Working on details. If there are any more events planned before this one is over, the Forum/Empire will list them.

Hosted By:
Designated Proctors:


This event is voluntary...but all Kingdoms/Guilds wishing to participate must let the President know. The GC's will send in the list of members participating in each Kingdom/Guild.
This will be an annual event held every three months.
The First Tournament has been canceled until futher notice

Total of people in the matches:

Total of people as spectators:

There will be two Main Divisions with two Sub Divisions for each Kingdom/Guild in this Tournament.


The Mystics of course are the magic users: Mages and Priests (Paladins too) fall in this category.
The Warriors are the fighters: Warriors and Knights (if you are an assassin, thief or another rank, you must choose which division is your strong point) fit into this category.

Anyone not wishing to fight in the matches will be given a chance to participate as a spectator. (meaning you watch the matches, cheer, place bets and so forth) To be a spectator you will need an invitation. If you do not have one you cannot come see the tournament.

There will be THREE MATCHES per day
First match: very broad, proctor can set the rules as he/she wishes. Only rules the Forum/Empire states for this death moves (chopping off body parts) and no unfair dice (2d20 vs 2d50) This match will last 3 rounds. (you hit, then he hits=round 1)
Second Match: using set dice, 2d40 (or 3d) for 6 rounds.
Third Match: Kingdom/Guild Dice will be used for 10 rounds.(don't worry, people will be paired fairly)

At the end of each round, the person with the HIGHEST score wins and is awarded a pendant.

The people with the pendant will then be given a number. The judges will draw numbers to see which people go to the championship

Losing participants will recieve 20 EXP's and 50 GP's for their Kingdom/Guild

Each Kingdom/Guild will have a champion. If the Forum has a problem getting a champion the proper Kingdom/Guild(s) will be notified.
as in the third match champions will use guild dice and go 15 rounds. Highest points at the end of round 15 wins, and is awarded a medallion of honor.

The two Champions from each division and sub division with the highest scores from thier last match will compete for the grand champion title and whoever wins will get a grand prize and be the winners of the whole tournament.

8 people will participate in this event, meaning four people will win
a champion in the warriors
2d winner
2d winner
a champion for the mystics
2d winner
3d winner

This final match will be slightly different. Yes one can use their Kingdom/Guild Dice for up to 20 rounds, but in this match, proctors will pay attention to hits and blocks. A person my block a hit using 1d and thier guild sided dice. (meaning if they have 2d28, then to block the would roll 1d28)

How this works: say a person has 3d50 and thier opponent has 3d44. The score is 40 to 32. The 3d50 person rolls a total of 20 making the score 60 to 32 but the person wishes to block and they roll a 40 which is 6 points. So the proctor will subtract 6 points from the 60 leaving it a 54.
Of course person with highest score is the winner of the pugnae (latin for fight)

Any cheating will result in disqualification
Respect the proctors rules and judges decisions.
Any person without thier name on a list or without an invitation who comes into a tournament area will be thrown out and penalized