Knight Dubbing Example

SHADOWHEART X: ::enters the grand hall with Firestorm at
SHADOWHEART X: his arm, for once looking ceremoniously
SHADOWHEART X: well groomed and frankly quite dashing::
Kagato Valior01: ::opens the door connecting the room he as in to the hall.
Kagato Valior01: His armor makes a small clinking
Kishv: ::she walks in with Shadow, dressed in an elaborate robe::
XMaelagauntx: ::looking perplexed:: Umm... does he worship a certain god?
Kagato Valior01: noise as he walks about. A faint light can been seen
Kagato Valior01: reflecting off the gray metal his body,
Kagato Valior01: save his hands and face are incased in. A gray cape flows
Kagato Valior01: behind him, attached at the
Kagato Valior01: shoulders by two small crests:: ((IM for more detail))
MoGWide: ::snaps his fingers and his clothes turn from regular clothes to
MoGWide: his genji armor for the special occasion::
MoGWide: ::thinks about Elias said::
Kagato Valior01: ::his armor clinks as he reenter the hall:: Sorry
Kishv: ::she sits gracefully and watches what is going on around her::
Moonlght80: ::she inclines her head slightly for the two men to take their
Moonlght80: places::
Kagato Valior01: ::walks over to his place, the metal slightly quiets down a
Kagato Valior01: bit as it gets use to movement.
XMaelagauntx: ::looks to Aiyana as to which side::
XMaelagauntx: ::quickly takes the side opposite Kagato::
Kagato Valior01: He heads towards the center then moves to the right and
Kagato Valior01: sits down::
XMaelagauntx: ::following Kagato's lead he sits::
Moonlght80: bring in the Warrior...
SHADOWHEART X: ::nods to her,then walks out gracefully to bring in Morrolan::
Othersyder: ::he walks in wearing all black silk, on his shoulders
Othersyder: rests a dark green cloak with a
Othersyder: silver Jhereg emroidered in the center::
SHADOWHEART X: ::he brings Morrolan to the doorway, then gracefully walks to
SHADOWHEART X: the base of the Dias::
SHADOWHEART X: ::bows to her grandly, then turns to face those gathered::...
Othersyder: ::he exhales rather loudly as he follows Shadow::
Othersyder: ::waits by the door, watching the gathering::
SHADOWHEART X: Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you our beloved and
SHADOWHEART X: esteemed Commandress...
SHADOWHEART X: ::turns to motion to her grandly with a sweep of his arm::...
SHADOWHEART X: the regal and beautiful Lady Aiyana Moonshyne
SHADOWHEART X: ::bows to her once more::
SHADOWHEART X: ::then steps back from the dias::
Kagato Valior01: ::claps::
XMaelagauntx: ::claps::
Kishv: ::claps::
Othersyder: ::smiles clapping::
SHADOWHEART X: ::applauds, then turns everyones attention to the back
SHADOWHEART X: of the room::...
SHADOWHEART X: And now, Ladies and Gentleman, I present to you the
SHADOWHEART X: man of the hour, Morrolan Drien,
SHADOWHEART X: Warrior in our beloved Guild, Storm Riders of Rhydin...
Othersyder: ::he smiles bashfully::
SHADOWHEART X: ::bows to him from across the room, and motions him forward::
Moonlght80: ::she watches with shrewd eyes, in silence making no movement::
Othersyder: ::he walks across the room and stops before the dais::
SHADOWHEART X: ::he silently walks aside and takes a seat::
Othersyder: ::he kneels down on one knee and bows his head::
Othersyder: ::looks up into Aiyana's eyes::
Moonlght80: ::she sat for moments in utter silence, poised and
Moonlght80: regal in her stature, that gown gracing
OnlineHost: MoGWide has entered the room.
Moonlght80: the floor in soft folds...those eyes rest on the man
Moonlght80: before her with a piecing gaze::
MoGWide: ::watches::
Moonlght80: Who is this man who stands before me ::her voice rings out
Moonlght80: clear through the entire hall,
Moonlght80: the question directed toward Morrolan::
Othersyder: ::he pauses a moment the loudly declares:: I am Morrolan Drien warrior to the
Othersyder: Storm Riders of Rhydin Moonlght80: ::that face, looks so regal, her entire presence, radiates
Moonlght80: one has
Moonlght80: seen her like this:: a warrior here....?
