Freelancers basically make up the majority of a forum/empire...Zartenoth will probably be no exception. However, as an Empire who strives to be different on making one earn their power/position (dice), ((and trying to keep things realistic for game play,)) the freelancers here will not have as much freedom to do as they please.
Freelancers in this Empire will work jobs, helping kingdoms/guilds out but yet still having no ties to them. You have the freedom to roam and do as you will EXCEPT when it comes to your job. Zartenoth hopes to make a community of these workers: providing homes, training, safety, and interesting things to do. If we cannot unify together to help Rhy'Din we will branch away from it and probably build our own "town". Are you up to the challenge to help Rhy'Din and better your skills? Then go to the bottom of the page for the APPLICATION to apply today! Zartenoth needs respectable hard working people.

Mercenaries~hired fighters of the Empire. They can be hired by kingdoms/guilds, members, even outsiders, but they must keep track (log) the agreement made. Also, they are taxed. They must send a monthly report to the Captain, along with any contracts. The Mercenaries are required to train frequently. Sparring is a good way to gain strength and learn skill. ((Remember that this is Role Playing, not ROLL PLAYING. Make the spars interesting. They will be looked over. Also keep in mind that a strong mercenary is most likely to get hired than a weak inactive one.))

Merchants~tavern/weapon/clothing/whatever they desire to sell owners. These are the people that strive on bargains. A merchant can only have one trade, but they can aquire different things by dealing with other merchants or accepting other things besides money for payment. Keep in mind that only registered items can be sold. One may register their items by sending in the stock. ((If it is a home-made item, a log of the making of at least one of them must be sent in to the Head Merchant. Any imported items must be reported as well.)) This is to keep track of what is being sold in the guilds/kingdom and also to keep it in control. Keep in mind that a merchant leader can decline whatever she/he wishes. If one feels that they are being denied for unjust reasons, then they can state their case with the council.

OTHERS: bards, doctors, explorers and people with Ranks (knights thieves, bodyguards, assassins etc.) can find a home within the borders of Zartenoth and get paid for thier services. Need hospitals, churches or training grounds? The Empire can help!

If you wish to be a rank, then check out the rules first.... Bodyguards....Spies....Thieves....Trackers/Hunters....Assassins....Priests/Clergy....Mages

Freelancers get paid upon their activity (logs they send in) and what they chose as a profession!!

To see the workers in the Forum check the Registration lists for Names, ID's and services provided.

Freelancer Application

What is your name (SN too)?

What is your Race?

What is your Alignment?

Tell us a little about yourself...background, description, etc.:

Have you had any previous experience in another Forum or Kingdom/Guild? If so, what:

Are you currently registered in any other Forums as Freelancer? If so please state the forums:

Why do you wish to become a Freelancer?

Why have you chosen this Forum? Where did you hear about us?

What skills and benefits can you bring to the Forum? What are your strong and weak traits?

Would you like to take classes as we have a school on anything? If so, what?

If you have any additional comments, concerns, or questions, you may place them here:

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