Priests get their powers granted by Gods through prayer. By saying the right prayer and with proper rest, these divine people are granted Spells

One cannot become Priests until they receive proper training (getting a reg number first) by choosing the Deity you want to follow, following the Guidelines and getting familiar with the mundane duties of everyday life that comes with being a Priest.

Healing: Healing comes by magical means or mundune means whether by prayer or skill. By skill, it means you actually stitch up a wound, wash it and bandage it. It can also mean you can give the "patient" herbs or other medicines to treat an illness. Acolytes (priests in training) as well as Medics may only do the mundane procedures as neither are granted spells.
Priests usually use spells to heal
(awarding of XPs similar to that of a spar. 30XP for natural/herbal healing. 20XP for spell healing.)

Resurrection: Perhaps the hardest duty a priest can perform. May need a medic or an acolyte present to manage the wounds on the body prior to ressurection to do mundune healing or may get another priest to do a healing spell after the body is brought back to life. The choice is left to the one who is doing the ressurecting. The priest must be a certain power level (dice side or actual level) to perform this task unless they buy a ressurection scroll and read off it.
(300 XP done 75XP if read off a scroll)

Marriage: A sacred ceremony to many. A priest or higher..even a medic (if you prefer a non religious weddding) may perform a marriage. But be sure to do it the way the couple wants and make sure they are ready to go through the ceremony (have everything planned ahead of time)
Alcolytes may NOT perform weddings.
(150 XP)

Naming Ceremonies: This is a ritual that blesses a newborn upon their birth..or shortly after. Also the "rite of passage" for an alcolyte to elevate to Priesthood.

Divorces: The act of ending ones Marriage. This duty is for any priest who wish to do the paperwork. This includes putting the reason why for the divorce, what each person wants to take (custody of children, house etc.) and signing of all parties involved, usually the husband wife and Priest. (130XP)

Removal of Curses: This can only done by a priest or higher at a certain level or read off a scroll. Some curses depending on what they are cannot be removed.
(250XP 100 XP if read off a scroll)

Birthings: Healers/Medics or Priest may assist with birthings as well as Acolytes. This is the process of helping a pregnant woman bring a newborn in this world. and is a careful and time consuming process. After the birthing..the mother may wish a naming ceremony performed but ask before it is done..keep in mind only a priest can do this.

***Please remember in any of this that we are Role Playing and not roll playing. Make it as interesting as possible for all involved.***
Bards, Healers and Thieves are the only other ranks besides Mages and Priest that can read scrolls

Rules for Healing:

Priests and Healers have 2 sets of dice like Assassins.
One set is your normal dice, used for sparring. Maximum dice side is d100

Second set is strictly for casting spells in spars, healing, and performing the various ceremonies and clerical duties stated above. To see the types of spells you can use in spar with no hand to hand combat, go HERE. Maximum dice sides are d100's (2d only)

Steps to follow when Healing:

1. Be sure to get the permission of the person you are healing. (you may have to get permission through an IM if the character isn't able to respond)

2. Check the extent of the injuries. (hopefully this can be done through a creative RP but if not, discuss it in an IM)

3. State your actions in the healing. For example: ::gently lays her glowing hands over the wound:: (roll) ::a tingling sensation flows from her hands to the wound carrying with it a surge of gentle soothing energy:: (roll)

4. Roll 2 of your dice. If you score anything on a 20 on either of your dice you can continue. If you roll a 15-19, you must wait a turn to try again, however, one point was still healed.

5. Because healing through magic is tiring, the most you can heal is as follows: (this is reference to the Hit to kill chart for Assassins...most will have 50 hp or higher. This is also in reference to the free form gamers and such for their levels ect.)
d20-d24 can heal 3 points of damage.
d25-d29 can heal 7 points of damage.
d30-d34 can heal 11 points of damage.
d35-d39 can heal 15 points of damage.
d40-d44 can heal 20 points of damage.
d45-d49 can heal 25 points of damage.
d50-d54 can heal 30 points of damage.
d55-d59 can heal 35 points of damage.
d60-d64 can heal 40 points of damage.
d65-d69 can heal 50 points of damage.
d70-d74 can heal 60 points of damage.
d75-d79 can heal 70 points of damage.
d80-d84 can heal 80 points of damage.
d85-d89 can heal 90 points of damage.
d90-d94 can heal 110 points of damage.
d95-d99 can heal 130 points of damage.
d100+ can heal 160 points of damage.