Moonlght80: hmmmm ::she ponders:: why?
Othersyder: I seek to become a Knight
Othersyder: To carry the honor of our guild
Moonlght80: ::she weighs his answer and with a fluid slow delibberate
Moonlght80: movement she rises from the throne
Moonlght80: each step held such grace as she moved down the dias,
Moonlght80: those bells sounding a seductive
Moonlght80: rhythmn of chimes::
Kagato Valior01: ::with great skill he rises up from his spot, his gray
Kagato Valior01: armor makes no noise as he rises and
Kagato Valior01: follows Aiyana::
XMaelagauntx: ::standing and following Aiyana::
Othersyder: ::he watches the three intently::
Moonlght80: ::she stops a foot from Morrolan:: knighthood.....
Kagato Valior01: ::stops a couple feet away from Aiyana, his hands clasping behind his back::
XMaelagauntx: ::Stops equal to Kagato with his hands folded in front of him::
Moonlght80: a person who follows a code of honor and follows their liege....are you prepared to take
Moonlght80: this step Warrior?
Othersyder: Yes, my lady...
Moonlght80: ::her head turns just so slightly it was almost unnoticed.
Moonlght80: jewels from her hair glint in the


Kagato Valior01: ::takes a step forward and silently clears his throat, his eyes quickly look at Aiyana and
Kagato Valior01: give a nod then turn to Morrolan::
Kagato Valior01: ::his voice is steady and holds no emotion as he speaks:: To be a knight
Kagato Valior01: is to be many things.::pauses:: One becomes a defender for all.
Kagato Valior01: One must be able to defend their beliefs and values.
Kagato Valior01: To become a knight is to face many challenges of the mind, body, and soul.
Kagato Valior01: Each battle must be won and most be clearly won. Each knight is different,
Kagato Valior01: they have their own personal views on life, justice, honor, loyalty and chilvary
Kagato Valior01: But what unites us in the knighthood is our differences and similarity.
Kagato Valior01: Our honor must be unmatched and looked up on by those that choose to follow us.
Kagato Valior01: Our loyalty must be unwavering and unparalleled
Kagato Valior01: In becoming a knight one must swear allegiance to their code of conduct, their moral system.
Kagato Valior01: They also may swear their loyalty to a nobel who's cause hopefully is similar to theirs
Kagato Valior01: But no matter what one does. Who or what one defeats.
Kagato Valior01: Regardless of their past victories.
Kagato Valior01: The true knight only has to do two things,
Kagato Valior01: stay faithfull to their code and defend it when needed. The rest is just for show.
Kagato Valior01: If you do not believe you can uphold the ways of the knight. A code of conduct you have
Kagato Valior01: decided on then it is best you do not consider it. A knight is more then a rank or title, it
Kagato Valior01: is a way of life until death takes it from you. One must be willing to face all challanges
Kagato Valior01: they have. They must be willing to die for what they believe it
Othersyder: ::he nods slightly::
Kagato Valior01: They must be loyal to their liege
Kagato Valior01: Being a knight is a hard task, but a task you and only you choose to have. Search yourself
Kagato Valior01: and decide if this is what you want.
Othersyder: ::he looks to the floor::
Kagato Valior01: ::his eyes stay on Morrolan as he finishes his speach,
Kagato Valior01: a long breath being pulled in::
Othersyder: I dont fully understand the burdens yet...
Othersyder: but I will, and I will carry them with dignity and honor
Kagato Valior01: ::his eyes stay on him as he nods and then takes a step back::
Moonlght80: then have have your faith Warrior and never doubt it or the Code you choose to fail brings
Moonlght80: dishonor, to betray death will not be kind..
XMaelagauntx: ::nods to his colleages, and steps forward::
Othersyder: ::looks to Elias:: XMaelagauntx: Ladies and Gentleman, I feel honored to be able to speak here today at this most momentus of
XMaelagauntx: occasions, but some of what I have to say may over-lap Kagato
XMaelagauntx: I know not this man Morrolan personally, but I do know him by reputation
XMaelagauntx: and reports of his deeds, and I feel that he is worthy of my respect and honor...
