The Rank System is optional....if one chooses to follow the system, follow the dice guidelines as well.

To see the different positions and their rules please do click on the underlined words. These ARE to be followed!

Also check the Registration Numbers of some ranks.

Rank System: Knights

Page d20
Squire d25
Novice d30
Knight d35

Anything d35 and above is a Specialized Knight (EX: Blood Knight, Paladin, etc). Once you reach this point, it is your choice of positions. d100 is a MASTER: Knight Master. DC's and Legions are picked by the GC. Depending on mortal/immortal check the Dice System to award proper EXP.

Rank System: Priests

Acolyte d20
Priest(ess) d25
Bishop d40
Archbishop d60
Cardinal d80
High Priest(ess) d90+Special

NOTE: Check the Dice/EXP System. 2d and 3d are different.

Rank System: Mages (Male)

Warlock d20
Wizard d60
Mage d80
Royal Arch Magius * d90+Special

Rank System: Mages (Female)

Enchantress d20
Witch d50
Sorceress d70
Royal Arch Magius * d90+Special

* This Rank can be attained by a single person of either sex.
NOTE: The Mages are delineated by sex due to the reason that females have a more intrinsic bond/attunement with the natural forces about them, from which all draw their magics. Hence, magic may comes easier to them and they may advance faster. NOTE: Check the Dice/EXP System. 2d and 3d are different.

Rank System: General Forces

Private d20
Sergeant d30
Warrant Officer d35
2nd Lieutenant d40
1st Lieutenant d50
Captain d60
Major d70
LT. Colonel d80
Colonel d90

NOTE: Check the Dice/EXP System. 2d and 3d are different.

**MORE NOTES**: All other Ranks (EX: spies, thieves, bodyguards, bards) do not have a ranking system. All start at d20 (unless they have EXP from another Forum) Even though one may have proper dice to go up, the GC's have the decision to keep a person from promotion if they think the person needs more training. DC's start out with whatever dice the GC awarded them before becoming a DC.

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