6. You are allowed a max of 3 tries to heal a person. Whether you manage to heal the person totally or not, the person healed will need time to rest. Magic healing is great and will keep you from dying, but rest will still be required.

(Another way to go is to follow the chart for sparring......keep rolling until you get to the point damage but that can take forever and be tedious if you get bad rolls.)

(Not all healings are magical, some are more traditional and use herbs and such. These healings should be given XPs as well....this applies to medics, doctors and so forth. They set bones, bandage wounds, etc.) 7. Send log of the heal to Aiyana Moonshyne. ((DO NOT SEND LOGS THAT MUST BE DOWNLOADED, THEY WILL BE IGNORED.)) Send in a log and XPs will be awarded. EVERYTHING MUST BE LOGGED TO RECEIVE CREDIT..CEPT DIVORCES BUT YOU SHOULD E-MAIL IT WITH SIGNATURES!!

For Curing Illnesses:

Follow rules for healing wounds. Note: if the illness is caused by a curse...follow the curse removal procedure.

Rules for Resurrection:

1. If the person has died in a DM then rezz rights MUST have been granted. If the person has died by other means no rezz rights are needed. (If the person is known for killing themselves then changing their mind, you might not want to get involved. It only wastes everyone's time, including your own)

2. You must have at least one healer present, more than one is preferable.

3. Healers must first heal the body. See rules for healing above. (The only difference is that they have 5 rolls in which to heal the body of 15 points of damage. If the healer(s) are unable to do this, then the rezz is a failure.) Note: the priest(ess) cannot heal the body. Your energy is going to be going to getting the soul back into the body. If no healers are around however, another priest(ess) or a paladin may be called to act the part of a healer.

4. If the points needed are attained, the priest(ess) then calls upon the spirit of the deceased and returns it to the body. (Roll 2d for this, you have 1 attempt to reach a score of 30 d50 or higher is required for this feat. If you fail then the rezz fails. Because of the difficulty of this, more than one priest(ess) may wish to work together. Each priest(ess) then gets 1 roll1 and the score is added together.) Again, none of those working on returning the soul to the body can heal the body.

5. The resurrected person must rest for a full 24 mun hours. This means no going into Inns and Taverns, no spars or matches. You can however have your character in his/her own residence, the location the rezz was performed if appropriate, or a healer's hall or temple, just keep the character from being extremely active.

6. Send a log that states what is being done to whom, and also who participated in what facility. A proctor is not required but recommended.

Rules for Marriage/Divorce/Naming Ceremonies:

These things are strictly RPed out, there is no dice rolling in these events. Log the events. You will be assigned the xps/gps that you earned from the event.
Try to make them as interesting as possible within the time constraints.

Removal of Curses:

1. Determine what is cursed and what the curse is. Figuring out the cursed item or person is usually rather easy. (To determine the exact nature of the curse, roll 2d. If you score 5 points, then you have successfully uncovered what the curse is. If you cannot get the assistance of a Mage.

2. Obviously, you must pray to your god(ess) to have the curse removed. RP out this part, be creative please. Remember, we are here to ROLE play, not ROLL play.

3. Roll to see if your prayer was answered and the curse was lifted. Roll 2d up to 2 times. If you score 10 pts or higher you have removed the curse. Congratulations. **NOTE** curses can almost always be removed from an item but some curses on the actual person may not be able to removed unless by gods or powerful spells. More on this will be added later.

4. Send in the log and you will be awarded xps/gps for the removal of the curse.

Priest/ess Application

What is your name (SN too)?

What is your Race?

What is your Alignment?

State Kingdom/Guild, GC and Dice:

Are you currently registered other any forums as a Priest/ess? If so please state the forums:

Why do you want to become a Priest/ess?

What Deity do you serve?

Show an example of your magical/mundane healing healing:

Know how to do a Resurrection? If so, place example here:

Do you know how to remove diseases/illnesses? Example:

How about Removing Curses? Example:

Can you perform a Marriage? Example:

How about a Divorce? Example:

Can you perform a Birthing? Example:

What about a Naming Ceremony? Example:

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