XMaelagauntx: as well as being worthy of this most honored of places in the Knighthood.
XMaelagauntx: In the course of my life, I have spent time training in the ways of the Knighthood,
XMaelagauntx: and so would like to pass on some of the knowledge I have gained.
XMaelagauntx: As a Mage, it may seem that I have not much in common with the knighthood,
XMaelagauntx: but we Mages share a need and want for knowledge with the Knights,
XMaelagauntx: although for different reasons. Whereas I as a Mage seek knowledge for the sake of itsself,
XMaelagauntx: and to further expand my understanding of magic,
XMaelagauntx: the Knights must embrace knowledge in many forms,
XMaelagauntx: including knowing what is morally right and how to uphold said moral rights,
XMaelagauntx: to be able to fulfill their duties well and true.
XMaelagauntx: I have been taught that there are two modes of acquiring knowledge,
XMaelagauntx: namely by reasoning and experience.
XMaelagauntx: Reasoning draws a conclusion and makes us grant the conclusion,
XMaelagauntx: but does not make the conclusion certain,
XMaelagauntx: nor does it remove doubt so that the mind may rest on the intuition of truth,
XMaelagauntx: unless the mind discovers it by the path of experience.
XMaelagauntx: I will add one more: the sharing of knowledge between people...
XMaelagauntx: much as reasoning, it requires experience to truly apply it, but that will come with time.
XMaelagauntx: And so saying, I now pass on what knowledge I may
XMaelagauntx: in the form of some of the basic tenants of knighthood...
OnlineHost: Dire Skill has entered the room.
XMaelagauntx: Prowess: To seek excellence in all endeavors expected of a knight, martial and otherwise,
Dire Skill: ::walks in late and goes quietly to an empty seat::
XMaelagauntx: seeking strength to be used in the service of justice,
XMaelagauntx: rather than in personal aggrandizement.
XMaelagauntx: Justice: Seek always the path of 'right', unencumbered by bias or personal interest.
XMaelagauntx: Recognize that the sword of justice can be a terrible thing,
XMaelagauntx: so it must be tempered by humanity and mercy.
XMaelagauntx: If the 'right' you see rings agrees with others, and you seek it out
XMaelagauntx: without bending to the temptation for expediency,
XMaelagauntx: then you will earn renown beyond measure.
XMaelagauntx: Loyalty: Be known for unwavering commitment to the people and ideals you choose to live by.
XMaelagauntx: There are many places where compromise is expected; loyalty is not amongst them.
XMaelagauntx: Defense: The ideal knight is sworn by oath to defend his liege lord
XMaelagauntx: and those who depend upon him or her.
XMaelagauntx: Seek always to defend your nation, your family,
XMaelagauntx: and those to whom you believe worthy of loyalty.
XMaelagauntx: Courage: Being a knight often means choosing the more difficult path,
XMaelagauntx: the personally expensive one.
XMaelagauntx: Be prepared to make personal sacrifices in service of the precepts and people you value.
XMaelagauntx: At the same time, a knight should seek wisdom to see that stupidity and courage are cousins.
XMaelagauntx: Courage also means taking the side of truth in all matters,
XMaelagauntx: rather than seeking the expedient lie.
XMaelagauntx: Seek the truth whenever possible,
XMaelagauntx: but remember to temper justice with mercy, or the pure truth can bring grief.
XMaelagauntx: Faith: A knight must have faith in his beliefs,
XMaelagauntx: for faith roots him and gives hope against the despair that human failings create.
XMaelagauntx: Humility: Value first the contributions of others; do not boast of your own accomplishments,
XMaelagauntx: let others do this for you.
XMaelagauntx: Tell the deeds of others before your own,
XMaelagauntx: according them the renown rightfully earned through virtuous deeds.
XMaelagauntx: In this way the office of knighthood is well done and glorified,
XMaelagauntx: helping not only the gentle spoken of but also all who call themselves knights.
XMaelagauntx: Largesse: Be generous in so far as your resources allow;
XMaelagauntx: largesse used in this way counters gluttony.
