Laws & Rights

Juries do not exist, and the courtroom procedures will be held as according to the Kingdom/Guild commander's discretion. Issues involving multiple Kingdoms/guilds or Kingdom/guild commanders will be resolved by an arbitration by the Forum/Empire Council.

Laws are always subject to either abolish or make it better, or to even add new ones. Every Leader will be notified of such changes and they in turn will notify their respectful organizations.

Laws And Crimes:

Refusing a demanded honor duel: Fleeing from an honor match and failing to allow it to be rescheduled [Mundane lives hold precedence always. Rescheduling of an honor match is legal.] will result in the loss of 500 gold and probation. In severe cases the loss of up to 5 power levels (dice sides) may be sentenced as well.
If the match was fought without proof of wrong doing you may bring charges against the person who charged you, and the fight will not be honored, nor will you be held accountable for the match...but you still must accept the challenge.

Aggressing an honor duel with no question of honor: Defending one's self is not a crime. Aggressing an honor match with no question of honor, due to frivolous reasons, (Insults or name calling) or for the experience of it, will result in between 3-10k fine of experience and the loss of 300 gold.
Also NOT allowing an Honor Duel to be rescheduled is harrassment and will have its own penelties on top of this law.

Harassment: Being accused and convicted of this crime requires three logs, or a witness in a command position. First time convictions will result in probation, loss of 5-7 sides dice, and loss of 200 gold. If the person is on probation and convicted of the crime he or she will be fined a loss of upto ten dice sides. On a third strike the character will be banished.
(Harassment and rape are out of character crimes. If someone wants to harass you in character, you may invoke home territory laws, bring friends to help you out or demand an honor match. Out of character harassment is defined as comments or actions designed to annoy or frighten a mundane or failure to role-play correctly with things such as who successfully assassinated who, who took who's gold in a theft attempt, or some other circumstance in which your character would have no knowledge and WILL NOT BE TOLERATED resulting in dismissal of this empire and the guild you are in. The Victim of the harrassment may TOS the Violator via AOL's Terms of Service or may block the offender or both. For dismissal please send in logs of the offense to your leader and the Empress.)

Rape: IS NOT TOLERATED IN ANY WAY..if caught you will be slain on the spot ((Players whom attempt to role-play a rape will have their character offender slain and both muns of victim and offender banished; no questions asked. Some things just don't have a place in character or out.))

False Accusations: Accusing anyone of any crime which they did not commit is a prosecutable offense. If you are found guilty of slander and the victim wishes to press charges, you could be fined up to 500 gold and placed on probation. People on probation will be fined the full amount of their funds and shall have a leaching spell placed upon them by the state removing 3 to 5 power levels (sides of dice.)

Violating a Safe Haven: Anyone convicted of violating a haven or sanctum will suffer up to 3 power levels (dice loss), up to 500 gold loss, and probation for 2 weeks. In addition all actions taken against someone, it will result in the nullification of the action and full restitution.
Bringing Weapons into the Cathedral: unless you are a Paladin or making a religious sacrifice, no bloodshed or weapons are brought here. If you violate holy ground in such a manner, the penalty is exceptions will be made.

Failing to respond to pertinent mail: Anyone found ignoring the scrolls and summons of the Empire's Council shall be placed on probation and then removed from the Forum.

Prohibition against Technology: Anyone found possessing a technological device or devices beyond the medieval story line era can be placed on probation and fined 100 gold. If convicted while on probation the offender can be fined up to 500 gold. A third offense indicates a lack of the ability to learn a lesson and will result in banishment. This includes vehicles such as cars, computers, and most guns.
((civil war type guns and the like are the only type tolerated by a narrow margin..use them sparingly))

Prohibition against Ignorance: All laws, rights, and procedures are listed within the charter in full. Any questions can and should be directed to the commanding officers for clarification. Ignorance is not an excuse at any time.

Rights of the Citizens
Right of Free Speech: All members may voice their opinions, regardless of the orientation. Any who wish to post a respectful and non-flame message to anyone else may do so at anytime without fear of prosecution.

Right to Maintain One's Profession: Anyone may persue any profession he or she likes. The state cannot and will not interfere with the daily lives of the citizens.

Right to Own Slaves: If you consent to fighting a slave match you officially consent to the possibility of being captured and enslaved. At the beginning of a slave match a time must be set for release or the match is invalidated. It should be noted this forum does not condone slavery and people who willingly give themselves into ownership will be removed from this forum...kingdoms/guilds included.

Right of Freedom: Slaves may demand a release match every 48 hours to gain their freedom. If any slavers fail to accept the match the slave is freed immediately. If mundanes do not wish to role-play a kidnapping attempt then they may submit a request to their respective High Council representative and will be freed.

Right to Maintain Honor: If anyone wishes to demand an honor match, they may at anytime...if and only if honor is truly an issue.

Right to Bear Arms: All legal enhancers may be used in combat situations. No one may refuse a combatant's right to use weapons in any action of combat.

Right to Defend One's Home: If anyone invades another's personal space the person may at any time invoke the home territory rule and slay the intruder without fear of prosecution.

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