Gods & Goddesses

The list of gods our clergy serve...4d's (if we get any) will be listed here as well


Portfolio: Song, Dance, Swordwork, Hunting
Ability Requirements: Wisdom 9, Dexterity 16
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Eilistraee, the "Dark Maiden," is the goddess of the good drow. Those rare dark elves who yearn for a return to life in the surface Realms, an existence akin to that enjoyed by elves of the woodlands, left behind by the drow long ago. Eilistraee (pronounced "eel-ISS-tray-ee") is a goddess of song and beauty, worshiped through song and dance-preferably in the surface world, under the stars of a moonlit night. Eilistraee has worshipers of human, elven, and in particular half-elven stock (particularly around Silverymoon), and looks kindly upon the Harpers.

All clergy of Eilistraee are females of any intelligent race. They must nurture beauty, music, the craft of making musical instruments, and song wherever they find it. Assist hunters and hunting, and help others in acts of kindness whenever they see ways to do so.

Priestesses must be skilled on the playing of at least one of the Dark Maidens favored instruments - horn, flute, or harp. They must be adequate singers and fit, graceful dancers. They must gather songs and musical knowledge constantly, and acquire training in the use of the sword when they can. Priestesses of Eilistraee can only use magical armor or armor of drow make. Priestesses are allowed to use any weapon, but whenever possible, a priestess of the Dark Maiden must use swords in battle. If no swords are at hand but other bladed weapons are available, they must be used in preference to other weapons.

Goddess Cobra- She is the Goddess of the nine planes of Caty'on Hell. Cobra's alignment is Lawful Evil, her outlook is if you call upon her for help she will, but if you are foolish...what you bring upon your shoulders is what you deal with.

Heremethias- the God of Wellness and Health

Gaia- she appears in the spirit world as a woman of beauty. Gentle and firm with her creations. For all around us in the world... she is there, but if you listen...you will hear Her....she is the goddess of all earth...The Mother....The Creator of All....She, Like Nature, is Caotic and Neutral.....she gives us life and takes that life at will....She is All.