XMaelagauntx: It also makes the path of mercy easier to discern when a difficult decision
XMaelagauntx: of justice is required.
XMaelagauntx: Nobility: Seek great stature of character by holding to the virtues and duties of a knight,
XMaelagauntx: realizing that though the ideals cannot be reached, the quality of striving towards them
XMaelagauntx: ennobles the spirit, growing the character from dust towards the heavens.
XMaelagauntx: Nobility also has the tendency to influence others,
XMaelagauntx: offering a compelling example of what can be done in the service of rightness.
XMaelagauntx: In conclusion, seek to emulate everything I have spoken of as sincerely as possible,
XMaelagauntx: not for the reason of personal gain but because it is right.
XMaelagauntx: Do not restrict your exploration to a small world,
XMaelagauntx: but seek to infuse every aspect of your life with these qualities.
XMaelagauntx: Should you succeed in even a tiny measure
XMaelagauntx: then you will be well remembered for your quality and virtue.
Othersyder: ::he nods slowly, trying to take it all in::
XMaelagauntx: ::He nods to Morrolan and looks to Aiyana::
Othersyder: ::he takes a long breath::
Moonlght80: ::waits to see if Morrolan has anything to say before continuing::
Othersyder: ::he looks up to Aiyana, waiting::
Moonlght80: ::she nods once slowly not looking at Elias, eyes still remaining on Morrolan::
XMaelagauntx: ::Raises his hands to the heavens:: Oh Great All Father...
XMaelagauntx: I bid you to bless this worthy soul...
XMaelagauntx: for he has a long road ahead, indeed...
XMaelagauntx: I ask you to give him the strength to stay true to his beliefs..
XMaelagauntx: and to his own heart. Ahmen.
Othersyder: amen
XMaelagauntx: ::Quietly he steps back in line with Kagato::
Moonlght80: ::she moves to the table, where items align:: Do you Warrior understand what is expected of
Moonlght80: a Knight?
Othersyder: Yes my Lady, I now believe that I do.
Moonlght80: now there is a path you must choose.... Moonlght80: Moonlght80: now there is a path you must choose.... Othersyder: ::he nods attentively:: Moonlght80: Your choosing will define your Rank of a specific Knightly Order Moonlght80: choose this path carefully as each order may define who you are Othersyder: ::he nods solemnly:: Moonlght80: your power as it stands now exceeds that of just a common Knight but to go higher a path Moonlght80: must be chosen Moonlght80: Consider the Rankings and what you know of them... Moonlght80: what Path do you choose Warrior? Othersyder: ::shaking his head unsure of what she is asking he states simply::My Lady, I chose the path Othersyder: of the Knight Othersyder: Forgive me, but I know nothing of the Rankings of the Knights Moonlght80: define your own honor and services while still remaining loyal to your Othersyder: But if I must choose... Moonlght80: "family" Moonlght80: the holy... Your defend your faith and all beings who have pain and see the right path... Moonlght80: commonly called the Paladin Othersyder: ::he stops listening:: Othersyder: ::rather he stops to listen:: Moonlght80: darkness....are more crude and dabble and magic and deal with demons to help defend your Moonlght80: home Moonlght80: choose a path... Othersyder: If I choose a Path now, is there any changing it later? Moonlght80: no Othersyder: ::he pauses to think:: Moonlght80: a knight does no sway from the path chosen Moonlght80: *not Othersyder: I chose the path of the holy Moonlght80: a Paladin you deem to be... ::she lifts a knife from the table then a shield:: Moonlght80: take these, they will help fight the battle for goodness and jutice Othersyder: ::he stands and takes both, one in each hand:: Moonlght80: ::lifts the huge broadsword off the table and steps in front of him in regal poise:: Kagato Valior01: ::quiely enters the room and stays in the corner:: Moonlght80: As a Paladin you will learn the duties of healing as well as the fighting you Moonlght80: accept? Othersyder: I do Moonlght80: then