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Falina Acholides writes:
i have a question concerning the xps i am familiar with the formula for determining xps per match correct me if i am wrong... (points won by) X (lowest sides) X 2 .. now say the final stats on the match were as follows:
HP: Zack=51 Ter=35/50 (points won by) X (lowest sides) X 2 set dice 4d50 16x50x2 =1600
now here is where i am running into problems... the loser gets 1/4 of the xps which is in this case 400 now the rules state no more then 200 xps can be given in any one spar except a DM is that correct they both would get 200 xps for that match??? {;ease help me get this straightened out...?
AIYANA SAYS:I took out the lowest sides rule except on DM matches that may help you calculate EXP's without exceeding the limit of 200 EXP's.

What is the formula for figuring gps?
AIYANA SAYS:3xdice side (example: a person has 2d22 3x22=66 GP's) each time they go up add on to thier gp's 2d23 23x3=69 69+66=135 GP's

Is this forum going to have enhancers shops and freelancers?
AIYANA SAYS: yes. To see Enhancer rules go to the main page and click on Enhancers, if you want to see the possible enhancers the Forum has availble, check the Enhancers For Sale
Shops have various Items but somethings you don't have supplied so you make orders for them. Some stores have Advertisements Maybe you would like to place an order? Well look over the Specials on Sell
People have requested FREELANCERS well here they are!

AMONNAI writes:
Hey Lisa,
My name is Amon and I have a few questions to add to the pile you must have, about some of the rules in your forum, Zartenoth. First off, I'd like to say thank you for making it. I think its a really great forum, and I like it better than any of the others in Rhydin.
That said, here are my questions:
1>Whats up with the bonus's added to mage spells? Being a mage in my guild, I found them a bit confusing.
2>Like where the dice level starts(being at d20s) your example says you would get +1 for each ten sides, but if d20 is the first level, then why do you get +1. Shouldn't you get no bonus?
3>And if its +1per 15 sides, and you have d30 do you get +2, or is it not untill you get to d35 being 20+15?
Thanks for your time. I will let you know if I have any more questions.

P.S. in your last example of the mage circle spell casting 105 divided by 15 times 2 equals 14 -thought you might want to fix that

AIYANA SAYS: whoa there hun, thats my mun name hehe! silly person you! Thank you very much for the compliment, thats the sort of thing that keeps me in this grueling job, that often times I despise and ask myself "whats the point" people like you are the point......I am in the process of redoing ranks, Ok, here I revised it...Mages

Falina Acholides writes:
Good Morning....I hate to bother you but i have an important question in basically three parts i have a member who has reached the max for 2d's he would rather forego the 3d change and keep 3d100 is that possible ? and if so does he need an audit slip if he does what is an audit slip and where do i get them?
AIYANA SAYS: ::giggles:: I'd rather stay 2d he must give up his mortality to gain 3d and if he's reached 2d100 then his dice are 3d0 or 21 revoking most of thier exps unless the can vouch thier exp with logs and I see they "transformed" those that start at 2d have different exp then 3d and 4d is a different set altogether, take a look at the Chart for them

Shadowheart mun writes:
Hello there,
Thanks again for the tutorial. It's helped explain a lot, and I'm working on a couple of possible character ideas. I've been looking at quite a few profiles, and there are some pretty outrageous( did I spell that right?) ones in comparison to most games I've played offline. So I'm striving for a happy middle ground.
AIYANA SAYS: You're quite welcome, I'm glad I could help, so many are taught the wrong things nowadays. Come back to the site often I hope to put more tutorials up soon.
What types of characters/races/etc do the people you RPG with usually run? I'm not trying to be nosy, I just want to get a feel for what the limits are for people who prefer to roleplay, rather than try to defeat anyone they run across just for fame, glory, and power. I myself prefer a good roleplaying session to a hack'n'slash for the most part. If you get a chance, please write me back. I'd enjoy hearing from you. It'll probably be a couple more days until I'm done with any kind of character profile ( you know, WORK always interferes with time that could be better spent on your imagination). Hope to talk to ya soon!
AIYANA SAYS: the majority are supernaturals so they can get 3d or 4d like vamps, elves, faery...but I myself like mortalty 2d I'm not a dice monger never will be. I made up my race, been working on it for 5 years and now have a website on it that has been running for a year. If you want the site let me know. HACK N SLASH sounds like you'll love sparring hehe. Take your time on creating a character. Rhy'Din is not a place I enjoy, that is why I'm getting a hold of you before someone fills your head with nonsense and trying to help better the realm. If you have questions, please do ask, but even I may not have an answer to your question but I will try to nonetheless.
Lisa (aiyana's mun)