Here is our records of Freelancers that have been hired by Zartenoth to act as mercenaries or outside helpers, that speacialize in certain areas, and may be used by any organization that is under Zartenoths law.

If you would like to you may view organizations under Zartenoth, you may do so by looking at this list

Organizations under Zartenoth may offer their mercenaries (should they have any) to be placed here if they so wish so that their members may get jobs from outside of their guild to help the empire, their own guild or other guilds within this empire. This way we work together and help each other. IT IS NOT REQUIRED HOWEVER. But should a guild want to the guild leader and the mercenary in question must send in the stats for said mercenary..and the mercenary must apply for Registration so all may know that the person is in Zartenoth not just their guild.

Katrina McKrain is the Captain of Mercenaries. If you have questions about a mission or a job do see her..if she is not available please contact the Empress.

Below is a list of available mercenaries, their stats what organization they belong to and the things they've done or completed.

Lynn Aeltae Starr
3d51 3832 XP (MIA)

Lynn is a strong Warrior and works hard. She is currently looking for things to do and is a freelancer working for Zartenoth.
Spars: 32 total 13 wins and 19 losses
Spy Missions: 8 all successful
Death Matches: 1 total; won all

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