on a link to get to this page? Any of this getting through?Top

PoWM - This match is usually faught during wars when death is to be avoided. The loser becomes the prisoner of the opposing guild.Top

VCM - Means you can do multiple moves during a round.(i.e. 4d4 moves during the round)Top

I ~~~~~~~~~NOTE MTA~~~~~~~~~
To my knowledge this type of theft does not exsit. But it was placed here in case it by chance does.Top
~~~~~~~~~END NOTE~~~~~~~~~