Come Join Us!

This form allows those wishing membership to apply here. Follow the instructions below and be aware of the regulations stated before applying.

1. Kingdoms/Guilds wishing to join must have at least 20+ members. The names (SN's) must have a life scroll (profile) stating the kingdom/guild name, acronym or a web portal address in which kingdom/guild name, dice and/or rank is listed. If it is absent, the "member" will not be acknowledged. This means it will be one less from your member count. YES we will look up each individual the leader will list.

2. This Empire/forum will only recognize one kingdom/guild leader and two commanding officers. If any changes occur in these positions, notify the forum within THREE days of the change. Not following this law will result in exile of the forum no reconsideration will be thought of.

3. Rosters of the kingdom/guild will be sent in a day after acceptance and every TWO WEEKS thereafter. (i.e. you joined 1-1-00 so at 1-14-00 you send in another roster) This is so, we at this Empire can check up on you and give you payment. (EXP's, gold and so forth) Failure to do so may result in termination from the Empire, no payment or special bonuses.

4. Conduct and behavior will be in force at all times. When doing business with each other or other Kingdoms/Guilds, mutual respect will be maintained. Kingdom/Guild leaders are responsible for their kingdom/guild only...If a kingdom/guild leader is in charge in more than one kingdom/guild in this forum, another person will act as stead and the kingdom/guild leader will be questioned.

  • A. Behavior
    • 1. How someone reacts to their surroundings, in which they conduct themselves.
  • B. Conduct
    • 1. Showing of an emotion or outward face in a given situation.
We all get angry sometimes. If the case arises that guilds and its members cannot get along, bring it to the council. Where we all can discuss things in a private, orderly fashion. This Empire is to help maintain Order. Attacking, threatening, rude profanity or slander are some serious offenses and will result in exile from the forum or parole.
Accusations must be backed by proof with evidence and witnesses. (logs etc)

It is the Duty of the Kingdom/Guild Leader to remember and do these requirements stated above, now with that said, you may proceed to fill out the form.

((the form may not be working properly..if this is the case please copy and paste by highlighting the text and going to the edit option (which is by the file option..which is right above the mailbox icon) After going to the edit option click copy and paste as normal in e-mail. Be sure to send a roster seperately following the application))

What is your Kingdom/Guild name?

What is your Acronym?

What is the overall Alignment of your organization?

Who is your Kingdom/Guild Leader?

Who are your Second and Third in Command?

When was your Kingdom/Guild established?

What is the main purpose for your Kingdom/Guild?

Who referred you to us? (S/N)

What is your total member count?

Do you have any War experience?

Please put your member names here (mail string/SN's) here:

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