by the witnesses present and the grace of the Supreme Being... ::she lifts the sword... Moonlght80: the circlet pheonix head seems to wink at him as she brings the sword down smacking each SHADOWHEART X: ::rises to a standing position, for reverance:: Dire Skill: ::notices people standing and does the same:: Kishv: ::follows suit:: Moonlght80: shoulder with the flat of the blade causing slight sting pain:: I dub thee Paladin....Sir Moonlght80: Morrolan Drien... Othersyder: ::he smiles:: Moonlght80: Rise and receive your Rank Medal Othersyder: ::he does so:: Moonlght80: ::she bends, her hair falling over her shoulder and she pins the medal on his shirt:: Othersyder: ::he looks at the medal with pride:: Moonlght80: well Done ::she gives him a radient smile and offers applause and a light cheer:: Dire Skill: ::claps and smiles:: Kishv: ::claps:: XMaelagauntx: ::appluades:: Othersyder: ::his face reddens slightly:: SHADOWHEART X: ::applauses and cheers , smiling:: Kagato Valior01: ::offer his a clap:: Kagato Valior01: *him Othersyder: Thank you all SHADOWHEART X: ::nods to him in a half bow:: Kagato Valior01: ::steps out of the shadows, still clapping:: Good job Moonlght80: ::she nods, it a quiet and subtle dismissal for those wishing to leave when ready:: Othersyder: ::Looks to Kag::Thank you Othersyder: I'd like to thank you all for coming today Kagato Valior01: ::shakes his head:: No need to thank me Othersyder: This really means alot to me. Those that I dont know I now consider my friends XMaelagauntx: ::smiles at Molloran nodding :: Othersyder: Those that I already knew, I now consider you as much as family... Kagato Valior01: ::smiles:: you sure about that? Othersyder: I guess Ill wrap this up, weve heard enough speeches to last us for awhile Othersyder: ::he smiles to Elias and Kagato:: XMaelagauntx: ::grins:: Hey Shadow wrote it! Othersyder: I just want to quote someone from my life long ago Kishv: ::grins:: Moonlght80: ::she smiles lightly:: go ahead SHADOWHEART X: ::grins:: Othersyder: He told me this just before he left Othersyder: "Death is lighter than a feather, but duty is heavier than a mountain... Othersyder: when the time comes it will be up to you as to how much wieght you are willing to carry." Kagato Valior01: ::hopes he didn't miss to much:: Moonlght80: a lot...heavier SHADOWHEART X: ::nods, taking the words to heart:: Othersyder: Well then... Othersyder: ::he goes to Aiyana and takes her hand:: Othersyder: ::he lightly kisses it, and whispers::Thank you again... Moonlght80: ::long fine fingers stay still:: why thank me you earned it Othersyder: ::he smiles:: Othersyder: Should we all head over to the tavern for a drink? Othersyder: Im buying Dire Skill: ::slips out quietly:: SHADOWHEART X: ::looks to Firestar:: shall we...he is buying?::grins:: Kishv: ::laughs:: XMaelagauntx: ::grins:: Buy all means! I'm rather thirsty after that speech SHADOWHEART X: ::calls out to Morrolan:: by all means Moonlght80: you all go one I have to clean up here, I'll catch up ::a light giggle comes from her throat Moonlght80: :: Moonlght80: *on Othersyder: ::he smiles:: Othersyder: Ok Aiyana but dont you forget about us Othersyder: ::he walks out and goes for the tavern:: Kagato Valior01: ::re-enters the hall:: SHADOWHEART X: ::escorts the lady k'Vala, turning and bowing to Aiyana as they go:: SHADOWHEART X: I thank you for allowing me to be part of this, m'lady Moonlght80: thank you for your help m'dear SHADOWHEART X: ::grins softly:: good eve to you, hope to see you at the tavern Othersyder: ::walks back in:: Othersyder: You guys coming? Kishv: ::says quietly::thank you for letting me come and watch... Moonlght80: ::she nods, holding back a cough:: Kagato Valior01: I'll be there soon Othersyder: Need help? SHADOWHEART X: ::walks out with Firestar on his arm...grins to Morrolan:: Kishv: ::walks out with Shadow:: Moonlght80: go on scoot you're holding everyone up SHADOWHEART X: sure thing, on our way Othersyder: ok, ok Othersyder: ::walks back out::